Thursday, May 4, 2006

The house is so quiet, he must be up to something.

Usually, when the house gets really, really quiet, you can be sure that Vince is putting toothpaste all over the bathroom or that he's eating 100 Altoids in a row. Today when he was quiet for too long, I went to go look for him. He was mopping the kitchen floor! He took one look a me and told me that I had to wait until it dried because it was very slippery and I might slip. So helpful!


Rena said...

Vince is an excelent helper. Keep kitchen floor clean!

Anonymous said...

Can he come to my house?! 2 dogs and rain make for really muddy floors. Trust your instinct with Edda. That is the best diagnosis you'll ever get. You really do know more than anyone else. Love, Sheila