Monday, July 31, 2006

Vince's Gift to Grandmom

Grandpa brought back Vince's gift to Grandmom. I like it.

Bittermelons Growing in Balcony Garden

Blankets for Edda & Vince

Tommorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tommorow..

Tomorrow Edda goes back to school! Hooray for me!

We had Mathilda and Julia over today. Four hours of insane playdate. Vince and Mathilda had a great time.

Edda did well also, following the kids around, being close to them and being interested. She also was a bit agitated. There were screaming sessions, but I think no one was too freaked out or anything.

So bro...

What's the scoop on Landis from your personal sources?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Grandpa is gone.

Edda was a bit distraught this morning. We couldn't figure it out for a little while, but then it dawned on us that she was looking for her beloved grandpa. She had gotten used to him getting her up in the morning and now he was no where to be found! Poor sweetie...

It was strange to wake up without Dad. I had gotten used to having him in the house again.

We booked a taxi for Dad - he insisted that we shouldn't wake up, but Jeremy did hear the door close at 4:50 am and he woke up and ran to say good-bye, but Dad had already gone off in his taxi.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Duck tour!

In Singapore, they have this military amphibious vehicle that was used in the Vietnam War which they have converted into a tourist attraction. It's been painted to look like a duck because it can go on land like a car and then drive into the water and float and steer like a boat. So today was Duck tour day!

Well Vince was so distraught after watching the safety video (abandon the duck! abandon the duck!) that he demanded a life jacket ("I need the thing that will protect me!!" he wailed) and clung to me for dear life. Edda wanted a nap, so she screamed much of the time. Dad seemed to enjoy it as he was sitting far away from the distressed kids and close to the tour guide who answered all his questions. You know dad, he loves to ask questions. Find a stranger and he will figure out a question to ask them...


This evening, we had a potluck at Julia's house to say goodbye to the Bodes. We got there at 7 pm sharp and it looked like we wouldn't make it until 7:30 pm, but somehow we pulled it off and stayed until 9:30. Jeremy made a kick ass salad..


Dad is leaving tomorrow morning at 5 am. It's been great having him around helping with the kids.

Mom! He washed the dishes every night!

I love you!
I love you too!
I love you three!
I love you eight!
I love you a million!
I love you a million plus 1!

Well ... ,

Well, three weeks are almost over. I have had a great time here in Singapore. I have enjoyed a lot with Jeremy, Doris, Vince, Edda and Ruby. I am leaving tomorrow morning and hope to see them again, soon.

Playing with Edda for the past three weeks, I realize how much tough & hard work are ahead for us as a family but, as an optimist, Edda will do her best. She is a brave girl.

Love you all :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Pulling teeth.

What is it about dentists? Jeremy hates dentists. He thinks they are in some complex dental x-ray conspiracy and he has brainwashed me into thinking that dentists are evil people. They seem really nice when you sit down in the chair, but then they give you bad news and make you feel lame about not flossing after every meal and then they head into your mouth with drills and picks.

My dentist in New York was so cool and so smart. She had her office decorated with all modern furniture (I'm sure all flea market finds, tastefully matched but funky too). She played eclectic music over her sound system and had nice retro art prints hanging on the wall. I never knew a dentist could be so cool.

She also went frequently to dental conferences where she could learn about the newest techniques in dentistry and she loved to go and hang with the other cool dentists. But she still didn't hold back the bad news that my crown needed replacing and it would run, oh, about $1000. Yikes! And then she headed in with her drills and picks.

But this dental story isn't about me, it's about Edda. Edda loves to grind her teeth. Lately it's gotten pretty bad, you can hear her do it every 5 seconds and you can hear it clear across the room. It's sounds really, really bad.

I also noticed one of her molars had this brownish crap in the little crevice which I was dreading was a cavity.

So what do I do with the fact that I feared a cavity in a 2 year-old's mouth? I promptly got 4 recommendations of dentists and then didn't call any of them! For months! I finally made Jeremy call. I'm such a big chicken.

We finally went today to see the dentist. He was very nice - looked about 20 and had a huge collection of Coke cans in his office. (Strange, huh? A dentist collecting sugary drinks... Hmmmm...)

Final verdict: No cavities. Nothing much to do about the grinding. We got shooed home in about 10 minutes and didn't get charged for the visit.


