Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back aches and plugged ears.

My ear has been plugged up for about 10 days now from a lingering head cold. Everywhere I go, I have to ask people to repeat themselves. "Eh? What did you say?"

Jeremy torqued his back two weeks ago (from what else? Getting Edda out of the car) and has been downing Motrin ever since. He told me last night that whenever he sees anything he wants on the floor, he gets all flustered thinking about how he's going to manage to pick it up.


Rena said...


See doctor, it is very inportant stuff. Edda is getting big and need the equipment to pick her up. Hope Jeremy is getting better.

Love, mom

Noel said...

Ear infection needs immediately care. Please take time off and see a doctor asap.

As Mom said, it is about time to get some equipment to lift Edda up in and out of the car.