Thursday, February 19, 2009

Donald's Woodwork

Today, I decorated our house using Donald's woodwork. The first one is a shelf which I mounted on the first floor bathroom. The second one is a bird house which I mounted on the wall between family dinner room and family room. On the bird house there is a green parrot and a little bit below there is red butterfly. On the living room wall, there is a clock which was part of Donald's woodwork also. I fixed it and it runs pretty accurate also. I also fixed a very old office clock which I mounted on the wall of our study room. Very proud of myself to fix those clocks.


Unknown said...

hahah. dad. you mounted the shelf upside down! :)

Noel said...

Oops! Just like one of nuclear reactor was mounted upside down when I was working on its design long time ago :)

Well, I will mount it in the right way when I come back from New Jersey.

We are heading to New Jersey today to move our stuff.