Thursday, March 30, 2006

Are you guys at USA?

Doris, I am thinking about to mail my cell phone to you. Would you please let me know the address and mail it to you? I hope you can see this message.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Whatever. I'm a bit pissed off at people here. Right now our tech effort is pretty much a sham. I understand that Stanford's a jolly place to work that's not a lot of high stress or whatever. We can smile and laugh and be happy with each other, but in the end, we'll have crappy ass code to show for it.

People want this system to be well respected and trusted to hold their most valuble data and yet it seems like nobody wants to even write test cases for their code. We make guidelines that are so vague that it doesn't help us out, and we pat people on the back and say "well done!". It's maddening.

We have a chance to make something really really good. exceptionally good. We have a chance to define everything. Software stacks, methodologies, architecture. And yet people are half assing it.

I definitely like the lifestyle of working at here, but it seriously makes me question whether I can stay here long term or not.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm possessed.

By video games. Please, leave me alone with this wonderful thing. I can not break free.


Jeremy and Edda trying out the backpack!


Vince and Jeremy trying out the backpack.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Return of Alex Kidd

Lemme say that I know it's a waste of money, and that I'd rather do other things in life, but I'm buying a Nintendo Revolution when it comes out. I've just found out that the Revolution will emulate the old Sega Genesis System. Can you say all the old games we used to play like Alex Kidd and Space Harrier? mmmmmmm

Birthday cake photo..

Edda's birthday cake. Do you see where Vince tried to cut it before we started singing?

Happy bithday Edda!

Happy birthday, Jeremy made her favorite dinner (actually, we all love this dinner) - spaghetti with lots of sauce and a dinner salad covered in ranch dressing. Yum!

Birthday brain scan.

Not very many people get to look at their own brains for their birthday. Our neurologist, Dr. Janice Wong is looking at Edda's MRI, she couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, but she's a neurologist and not a radiologist, so she's not trained to read the subtle details. The radiologist will get to it in about a week, meanwhile, we get to take the films back to the US with us.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, Edda

Happy Birthday to you, Edda. Grand Mom Rena & Grand Pa Noel :)

Rukia and Edda.

They do make quite the pair. I kept the kids home from school today because of the outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease. Rukia came over and spent the morning with us playing toys and computer games.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Learning to walk up stairs.

Here's Diane, Edda's physical therapist, who starts off the session by helping Edda walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor therapy room. I really like Diane who was trained in Canada and has worked with special needs kids for 26 years.

Weekend Update...

This weekend was all biking for me.

Friday night was our usual group ride at Waterdog. We went out hard for the hour and a half that we were out there. We tried to time trial up the fire road which is uphill, but at a fairly shallow incline. I did pretty well i think. When I reached the top tho, a cop was there sitting in his car and he turned on his flood lights at me. He was a pretty cool guy and didn't give us a ticket or anything. Apparently someone had called in thinking there was a truck driving around in the park, but it was just our hella bright lights. :P He chit chatted with us for awhile about racing the 24 hour race and took off.

After the ride I went over to Lynn's who was having one of her many dinner parties. I think she was trying to set me up with some Singaporian girl. We also ended up playing poker for push ups again.

Saturday was a busy day. I rode into work for the first time since I've been in San Jose. Saturday was the first nice non-rain Saturday in a long time. I had a customer come in to buy a bike, but his wife gave him a 3000 dollar spending limit. Of course the bike he wanted was 3400. He had to call her once again. I'm not sure what happened, but he ended up buying the bike. He cursed me out a bit when I told him that we charged 15 bucks for a computer install. i was like, dude, you don't have to buy the bike.

Saturday night was Arif and Tahera night. We ate at Darda, a muslim chinese restaurant and went to play pool afterwards. They are a fun bunch.

Sunday was riding once again. Jason and Don and I went down to Laguna Seca and tried the new and improved course for Sea Otter. It's a tough course. The first part is flat and wide open, and then it turns into this steep loose section, then becomes all sandy and crap. it's going to be hard - harder than previous years.

