Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back to Aiken, SC

Mom and I were back safely.

Long weekend...

Tomorrow is a holiday in Singapore, a celebration for the workers. Today we rented a car and drove around, mainly scouting out routes to Edda's school because I'm going to be learning to drive on the left soon. Vince saw pictures of Edda going to the pool with her class and he wanted to go see the pool, so that's where we are in the above picture.

We had a nice day, Vince is still a little bit sick, although after a dose of Motrin, you'd never know it. Edda still has a stuffy nose, but no fever and Jeremy is getting sick too, but he just took his Motrin, so hopefully, he'll feel better soon.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sleepless nights.

Edda has been having a hard time sleeping well since we've gotten back to Singapore. It means lots of sleepless nights for both Jeremy and me. I think we sleep enough hours, it's just that we wake up every 90 minutes or so. I think it's been just getting used to the new schedule and also she's had a bit of a runny nose recently. Today Vince caught the cold and went to bed after taking Tylenol. Hopefully, he will be able to sleep well tonight.

Small medical update.

Got an email from Dr. Ackman today. Most of the tests from the "rare diseases screen" are back, all normal. The 2nd radiologist read Edda's MRI and saw the same thing that Dr. Ackman saw, but said that it might be an artifact of the MRI machine and couldn't give a definitive answer either way. Another MRI will need to be taken in NY.

Friday, April 28, 2006

The US Navy visits me and "Yes, ma'am"

So, the USS Lincoln is in port in Singapore and a whole busload of the shipmen came to Edda's school to take them all swimming at the local pool. Do you all the 20 year olds with blonde hair in my lame picture? I knew that Edda's school has swimming on Fridays, this was the first Friday that I went and I was expecting a small little bus to take everybody the 0.5 miles to the pool, then someone mentioned that the navy was coming and I thought they meant the Singapore navy. But when the bus pulled up and all these very American-sounding kids (really, I think of 20 year olds as kids) piled off, I realized they meant the US Navy. There were about 30 of the servicemen and women who came and played with the kids in the pool. Apparently, everytime they are in any port, they find different charities or good works they can do and they get an opportunity to sign up to go out and do it and it counts as being "on-duty". Pretty cool, huh? I have never felt so fondly towards the military as I did this morning.

Friday means swimming.

Edda at the Clementi swimming pool with her class. Joyce, a classroom assistant, is bobbing with her!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Surgery again.

Well, as you can see, Peter needs another surgery. Edda plowed through the patch like a beaver through a log.

Things are going well, Vince is happy to be back at his school and delighted in giving German chocolates to his classmates.

Edda started her school also and I've been taking her for about 1.5 hours everyday, but I think next week we'll be ready for 3 hours every morning and we are arranging for 30 minutes of 1-on-1 therapy at the school 3-4 times a week.

We had our first post-vacation physical therapy session with Diane today and she was impressed with the improvement in just the one month (without any therapy) that we've been away, so that's also encouraging, that are increased interaction with her just in our daily lives is helping her.

I've been a little bit anxious about setting things up, because things get complicated with childcare and dropping kids off and picking them up and such things, but we are working through it all with a lot of help. It'll be great to have grandparents around during July when schools are in and out of session - I could use a lot of help then.

Dad - Vince is so excited that you are coming. He wanted to know if you are coming tomorrow and that he needed to get the guest bedroom ready "RIGHT NOW!" Sweet boy. Loves his granddad.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So apparently I am in the best shape of my life, as I posted a Personal Record up Old La Honda this morning. I'm pretty happy about it since my previous best time was 23:45 and I wasn't expecting to do very well this morning.

Sweet. 24hr event is 2.5 weeks away!

Meeting Our Friends with Cancer, etc

This Thursday, we are driving back to Washington DC to meeting our three friends with cancer. On Saturday we will have lunch with them. This will be the third time for me and second time for Mom recently. Three of them are all very optimistic and outward looking. Very glad to see them laughing and joking together.

In the meantime, on Friday, we will dine with an couple [former colleagues] who, over the years, stayed in our house a day or two while visiting physicians in Washington DC. They live in the countryside. To take a trip back and forth within a day is just too much for them. So they stay in our house. We are very happy to have them around though we never being there at the same time with them. This time we will be together for sure.

Well, we are back in one piece.

Yippee! We are home. Slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tosh and Ruby.

I think Ruby was not excited to come home. I think she had a better time at the dog sitters than she is having with us. She spent a whole 2 days moping and whining.

All the cousins.

Hanging out in Germany.

Fabulous Easter Egg hunt!

At Martin's parent's house. Amazing backyard, a map and everything!

Lunch at Patrizia and Martin's house.

Look, do you see Ben, Johanna and Felix? And the beautiful paper star hanging from the ceiling.

Jeremy and Vince go to the wedding.

What's with the bow tie?

Mama and Edda at the beach!

Edda is about to get toppled over by a big wave.

Loving the resort life.

Vince enjoying the sun and the surf.

We found the Weinermobile!

Driving from San Juan to Isabella, we found the hot-dog car! Can you see it?