Thursday, July 27, 2006


It's been 6 months since we had a doctor tell us that our daughter was mentally retarded. What a long six months it has been. We've been to the Children's Hospital here in Singapore countless times, we've been back to the US to see specialists there, we've looked at schools and therapies for Edda. We considered moving back to the states, we've been confused by different doctors and missing test results. How quickly the six months has passed as well.

Many people have talked to me about grief and crying. I have found myself crying many times in the past 6 months, most often in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and everthing is dark. It is then I don't have shrug my fears aside and the magnitude of Edda's disabilities sometimes overwhelms me.

Since my dad has been here, I've left Edda at home a few times so I could visit friends with Vince. My dad is great with Edda, in the afternoons, she needs to nap and eat frequently. I hate to admit it, the visits were easy with just Vince to manage. Vince does have his own issues (don't think he is an angel every moment), but Edda is unpredictable with her moods and awkward in strange places and when she is pissed, it is often hard to console her or figure out what she wants. Each time I left Edda behind, Vince asked why she wasn't coming. I felt bad for leaving her behind. I know in the future, our family will be splitting up trips and activities. This is almost what pains me the most, that we can't do absolutely everything that I thought we would be able to do together, but perhaps this is an unattainable fantasy for even completely non-disabled families.

Vince and Mathilda playing. Where's Edda? Not around.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Transformers! Again!

Just for my little brother - I thought you would enjoy this Optimus Prime thing I found. Live action movie - next summer!

Singapore Subway Tour

Vince took me to a Singapore subway tour. He showed me how to get on subway, headed for Woodland where Jeremy works and get off.

He told me all the regulations on the subway, no food, no pet, no duran (? smelling fruit), etc. Well, the good news was that we didn't get lost. The bad news, it was just too short.

We bought Edda a new swimming suit. Vince treated himself with ice cream, of course. And I had the privilege to take the subway with my grandkid.

Vince was a great tour guide.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where everybody knows your name

Doris: What the heck are we doing in Singapore?

Jeremy: (shrugs) I dunno.

Doris: I want to go home.

We have no house in the US. We have no address. The address we use for our mail is a mail stop at Jeremy's US office in Austin, TX. It's hard to miss home as much as I miss home and not have a physical place to miss.

In the 10 years Jeremy and I have been together, we have lived in the following places: Catalina Dr, Pasadena, CA; Lyndon Ave, South Pasadena, CA; McLaughlin Ave, San Jose, CA; Hester Ave, San Jose, CA; Fair Oaks Ave, Sunnyvale, CA; Riata, Austin, TX; Barton Hills Rd, Austin, TX; Juliet St, Austin, TX; Hsinchu, Taiwan; Bard College, Annandale, NY; Millbrook, NY; Wappingers Falls, NY; Singapore.

That's a lot of places (13) and I'm not even listing the 2 times we moved to Bard College or the hotels we've stayed in for at least 3 weeks. It's been hectic around here.

I love to move, I love throwing old crap away and staring new again someplace else, but having my kids really makes me want to settle down and get to know my neighbors and see the same dentist for more than a year. (Every dentist I see asks if I've had my full mouth x-rays within the last 5 years - that usually means 2 or 3 dentists ago. How can I possibly remember?) Maybe have some friends I don't have to re-explain my past (engineer), my present (mom) or future (who knows?). Now that would be great...

My mom is so cute. Look what she got us from Old Navy. Vince is grumpy, but Edda and I look great!


Hi From Singapore Again

Hi, everyone, this is Noel, in case I didn't log in correctly.

I am still in Singapore right now and will leave early Sunday morning. Although my stay is a short one, I treasure every moment of it.

Vince is a good boy and Edda is brave, to say the least. I saw her fell so many times, but almost every time, she walked with her knees until she reached a chair or sofa in order to get up again using her hands also. Sometimes, she gave those innocent smiles you really couldn't interpret. Occasionally, you called her and she turned her head and I thought that was one of the most memorable moments that I experienced.

Too bad, three weeks stay is almost coming to an end. And it gave me some memories that I always remembered :)


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yahoo Messenger

My Yoshoo mesenger does not work. They ask me the click on refresh buttom. I did couple times. It did not work.

The best way to do is to wait for the IT manager comes back from Singapore on 7/30.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

East Coast Park

The last time we went to the beach, it was a bit of a mess, 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog. It was really more than we could handle. This time we had my dad along with us, which made the trip a lot more easy to execute. Ruby and I went swimming in the ocean!


