Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Being an adult.

Being a grown up means that you have to spend money on things that you can't see. Dental surgery, for one. House repairs for two. This weekend we had our gutters cleaned because rain was just pouring straight down the side of the house. Today we had the plumber, the appliance repair guy for the stove and the HVAC guy come to do work or maintenance on the house. The HVAC guy just came to do the summer check up which gave Jeremy another opportunity to talk about a geothermal system. The plumber came to look at a leak in our ceiling coming from an upstairs bathroom (not the best picture ever, but the leak in the ceiling is at least 4 feet long).


After I scheduled all these appointments to miraculously happen on one day, thus maximizing the use of time, I discovered during a recent wet car ride, that my car's roof is also leaking somehow. Sigh.



Noel said...

The bathroom and kitchen sink need to be caulked regularly using caulking gun. Otherwise, joints with bad caulking tends to leak.

Plumbing is very easy to do yourself. All you need are propane torch, lead free solder, soldering paste, tubing cutter and sand paper. One would master it with no time. The most difficult part of plumbing is the drain because it needs air vent all the way to the roof.

Ruth Ziony said...

Dare I say it re leaks : It never
rains but it pours.....

As for easy.......I am trying to
stop laughing. I can barely
operate my vacuum cleaner without

ANd then there is the question of 'time' which neither Jeremy nor
Doris really have to devote to
plumbing; they may have the talent,
but at the risk of offending,
that's why you work-to be able
to afford the experts. Need i dare
mention the reason for the professional to repair the stove.
It is important to support these
PROFESSIONALS, even if you can
do it yourself. There are other
things you can do which they cannot
and for which you are being paid
good money. There is thrift and
then there is............

Ruth Ziony said...

Knowing how to allocate your
time and money is how I would
define 'adulthood.' AND recognizing

Noel said...

Different people think differently and that makes this World an interesting place to dwell-on.