Flying to Puerto Rico.

Edda listens to the Weavers as we fly to Fred's wedding in Puerto Rico.

Waiting to see Dr. Ackman.

Here we are in NYC at Columbia Medical Center waiting to see our neurologist. The place is very academic, not at all fancy hospital-like.

We did a medical consult in NYC (Columbia - Presbyterian) with a leading neurologist and she immediately picked up some abnormality on Edda's MRI which is usually associated with lack of oxygen at birth or preemies, but Edda had a 10 minute birth - planned C-section - so we aren't sure where it came from. So this NYC neurologist thinks it's a static problem and it's only improvement from here on out - no future medical problems or degeration of skills. Which is a relief. The Singapore neurologist and radiologist saw no abnomalities on the same MRI and are suggesting genetic possibilites (Rett's syndrome (Edda exhibits mouthing and is socially withdrawn which are some of the markers for this) or metabolic syndrome both of which we couldn't test for in SGP). So we are awaiting the blood/urine (they took about 12 vials of blood for the "rare diseases" screen) test results for the genetic/metabolic stuff from NYC as well as a 4th opinion (NYC radiologist) on the MRI. So we will see. So it's not everyday where a parent gets news of a brain damaged child and says "Hooray", but that is pretty much how I felt that day, to think that Edda can only improve and not have any future medical problems was such a boost.

The weather was beautiful!

Here we are on a walk in New York. The weather was amazing. That first week, we were so jet lagged.

As the sun rises in New York city..

Edda is enjoying her seat as we fly into JFK airport.

Someone enjoys business class.

Here is Vince sipping his pre-takeoff drink on Singapore Airlines. Notice how he has settled in with a newspaper and a pillow. Ahhh!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Huge Conversation with Donald Last Night

Yesterday, when Jeremy called from the taxi cab on the way home, I was having a huge conversation with Donald. It probably covered more ground than all these years' combined. I was glad that we found a meaningful time to exchange our views without getting excited.

Well, first and foremost, just would like to let you know that Mom and Dad did all they could to raise their kids. It was, of course, far from perfet and we knew that. But, all we can say is that we had good intention in our hearts. We are proud of you, no matter what, and love you always.

We all are different due to different environments that brought us up. But, that does not mean, we should not just sit there and listen to the other side with grace whether it is deem interesting or not. People just can not agree with each other all the time, especially for the close ones.

I have not spent any finite moment with you talking about me, especially, about my childhood. Basically, I would like to insulate you from that. Or, more precisely, I would like to just forget about the whole thing. Thinking back, that is probably my fault. That periods of my life were very colorful, sometime not too pleasant to say the least. But, it was very rewarding also, once I got out of the hole all by myself. However, I believe, it did mold me into what I am right now. Without knowing that part of history, complete views of your Dad were incomplete. Especially, what was and is in your Dad's head.

Well, "now is the future" according coach Allen of Washington Redskins in the 80s. Let us move forward to the best we can together. And again, Mom and Dad love you always :)


Note: oday (4/22) is your Mom and Dad 39th year dating anniversary, I bought a lovely pot of orchid and two bags of Hersey's extra Dark Chocolate to celebrate. The only fool thing about this is I didn't know that orcid is made of plastic. I thought it is real. Mom is teasing me :)

Monday, April 17, 2006


Well, it's started. Found out on Saturday night that P'ng and Judy are pregnant - well really only Judy is pregnant. But yeah, They are expecting in October and are in the midst of upgrading their kitchen to full IKEAness and P'ng is also interviewing for faculty positions all over the place.

It's pretty much the first couple in our group of friends to expect children. It's sorta been the first good piece of news in awhile. Right now, I'm sorta not really sure about having kids. well, obviously I'd have to find someone first, but barring that, you know, kids are a lot of work and maybe I'm too selfish for it. But P'ng and Judy's news, sorta made be backpedal a bit from that position. I'm fairly optimistic about the world, and in some weird way, I feel a sense of duty to bring someone into the world that could possible be an asset to this place.

of course, this feeling could pass tomorrow, but it's cool news nevertheless.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back in SF

Just letting everyone know that I made it back to SF okay. Thanks for the good times in NY!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Several Days with Edda

Mom and dad are very optimistic about Edda. We think she is strong and eager to learn, not afraid of falling and failing which are important ingredients. We are hopeful that all she needs are a lot of love, care, encouragement and helping hands along the way.

Keep working and interacting with her definitely will help.

Friday, April 7, 2006

Broomball Party!

Well the Broomball Party was a smashing success! We all went at Midnight last Friday to the ice rink where we slipped and fell for an hour on the ice. Everyone got super sore and bruised up. Larry's girlfriend had these gigantic bruises on both elbows and both knees.

I was sore, and it was a weekend of just riding since Ted was up for the weekend. We actually had just come back from a night ride, so I was wearing my cycling bibs underneath my clothes.

That's Pauli about the receive the ball, and Hasnain is in the foreground in brown and Larry's off the the right in the jeans and black jacket.

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Saturday, April 1, 2006