Burning the Midnight Oil...

It's 12:35am, and I'm still at work on a Friday night. Wheeeeee! It's sorta funny. I've never really ever had a software deadline before, and honestly, it kinda blows. Also tho, sometimes I think I am a slacker at heart too and do my best work under pressure, and lemme tell you, I am under some pressure right now.

I've pretty much reached a good enough milestone here, and I'm able to store and verify all my files from the various storage archives that we have. It's nothing fancy, and there are some features I'm missing. It's a work in progess as they say.

I did manage to take a break and go out to dinner with Choon, Pei-Sun and Joe. Joe is a friend of Choon's from high school and he's out here on an extended business trip. Also, he's making his way to Austin next week, so if you Austinites out there have any restuarant recommendations to give, I'll gladly pass it his way.

Also work won't stop me from preriding Downieville on Sunday. I'll have to try to get in this ride as fast as I can, and then drive back to the Bay Area. Hopefully we'll wake up by 6-7, do the ride, be done by noon, drive home and I can be at work around 4-5. I hope I don't kill myself . It's super technical.

In more Jocelyn news, oh joy of joys - She's moving to Milbrae sometime very soon to work up in the Bay Area for a year or so. Her new guy actually lives in Sunnyvale, which of course, means that I'll probably cross paths with her quite a bit more in the coming year. I'm doing cartwheels. I am. Really.

I'm going home now....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Truth, Justice and the American Way.

The whole island of Singapore celebrated Racial Harmony Day. Singapore tries very hard to keep the different Races living in Harmony. They do a pretty good job of it. Vince was instructed to dress in his traditional costume and to bring some ethnic food. So what the heck is Vince's traditional costume? I axed Chinese since everyone and their brother was going to wear a Chinese outfit. I mentioned to Jeremy maybe Vince should wear a Jewish (yarmulke) or German (lederhosen) outfit. But we decided to go for the most obvious traditional costume - Superman! As for the ethnic food, my dad suggested Oreo cookies. So that's what we did.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

EEG and flowers.

First, a big thank you to my wonderful secret pal! A beautiful bouquet arrived today, completely unexpected and completely fabulous... A nice surprise in the middle of the week. Makes my incredibly plain apartment a bit brighter..


Edda got her first EEG today. I suspect it will not be her last. She didn't enjoy getting the electrodes pulled off her head. But the test went fine, we'll get the report in a few weeks.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm going crazy at work!

Man this blows. I'll be coding all night for oh... 2 weeks straight now. Sucks. Really sucks.


Susan, Dakshi, Charlotte, Doris, Jeremy, Noel.

Photographer : Vince

Hi from Singapore

I have been here almost 10 days. Everything is cool except I could not hear any bird singing - no birds at all, except in the zoo.

I sat with Edda in her school all days last week and met a bunch of special kids with lot of disabilities among them. It was heart breaking to see all that. Well, all mankinds are not created equal.

This week, since Edda does not have school, I am taking Vince to school and back. His school is just across the street. He is enjoying his school very much. After school, we were in McDonald's twice already. I guess that was everyday. Tomorrow, absolutely, no McDonald's.

At home, I hanged around with Vince and Edda. I also went to swimming almost everyday. The pool is shallow and fairly clean. It is a nice place to be. But, I miss Mom a lot :)



Monday, July 17, 2006


Humans have about 25,000 genes or 3,000,000,000 base pairs.

Edda is missing just one god damn guanine.

Lynn's Wedding Party

Here's a funny picture from Lynn and Jack's Wedding reception the other night. From left to right, Choon, Pei-Sun, Lynn and Jack. Choon was a bit tipsy as you can see in the photo, and was pretending to take off a few buttons from his shirt. HAHAHAA.

The food was pretty good, tho really the crepes and deserts were better. They were making custom crepes on a burner - nutella, strawberries, blueberries, banana and whipped cream. yum yum. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Charlotte is in town!

So Charlotte is in town, Jeremy's taking a few days off and we are seeing the town. Charlotte is the person who married us, it's nice to see her and think about the promises we made to each other on our wedding day - the most important was that we would eat dinner together every night. I'm happy to say we've missed very few dinners together since then.

We saw her last night at her hotel and this morning at the zoo and Edda sure did put on a show about how difficult she can be. Lots of crying, mainly because of the heat and the fact that she didn't eat at the right time. But lots of crying in public always puts me on edge... Blah.

