Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lucky Friday the 13th.


Edda's scheduled to go to Children's Hospital early tomorrow morning to get her cavities filled. We had originally scheduled the procedure to be done in late March, but the dentist called and told us that someone canceled and would we like to book our appointment on February 13. We said fine without thinking about it - but of course, tomorrow is Friday the 13th, which is probably why there was a cancellation. So I'm negating one superstition by doing another and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly.

The dentist mentioned at the last appointment that during the cavity filling, she'd take out any loose teeth that might cause Edda trouble later on, but Edda beat her to it. (Note missing top teeth, one came out on Tuesday and one today.)


Finally, one out of focus picture that is so cute:



Anonymous said...

It will be lucky. I'm going to check here or call tomorrow to see how things have gone. I've got you guys in my thoughts.

Kelly said...

Everything will be just fine...LOVE the toothless grin Edda - you are SO cute!!

yarn shop girl said...

friday the 13 has always been considered a lucky day in my family! my thoughts and prayers are with you. Man is Edda cute!

Ruth Ziony said...

Edda is actually more than cute:
when Jeremy gets her all dressed
up in the fancy garb. Regardless,
I think Vince is hansome for sure,
but Edda appears to be growing into
a real beauty! And no, I Am NOT

Jeremy said...

Edda pulled a fast one. She was sneezing a little when we left the house, and in the waiting room started to get warm. After 2 hours of waiting rooms they sent her home. We will reschedule. Lucky for her I guess.

Noel said...

She was pretty smart on this. Her temperature was just sligthly above normal when we were there. And she sneezed too. After coming back home, she was pretty normal. What a way to avoid dentist and hospital.

Next, I have to learn from her cleverness :) Tell Rena that I am a little bit sick :)

What a lucky 13rd for her!

Ruth Ziony said...

well I am glad to hear this!!
NEXT TIME, I would make sure
they dont keep you waiting
when you have an apointment!
YOU can channel me -or call and I will read them the riot act!

ENJoy the week-end holiday! And
Happy Valentine's Day!

Grammy said... cute are those pictures of Edda. Tell her I think she looks like a "Jack-o-lantern". This is what I told all the kids when I was teaching school. She's too cute!

Brooklyn's Grammy