Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Someone vote me off this island!

Day #3 at home with sick Edda. I'm going crazy!

We had chocolate feeding. A snack with cracker sticks that you first dip into chocolate frosting and then dip the frosting covered breadstick into sprinkles. Perfect for breakfast. Edda rejected chocolate! See how ill she is?


We had Vince put together an installation of his art. Medium - cardboard, ribbon and paper. He insisted on doing this all shirtless. I fought with him for a while about the shirt but I knew I was going to lose even before I started.




Lucky Ruby renovated and upgraded her crate with a sheepskin. Now, at night, she refuses to sleep with us at the foot of our bed. I am a bit offended by her preference of comfort and privacy over loyalty. Humpf. (Edit: Jeremy just reminded me that I do the same thing to him. Some nights I want my own bed, so I sneak off to the guest room where I can wrap the whole comforter around me like a cocoon. Ah, oh well, isn't one suppose to be most critical of things that remind one of oneself? Sigh.)



I am 4 rows from finishing Icarus. I'm sure you guys are excited for me.




Scientific name: Allamanda cathartica
Common name: Cherries Jubilee
Location: Singapore

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


the Ham

(47% dark, 53% spontaneous, 36% vulgar)

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Just another list.

Edda is sick - cough, fever, sore throat. She isn't sleeping or eating well. Doc says it's a viral thing, should pass in a few days. Here she's cat napping at the post office.


Look, a mouse that mouths.


Vince has discovered that Jeremy's iPod can play videos.



Araucaria columnaris

Scientific name: Araucaria columnaris
Common name: Caledonia Pine
Location: Singapore

Monday, February 26, 2007

Tickety - shut up!

Crazy Vince wanted to get an alarm clock. He's learning to tell time from Tickety - the talking clock from Blue's Clues. With much fanfare, Vince and Jeremy set the alarm for 7:15 am. As soon as it went off this morning, Vince hit the snooze button. Ha ha ha! We didn't set it tonight.



I have 10 rows left on Icarus. I hope to finish before we leave Singapore.


Knitting is so slow.



Scientific name: Ficus celebensis
Common name: Weeping fig
Location: Singapore

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just Came Back from the Other Side of the Globe

Hi, I just came back from the other side of the globe. There are a lot of things in my mind that I need to do fast, like catching up with emails, mails, taxes, etc.

Getting chubby.

This past week, these people have told me that I'm getting chubby: the babysitter, the housekeeper, the prata shop cash register guy, our neighbor and all of my pants. I have been trying to eat less and exercise more (I am still running! I'm up to a mile now. Well almost a mile and almost every day.) But it's hard when I'm faced with a plate of chicken and a pyramid of rice. I know, no one forces me to eat it, but it's soooo good.


Jeremy and I made a vow that we'd go hiking, but only after chicken rice and a coffee from McDonald's. What's a hike through the jungle without a cappuccino? We were roughing it.


On the hike, we met a guy who moved to Singapore from Albany and he gave the capital district a thumbs up! He said it was better than Singapore. Yahoo for that!

Wow! And look at the size of that guy's....


And it even has camouflage.


Artocarpus altilis

Scientific name: Artocarpus altilis
Common name: Breadfruit
Location: Singapore

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Ms. Joyce, one of the aides at Edda's school, invited us over to her house for steamboat. It's a big pot broth on an electric hot plate and you put veggies, meat and fish balls and boil the whole thing. It's great sitting around the table and chatting while waiting for the food to cook.



Calathea loeseneri

Scientific name: Calathea loeseneri
Location: Singapore

Mid Weekend Update.

Not a bad start to the weekend. Tonight was poker night. For the first time I had 2 tables full of folks. And I timed it reasonably well too. Everything finished at around 12:15. Nice. I had a couple of new faces too. but unfortunately, it was the old timers, the old guard who were sitting at the final table. I managed to eek out 3rd place and win a couple of bucks. Sadness, cause at one point I had a hug chip lead. Grrr!! All the folks who go busted, ended up playing Guitar Hero 2. It was quite a hit. Oh I should also say congrats to Alice for finally being in the money after never winning for the last... all of them... tournaments. So go Alice! Oh yeah, and we also had Annie clean our bathroom for us after she got busted! That's kinda funny. I guess she was really bored?!? umm.. but thanks!

I guess Jocelyn weighed heavily on my mind this week. It's been both the good and bad kind of mindshare. Tho now, I can say that I'm feeling optimistic about moving on - making forward progress - which is always a good thing in my mind. I know I'm pretty slow in this department, but it's always been my MO, so I'm not surprised it's taken this long. I'm hopeful tho.

Oh deck, tomorrow is a broomball adventure, at midnight again! Woo hoo! That'll be fun. Sunday is Wasi's birthday dinner, and possibly that dumpling dinner that I was going to go to, but really, I'll probably skip it. I might be a nice time to just chill out.

Oh also, I just wanted to say, that's it really really nice to have a good group of friends around. I mix in a lot of different groups, and know a lot of people to varying degrees, but it always really really nice to get together, over poker, dinner, biking, whatever. Thanks guys. It's been a much better week than the last one. :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fun friday.