Can you stand another picture of us at the zoo? I didn't get a picture of Charlotte. Grumble. Only me and some birds.


Hmmm, I'm not really the best dresser am I? The pants are a bit large and what's the deal with my belly button? And the wonderful laynard with house key and magnetic card. Spiffy. Oh well, at least I look happy, that's nice.


2:40:17 AM james_s_robertson: why you up so late?
2:40:38 AM blehargh: oh you're opening the floodgates here
2:40:42 AM blehargh: i'm warning you
2:40:51 AM james_s_robertson: hmmmm
2:41:05 AM blehargh: you can still take it back. heh
2:41:24 AM james_s_robertson: nah, i won't take it back
2:41:29 AM blehargh: heh. okay
2:41:47 AM blehargh: well the short of it is that Lynn and Jack had sorta of a wedding reception tonight
2:41:56 AM blehargh: and it was a really nice affair
2:42:11 AM blehargh: but somehow I ended up sitting next to Jocelyn and her BF.
2:42:18 AM blehargh: and you know that's fine
2:42:36 AM blehargh: I'm cool with, you know, being in the same room as her and all.
2:42:56 AM blehargh: i just really really really think it's rude when she decides to try to engage me in conversation
2:43:08 AM blehargh: when 1) I've made it clear that I don't want to talk to her
2:43:27 AM blehargh: and 2) I have never initiated any conversation with her in the past year
2:43:41 AM blehargh: you'd think someone would get the hint, that I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU
2:44:18 AM james_s_robertson: i see isee
2:44:19 AM blehargh: i just wish she respected me enough to accept that
2:44:30 AM blehargh: so I take it pretty personally there
2:44:45 AM james_s_robertson: so you think it was malicious or just negligant?
2:45:01 AM blehargh: niether in a way
2:45:38 AM blehargh: i think she's just trying to make herself more comfortable in an uncomforatble situation
2:45:51 AM james_s_robertson: hmmm, ok
2:46:37 AM blehargh: or i think, in a way, she feels like she's done me wrong, or the situation shouldn't be as it is, but i don't think she understands that it's not about how she feels anymore
2:47:19 AM blehargh: so she feels uncomfortable and wants to move away from that
2:47:30 AM blehargh: and use being on good terms is the only way to do that
2:47:53 AM blehargh: but she just charges ahead without taking my point of view into consideration
2:48:33 AM blehargh: anyways. there I'm done.
2:48:33 AM blehargh: thansk
2:48:43 AM james_s_robertson: np....
2:48:56 AM james_s_robertson: do you think you'll ever get her to understand your point of view?
2:49:06 AM james_s_robertson: (i guess that's hard if you don't want to talk to her)
2:49:14 AM blehargh: what's the point?
2:50:06 AM james_s_robertson: yeah, ok
2:50:39 AM james_s_robertson: man, is that all you've got? i thought there were more rivers of outpouring here :)
2:50:46 AM blehargh: heh
2:50:58 AM blehargh: her new BF seems nice
2:50:59 AM blehargh: ha
2:51:08 AM blehargh: how's that?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ruby and Noel

Today we went to the Botanic Gardens. Noel was our designated dog handler. There are tons of dogs at the Gardens, Ruby usually has a tough time greeting the other dogs without barking insanely at them. Grrr, I'm the meanest Laborador Retriever ever! Don't mess with me or I will lick you to death! Bark, bark, grrr, grrr.

I realize that this isn't Ruby's fault really, it's our fault because we are such wimps that Ruby feels like it's her duty to protect us from even the smallest schnauzer.

But with Dad at the other end of Ruby's leash, she seemed to know that he was in charge and with only one exception, Ruby pretty much behaved. (There was a bit of a growling match at the cafe, I think I saw Ruby's teeth, but the other dog was wandering off leash, not a good idea. I didn't get a good look at it, I only turned when I heard the growling).


Dad, who I know has always wanted a dog, loves Ruby and presented her to every little kid walking in the park. "Come on over! Nice dog!" It was very sweet to see.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Patiens, Patiens, and patiens

Daddy said about patiens (hope the spelling is correct), patiens. I just read a book in the Chinese paper and posted part of the book. Hope you can read it.

????????, ???????????????

Thanks for the Christmas Present!


