Monday, September 15, 2008

Ruby - the big test.

Our town allows you to walk a dog off leash anywhere within town limits if you and your doggie pass a test given by the local police department. This Saturday, Ruby and Jeremy are going to head down to the local pool parking lot to take this test. This is pretty much equivalent to walking in to take your drivers license test without practicing parallel parking. I think Ruby will pass with flying colors the part where you follow commands without distractions - sit, stay, come, heel. I think Ruby can a pass with the following distractions - kids, cars, horns, bicycles.

Ruby will go absolutely crazy and not follow any commands when faced with another dog and all hope of passing the test will be gone if the police officer whips out a squirrel from behind his night stick.

We will see.

Ruby likes to help out with laundry.



sherah said...

Scott failed his driving test because he ran over a squirrel. I hope this makes Ruby feel better.

Noel said...

Thanks Ruby for trying to help out with the laundry :)

Brooklyn said...