I love Fridays! I love thinking that it's almost the weekend.


It rained today. I picked Jeremy up from work. Orange umbrella and a backpack - as if he's coming home from elementary school - so adorable. Hee hee.

Edda is mouthing less, but I won't talk about it too much. Don't want to jinx it.

Nursing school is full until fall of 2008. Bleh! Argh!


Cocos nucifera

Scientific name: Cocos nucifera
Common name: Coconut!
Location: Singapore

My Turn...

One of the columns I love to read (but haven't read much of recently) is the "My Turn" articles from Newsweek. It's basically of normal everyday people, writing an 800 word article on some topic that's important to them. It's an interesting snapshot into people's lives. The RSS feed is:


One particular "My Turn" I found hilarious...

Maybe singles are boring too?

Hrm... A friend of mine is having a broomball party this Sat, and they needed some extra people. That's cool. I fired off an email to all my single friends. Not a one replied. Only Shwe. :) Oh well. Perhaps single people are boring as well? :P

Tonight, I finished off Guitar Hero 2's hard mode, passing all the songs, and I managed to get 13 deep into the Expert songs. Why is this important? it's not. Just fun. The bummer is that my GH2 disc is scratched so some of the songs won't play properly. That's a huge bummer. I'll probably contact the manufacturer and see if they will be nice at all..

Also another huge bummer, Wed night, on my ride back home in the dark, my super nice $$$ bike light, came off my handlebars, and proceeded to launch directly into my front wheel. Of course, the wheel won, and the power cable got cut in half. Grr. I'm probably out a benjamin for that one... sigh. Choon and Pei-Sun gave me a ride home thankfully. It gave me a chance to catch up with them and have a yummy falafel wrap for dinner.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just a list.


  • I applied to nursing school today.

  • Edda is not sleeping well. We started her on 1mg of melatonin today.

  • The Rett paper made the NY Times. It was buried deep in the Health Section.

  • **********

    Pine tree

    Scientific name: Pinus caribaea
    Common name: Pine tree
    Location: Singapore!

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    I love Conan.

    I never really embed videos at all, but here you go! This was the Nintendo Wii system that I wanted to buy, and the Rich currently owns..

    Hello! ... (hello) ... (hello) ... (hello) ...

    I don't think anyone comes to the office anymore besides me and Nancy. Everyone is at home for the past 3-4 days? It's sorta demotivating. Fo sho. I guess I'm bored now...

    Auntie antics.

    I took the bus downtown this morning to go to a doctor's appointment. Our apartment is just a minute away from the subway station and bus terminal. During rush hour, I prefer the bus. The bus originates from the terminal, so I always can get a seat for the 45 minute ride.

    The buses come every 8-10 minutes so when I showed up and no one was in line, I figured a bus had just come. I pulled out some note paper and was sketching some drawings and I didn't notice the people lining up behind me. To prevent crowding at the bus terminals, there are metal fences that ensure everyone stands in single file in the order they arrive. It's like being herded.

    By now, there are about 15 people in line. Anyhow, the 180 pulls up and as it comes to a stop, a little old lady cuts in front of me to get into the bus first! I have no idea if she was 2nd in line or if she dissed all those other people in line too.


    She doesn't look evil, huh? Singaporeans are known for being rude and the aunties are the worst offenders.

    Of course, since I was downtown, I did a little window shopping for Jeremy. Look what I found at Burberry - perfect for the office. Oh yes, and the manly bracelet too.



    I have to say that IDing palm trees is not easy.


    Scientific name: Areca catechu
    Common name: Betel Nut Palm
    Location: Singapore

    Where the infamous betel nut comes from!

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Dumpling recipe?

    Hey Doris, do you have the dumpling receipe? perhaps I was thinking of making some for a potluck... I guess I'll buy the skins at Ranch 99.

    Leaving on a jet plane.

    Emy left early this morning.


    Monday, February 19, 2007

    Weekend Update...

    Last week, was a crappola week for me. Probably one of the worst weeks I've had in a long time in terms of mood and just general happiness. I'm not exactly what sure what the reason was. It wasn't the weather since it was only gloomy on Monday. I don't really want to attribute it to it being Valentine's Week, but I can't say that being alone wasn't a factor in my mood.

    Friday night, I got dinner with Rich and some of his friends. We ate Japanese and went to shoot pool and play ping pong afterwards. It was a lot of fun. The night was of course, not without gossip. There was a girl there that was jonesin' me fairly hard and I'll say that my interest level is low at the moment. I keep thinking back to Choon's comment about giving a girl some time to really show herself, and she'll become that much more special. He's right, that's where you really really like _love_ someone, but don't you need something there to drive you that far? Shoot. For once I'd like a girl that I'm excited about.