Well, I would have posted this awhile ago, but there was other pressing concerns at the time. Anyhow, I've finally retired my old old sad pair of Birks, for this shiny spiffy pair. And black too! So thanks to Doris and Jeremy for the wonderful present!

Too bad I can't seem to wear my brown belt anymore... sigh. Posted by Picasa

Weary and worn.

I have been trying to keep this blog happy and optimistic because, in general, I feel happy and optimistic most days.

But today for whatever reason - lack of sleep, Edda's last day of summer school school, the weekend without plans coming up - I was bummed. It's when I think about the years ahead of sleepless nights (Edda still gets up 2 or 3 times a night and takes about an hour of singing to fall asleep at night) or perhaps not being potty trained or if she is in pain, not know exactly where she hurts becuase she can't tell me, or even if she forever keeps putting her damn hand in her mouth for the rest of her life - well, I just want to throw in the towel. Kick the can. Bah humbug.

Don't worry, I'm sure this feeling will pass. It always does.

There are a lot of people coming to visit us next week. I'm not sure how the stars lined up, but so many people are flying 24 hours to reach our humble home in Singapore that we are going to have a party. Shhhh, don't tell Vince or else he won't sleep for days.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Good Job Jeremy!

Ten years!

Jeremy took me out on our first date ten years ago today! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dad is great!

Dad doing the dishes:


Dad has also been rocking Edda to sleep at night. She usually gets up 2/3 times a night and either Jeremy or I get up. Last night, she slept though the night or so I thought. Dad had actually gotten up at midnight when Edda stirred and rocked her back to sleep.. Amazing. So sweet.

Vince this morning was on a nail polish kick. His friend Samantha has blue fingernails and he wanted to replicate it. We used dry erase marker which was driving me crazy because it kept coming off and Vince wanted me to reapply it. I had to pull out the old gender card and tell him that boys don't wear nail polish, and he wiped his nails clean and went to school. Now I have to say, I don't really care if he wants to paint his nails bright red, it's just that I know something is brewing on at his school about boys vs girls and I'm not sure what his teachers think about nail polish on boys..


Edda had a therapy session today and these ladies were interning for the summer with our physical therapist. This is their last week! They took a shine to Edda. It'll be another 2 years before they get their therapist degrees... (OK, not the best picture of Edda..)


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tech Support

Well, I normally don't look forward to calling tech support, but today I had to because of some failure in some hardware we had. The support woman connected me to an engineer and he put us both on hold while he was running around checking things out, so we were chit chatting abit. Found out that she was in Newark and likes to go to Miyake's on University and down the sake bombs. Funny.

One of my co workers, who was listening in on my call since we all have cubes, was making fun of me over IM during the phone call. He wanted me to get her phone number. laff.

What's your secret?

Dad has been sitting in on Edda's class. We've been talking about the different kids in her class and their various "issues". Most of the kids in Edda's class are older than her, most of them are at least 3 years old and autistic. Edda is probably the most disabled kid in her class this week. She's the only one who can't feed herself snack, someone needs to be there and help her eat.

I went to the prata shop today, and the guy who works the register said to me, "You are always so happy and lively when you come in, what's your secret?" This came as such a surprise to me because I consider myself a grouchy-grouch. I told him that the prata shop was the only time that I really had to myself and I felt just a little bit removed and relieved from my responsibilities, I'm happy to sit for a few minutes and eat a prata and have a glass of fresh lime juice. Such simple things make me happy these days.

Monday, July 10, 2006


I'm babysitting tonight. It's weird taking care of a kid who isn't yours. I just mean that every baby has their own quirks, their own way of eating/sleeping/pooping that you have to get used. Also, I'm not a natural babysitter. It's a bit nervewracking for me, but tonight, the baby and I did great! Went to sleep right on time with only a little bit of fuss and muss.

Dad made it to Singapore. He got in at midnight last night and at 5 am, he managed to pat Edda back to sleep! Pretty impressive. He was a trooper today, went to Edda's school and stayed up almost all afternoon. It's going to be nice having him at home. We don't often spend this much time together.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Life goes on.

We went to the zoo today with Chris, Kate and Abby. I was worried that it was going to be too hot, but it was OK! I mean, it was really hot, and I sweated buckets, but the park is well designed with lots of shade and we saw the most amazing monkeys. I think this is my 4th time at the zoo and this time we saw the most monkey activity - swinging over the branches and hanging out. Also saw many baby monkeys hanging onto their mother's fur. I'm so sympathetic to the moms. Ugh, what a pain to have your kid gripping your hair while you try to swing from branch to branch.


