Sunday, June 8, 2008


Doesn't hippotherapy sound just like a asking a hippo, "Yes, but how how do you really feel?"

After 8 months on a waiting list, we finally had our first session/evaluation today even though it was really, really hot.

Gong gong and pua pua were there:


Here we are on Monty, the fake horse:


And here is Shamrock, our therapy horse which we did not get to ride on, but at least we got to pet.



Rebecca said...

Look at those smiles! It seems that she'll love it! And only 8 months, wow! Our waiting list is 3 years long!

Noel said...

It was easier (no waiting list) for Edda to ride on her gong gong's back at home on the carpet :)

sherah said...


Please explain what "Hippotherapy" is to us folks out in cyberspace.

Jeremy said...

Hippotherapy is occupational therapy on a horse. They use the horse to improve trunk strength and for Edda, to improve her hand use by encouraging her to hold on. Also, it's just plain fun.

Noel said...

I didn't know this is one of the ways to interact with Edda more effectively.

I will do more - horse rides for Edda - next time with her :)

sherah said...

I didn't know it was called Hippotherapy! Years ago, I worked at a barn with a friend who did this and Joshua's former PE. teacher also does this full time now, but I didn't know that is what it was called. Very cool.