Monday, November 17, 2008

Our fair city.

Jeremy and I spent the evening at our city council meeting. Jeremy has taken a few moments in the past few months applying and interviewing for a position on the local transportation commission. Tonight he was sworn in to a two year term.

Waiting for his big moment:


Here's his unanimous 5 votes in favor of his appointment (Jeremy's sitting in the first row behind everyone, the lady with the red shirt is the mayor)!


Now we are just counting down to the US VP nomination in 8 years!


Rena said...

Congratulations! Jeremy

Noel said...

Congratulations, commissioner.

Unknown said...

that is great. congratulation jeremy.

Nita and Animesh Shah
( Anushka's parents)

Kelly said...

Yeah for Jeremy!!

Anonymous said...

He's got my vote!

Unknown said...

Yay Jeremy! I can't wait to hear more next week.

yamster said...

Congrats, Jeremy!