We all had a great time, especially Edda who spent the day laughing and enjoying herself, even though there wasn't any air conditioning. She ate well and walked a lot through the zoo. Vince also was great, even though he didn't have a playmate his own age around, he enjoyed all the adult and baby company.

Jeremy loved figuring out how to fit 2 babies, 1 preschooler, 2 strollers and 4 adults (3 of which are taller than 5'10'') into our minivan. He loves to pack things, minivans, tupperware, vacation schedules. It's all good.

Here's a photo of Edda which I have to post even though it is blurry and generally a terrible picture (look at that flash! ugh!) simply because she is looking straight into the camera and smiling. Because she doesn't really answer to her name or commands like, "Hey! Look over here!" gettting her to look in any particular direction is particularly challenging. Vince took the photo, he might have better luck than the rest of us at getting Edda's attention.


Leaving for Singapore

Can't wait to hug Edda! Of course, Vince too. But, I am going to miss Mom :)

Friday, July 7, 2006

From Uncle Robert

Dear Donald,

It was very very nice to see you after all these years. Sorry that Chris is
taking your place now.

I do not know how to say to Doris. Please send my best regards to them when
you visit them next month. My heart is always with the little girl. I
never thought that it will happen to my family, but it does.

Good luck to you and wish you a happy boy always!!


Donald, Rena & Noel

Mt. Tamalpais, CA & Tiburon, CA

Here we go...

As my mother implied in the previous entry, we did receive the results of Edda's blood test on Monday and it is with a heavy heart that I report that she has Rett Syndrome.

Edda is very happy and healthy and does not seem to be in any physical or mental distress at this time and for that, I am grateful because I know these things are not a given for children with Rett. Actually, in the grand scheme of things, I still consider myself a fortunate person. I have loving family and friends, I have a roof over my head, plenty of food to eat and access to good schools for my kids and doctors for anyone who gets ill. It's a good place to be. As for having Edda, she is 1 in 10,000 - she's a pretty unique girl and if her soul had to end up anywhere in the world, it's just fine that she landed into our little family. We'll do our best to care for her, just like we all do our best to take care of each other each day.

We will see day by day what the future holds.


Thursday, July 6, 2006


It is a very difficut to write at this moment since our family has to face the reality to raise an abnormal but lovely kid, especially for Doris and Jeremy. I have been hoping for the best and now we have to face the worst. It was kind of expected, but as I heared the news over the phone, it was very hard to hold back my tears and cried for a while. But crying does not solve problems, we have to face it. It was a pure bad luck, statistically speaking- 1 of 10,000 or 15,000.

After reading articles from the internet and judging from the current conditions- Edda has normal size of head and she can walk, it is not that bad. Hope she is on the better side and has mild forms.

But we are not alone. As a matter of fact, every family has to face some kind of challenges, big or small. Life can never be perfact. Lets face the challanges and you have all the supports from us.

Dad is leaving the day after tomorrow. We will be in office and are going to make up some time tomorrow. Take care of yourself first. Then you can take care of the rest. Love you all.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

We went hiking today in the rainforest. It wasn't as humid or as mosquito-ridden as our trip to the marshland last week, but it was much more effort. Lots of uphill parts. We climbed a whole 500 ft to the highest point on Singapore. Jeremy and I parodied our first argument as a married couple. We were climbing a 14,000 ft mountain in Colorado on our honeymoon and about 4 hours into this hike that I didn't really want to do because I had been a bit unwell (I was proceeding rather slowly), Jeremy offered some hiking suggestions which for some reason, I took really personally and I just sat down in the middle of the path and cried. It took us a few moments to recover from that argument and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Ha ha! Yah for hiking, it's great to have a chance to do it again, I really enjoy it - just walking and looking at nature and the vast diversity of it all. Vince' would have never agreed to hike this and Edda, well, we would have had to carry her most of the way. Although I did see other 2 and 4 year olds hiking with their parents.,.,

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Faster than a speeding bullet.

We had a lovely day. We basically we went shopping at the Tanglin Mall, the magnet for all expats in Singapore.

This is the highlight of our purchases:


Check out the new Birks too! Pretty cool huh?