Thursday, April 17, 2008

For once...

I'm uploading a picture from my nice camera. This was taken in the afternoon at Choon's place, back in the day, when I was housesitting. Ah the nostalgia! :P

Things have been a bit weird lately both work and life.

At work we are in the midst of hiring a new manager. It's been a long process, and it's definitely very interesting hearing people's perspectives on the candidates and what others see as pros and cons. I guess everyone thinks differently.

In life, I've been a bit moody lately. I know the reason for it, but I'm not at liberty to post it on the blog for now. Not to worry, but progress is being made in that department. I hope to have things more resolved in a couple days.

Other than that, hanging in there. Trying to have some fun in there. :)


Rena said...

Nice picture!

And good luck for both at work and life.

Noel said...

Nice picture! I like it a lot.