Monday, June 16, 2008

First day of camp.

Vince's first day of summer camp was canceled because a water main broke in the neighborhood. We are under strict orders to boil our water, which (because we don't have cable TV) no one really took seriously until I was on my way home from work and mentioned it to Jeremy.

Jeremy has been sick the past two days with a fever of 104. He has alternated between being too cold and being a "sweatball". He went to the doctor today who laughed and told him he wasn't taking enough Motrin.

After I spent the day telling my coworkers how wonderful the Metro is and how I haven't had more than 5 days in the past 9 months with major delays, I spent the evening wedged into both platform and the train because the train I was on was too crowded and one overeager transit rider has his rear end leaning against a door and then the doors failed to close and we had to de-train and then I had to wait until 4 full trains passed until I could get myself back on track towards home.



Noel said...

It will happen more often it we don't pay attention on our very old, old infrastructures.

Noel said...
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