Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bubye Arif, Tahera, Nasreen!

Well, I'm a little behind in my blog postings, but Arif and Tahera have (sorta) packed up their things and gone off travelling for the month of October. Nasreen has taken off to sweet Paree to live like a French artist. We enjoyed smoking some cigaraettes on the rooftop of my building before everyone took off. It was quite a coughfest since none of us smoke. It was kinda amusing. Smoking is bad. Remember that girls and boys.

Oh also, speaking of Paris, work is flying me out to Paris in November. Totally f'ing sweet!

Thank Mom and Dad for the chocolates!

Anyone know how to repair a hole in the wall? Laff. It must have been quite a dream, but in the middle of the night, I sleepkicked the wall really freakin' hard. Here you see the result. I barely woke up when I kicked it and my toe is totally fine. Does anyone else in the family get a little jerky at night? it seems to happen more these days for me.


Noel said...

To patch the hole is not that difficult.

First, get a piece of drywall
cut the hole to even shape and put the piece of drywall into it. If it is small, no re-inforcement thing is needed. If it is big, just put another larger piece of drywall at back. Use drywall compound glues them together. When dry, plug the uneven hole with more drywall compound. Dry again, and do it again. Finally, using drywall tape between all pieces of drywall. Put drywall compound and smooth them up. If necessary, sand it down. Apply paint and nobody can see the hole anymore.

Rena said...

Cut little big hole so you will see the 2x4's. (Better to have both 2x4's. In other word, cut bit wide). You can attach (nail) the new piece of drywell on thoss 2x4s.

This wall is made with very thin stuff. It is not a normal one. You have to buy the drywall with same thickness. Home Deport have a small piece for free or for very cheap price.

David said...

Wow. I think you should add another requirement for the girl you're looking for -- tough :)

sherah said...

To patch a hole in the sheet rock at our house (which is land of remodel) I'd call a sheetrock person. It isn't hard to do but it is messy, especially the sanding part. It has to be done over a few days in order to do it right. You have to have the right kind of sheet rock/drywall (in your case maybe steel), the right type of joint compund, clean sponges, etc. It can be a hassle. But it isn't hard to do. I can't believe you kicked a hole in your wall in your sleep. Whoa.

Rena said...


Do not put too many requirements on the girl you are looking for. No one is perfect. As long as loves each other for the family. Of cource it is your choice. Good luck.