Monday, November 12, 2007


We are entering a pirate phase. Much of this past weekend was spent building this ship.


And all the mouthing and repeated touching of her face...


Has led to that wind-chapped look.



sherah said...

Love the pirate phase. Especially the jokes. What's a piratesfavorite movie rating? RRRrrrrrgh.

Nancy Bea said...

Cool pirate phase (my guy went through this too!)

Edda's poor suffering skin. Your doctor probably has you using something special, but if not, I suggest slathering on Eucerin at night. Don't use the Eucerin lotion or creme that comes in squirt bottles, try the stiff white crisco-like stuff that comes in a tub. Use a generous hand, and put an extra pillowcase or two on her pillows. Poor sweet skin!

Doris said...

I know, I love, the RRRRrrr jokes.