    Saturday, I put in a 60 mile bike ride for training for the Wildflower Triathlon. I need so many more miles underneath me it's not even funny. Also I went to Li Pei Zin's house for CNY dinner. They gave me the usual quizes ab out girlfriends and such. Incidentally, Mom, Li Pei Zin says the gilfriend bounty is either up to $10,000 or you have to throw some diamonds in the deal. :) As always it's a 12 course meal, where we only eat 1/5-1/4 of each dish. I horsed around with the grandkids a bit, and the young one, Eileen, reminds me of Vince. I'd hoist her above my head, and when I'd let her down, she'd scream, "Again!" at the top of her lungs. :) Maybe all kids do this. ha!

    Sunday, was dim sum at the crazy packed Koi Palace. We got there at 9:45 and didn't get seated until 11. We were ticket #94 and there were 74 active tickets ahead of us when we got there! Later on, Lynn and Pei-Sun were hosting a CNY cookie party. We made the crispy cookies called "Love Letters" that ended up being very labor intensive. We had to have a charcoal grill and grill each one in a special tool, and then peel and fold them. Of course, we only had 2 tools, and so it was slow. I think we made maybe 50 cookies which is not much at all. In the kitchen, Lynn was making pineapple tart cookies, and I swear, she made like 500 of them. :)

    Also my ex, Jocelyn showed up to the party, and I pretty much ignored her. She didn't show up until late into the evening, which was good, since it was less time that I had to ignore her for. :P It was her brithday yesterday, and I'm probably being a hardass for not talking to her, even on her birthday, but it's good for me anyways, to keep strict separation. Too bad Sunny didn't show up. I would have found the meeting of the ex's to be somewhat amusing. :)

    Also, I'll throw this little piece of gossip at you. I've been organizing a bunch of "singles" events, basically inviting all the single people I know out to do stuff. It's been a lot of fun, since I like organizing stuffs, and I can say that it hasn't been in vain, as there are now 2 potential dates? relationships? possible that are coming out of this. Sweet!

    Oh sorry, no pictures too since I went cameraless this weekend. Hopefully Choon will be able to post a photo or two in his copious spare time these days. :)

    We are enjoying the year of the Pig!

    Chinese New Year feasting continues...

    Grilled lamb and cheese sandwich for breakfast.


    Dumplings - folded by hand for dinner.


    (some non-canonical folding by Jeremy)


    We had a ton of heavy cream and mascarpone that we had purchased for the frosting of our disastrous red velvet experiment last night, so we turned it into tiramisu instead.


    Sunday, February 18, 2007

    Velvet undercooked.

    Edda is outgrowing her stroller. We don't use it very often - Edda usually walks wherever we walk, just very slowly and while someone is holding her hand. But today she fell asleep in the car on the way to the dog park, so we plunked her in her stroller and watched while her head tilted all the way back because it wasn't held up by the mesh seat anymore.


    This afternoon, Jeremy and I went to a prayer ceremony at a Sikh temple. A friend's father passed away last week and they were holding the traditional 72 hour ceremony this weekend. The whole family gathers at the temple to pray and cook. We had a delicious vegetarian meal consisting of her late father's favorite dishes.

    Emy's birthday is on the 20th and she's been keen on red velvet cake. Apparently red velvet cake is very hip - we followed the recipe from the New York Times.

    In went a whole bottle of red food coloring.


    Apparently cochineal is a dye made from bugs. It freaked Jeremy out that we were pouring bug remains into our cake and then I freaked out that we were planning on serving red velvet cake with bug food coloring to vegetarian friends tomorrow night. Was I going to tell them that the cake wasn't really vegetarian because it had red bug juice in it? Or was I not going to because if we hadn't googled it, none of us would have been the wiser? But then Emy noticed that it said artificial on the label, so therefore it was made from fake bugs and the cake remains vegetarian.


    And, whoa! It turns this bright red color!


    But then, 10 minutes after the cake goes into the oven, disaster strikes and the power goes out in our whole apartment complex for about 90 minutes. No oven, no internet, no videos. We decide to swim in the unlit pool.

    When the lights come back on, the cake continues baking, but it turns out all greasy and flat.


    We are so not hip.

    Saturday, February 17, 2007

    CNY eve dinner.

    Martin, our friend from Dresden, just moved here and tonight we invited him over for CNY reunion dinner.


    Jeremy made this huge leg of lamb. Ruby was a lucky dog tonight!


    Friday, February 16, 2007


    Reminds me of High School, Although, our design was 10x lighter and much much cooler.


    I saw this on Frank's blog.. Thought it was interesting.

    Let the CNY weekend begin!

    Vince played hooky today. He went out to breakfast with me - ordered a Milo Dinosaur (an iced Ovaltine with Ovaltine powder drizzled on top).


    Then he went to the dragon dance performance at Edda's school. He is sitting next to his main squeeze in Edda's class - the very blonde and glamourous N. Edda's in the 2nd row - grouchy because she didn't sleep very well last night and it is getting pretty hot outside on the asphalt parking lot.


    A moment of peace to catch up on last night's missed zzzzzs.


    This is such an unusual sight for Edda - she's using her hands. Well kind of. She's resting her hands on the rope/bar and ever-so-softly grasping them as she is swinging - every moment resisting the urge to put her hands in her mouth.




    Scientific name: Clerodendrum myricoides 'Ugandense'
    Common name: Butterfly bush
    Location: Singapore