Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shhhh, don't tell Edda.

Jeremy started looking into getting Edda a harness or a swing that she could use indoors. He was thinking of a simple door jam set-up with not that much hardware because, well, this isn't our house and we don't want to put in a nail hole if we don't have to.

Mom and Dad were home this weekend and took one look at our plans and being the engineers that they are, the took down some drywall within 15 minutes and looked at the internal structure of the house. I guess we are putting in permanent eye hooks into the ceiling. Pretty cool.



Samantha said...

Well it looks like grandpa has a pretty good helper there too! I hope Edda loves the swing!

Noel said...

Mom and I had a wonderful weedend with you all. Thanks.

Btw, Vince thinks his Dad is tough because he is the oldest in the family. Grandmom is tough because she is the best cook. And, he thinks I am not helping the family at all because I joke all the time and everyone else in the family is doing some serious work :)

Kelly Butler said...

That is WONDERFUL!!! Brooklyn loves her swing inside, I know Edda will too. We need some engineers in our family too!

sherah said...

Such a great idea! What fantastic grandparents those kids have.