Saturday, June 13, 2009

One of those days.

There was something wrong with the gas cook top that was pretty simple to fix and Jeremy started fixing it at 7:30 this morning (note coffee mug and bed head).


By the time we finally stepped away from the stove at 1:30 this afternoon and called a temporary truce between us and the stove, we had made 3 trips to Home Depot, taken a hacksaw to one of the burners and also called the repairman for a Tuesday appointment. Don't even ask.



Rena said...

It is still within one-year home owner appliance warranty.

Noel said...

Good try!

Theoreticians always figure thing out way ahead of us.

But, pratical experience only adds more dimensions to our daily life.

Rena said...

My friends told me that use flour instead of chemicals to clean the stove. Try it.

Ruth Ziony said...

One of the alltime great posts-
sorry, the story - and your parents
reaction(S) will make me smile
all day.

I NEED A HANDYMAN - full time- live in-a great use for the Nanny Cottage, but i have yet to find anyone, hoho.