Other than that it looks like the next 3 weekends are all going to be riding. Next week is the CCCX race and we'll pre-ride sea otter again. Next weekend is when Ted is comign up and we'll ride the 24 hour course. Then, the weekend after that is Sea Otter itself. i hope i'll be in shape for it. I'm a bit worried about Ted. I think he's going to seriously bonk for the 24 hour race. I'd like him to do well of course, since it'll reflect badly on me if he doesn't, but he just doesn't seem to want to get on his bike at all. Strange.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bubbles #2!

I always try to travel with bubbles. It calms Edda down in certain situations, but everyone loves them. I make lots of friends at the playground with them. Here's Vince blowing bubbles for Edda, I encourage him to hold onto the bottle so that it doesn't spill.

Brain scan.

Edda had her MRI today. No fuss, no muss. Went in and out of general anethesia like a champ.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Kappa!

Look what Vince painted for you!

Hand, foot and mouth.

Well, hand, foot and mouth illness is spreading around Singapore. All preschools are to screen the kids and make sure they aren't sick before letting them start the school day. Teacher Eileen is looking into Vince's mouth for any signs of sores. So far all the kids are pretty healthy at his school.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekends mean sand!

On the weekends, we all head to the sand park. Edda learns to walk up and down ramps and how to balance in sand, Vince makes castles out of sand, and Ruby digs a pit in the sand and sits in it!

The Weddings

I called Le Pai at SF last night. She told me that her daughter is going to get married at end of May (5/28?). She knows we are working at East coast and said that just mail me a red envelope and Donald can be our represantive. She also said that Donald can bring his girl friend to the wedding. She is going to mail the inviation to Donald. Donald, would you please let me know their names after recieved the invitation. As a matter of fact, right now we can go for the wedding, but we already bought the ticket to Washougal for this week and told all friend there. In addition we are going to SF for Andria's wedding month later. It will be on 7/2 Sunday. We are going to meet all classmates in SF on Saterday. We will stay at Le Pai's house.

I ate too much candies when I was at graduate school and did not brush my teeth much, now I am taking the consequnces and visit dentist too offen. Next Thursday, I am going to see a specialist hoping to save the tooth which gives me problem. I have my upper partials and going to have lower one very soon I guess. Dentist here is very nice though.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

What the hell am I doing here?

Edda, squashed between Jeremy and Vince at at restaurant today. Vince was non-stop energy today, just like a pinball careening off everthing. We concluded that it was the week-long break from school, he just didn't have enough activities this week.


Help me! My stitches are uneven.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Walking on sand.

Edda's learning to walk on sand. She did pretty good this week, at her best, she could walk about 10 feet. If she's grumpy, you are lucky to get her to even balance.

The Sound of Music.

Yes, I know other kids like Finding Nemo or Monsters, Inc, but not Vince. Today he watched the whole three hours of The Sound of Music. He loves the part where Maria goes to Capt. Von Trapp's house in Salzburg and while she's waiting to meet the captain, she wanders off into an empty ballroom and pretends to bow to music. Then the captain comes into the ballroom, slams the door and said that, "While you are in this household, please remember there are certain rooms that are not to be disturbed, is that clear?" He thought that part was a little scary, so he covered Edda's eyes. He also did hide when Rolf, the evil Nazi, is searching for them with a gun on the roof of the abby, by that time Edda wasn't watching TV anymore, she was looking for some other form of entertainment.

I love blogs.

I do love reading other people's blogs. I had been reading mommy blogs, but I find them a little bit not funny these days, so now I'm concentrating on knitting blogs which talk about square watermelons.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's not only Donald getting the lovin'

Vince is spreading his luving around freely. Today, he must have said "I love you" at least fifty times to me today. This is usually accompanied by a head lock (two little arms snugly around my neck) and then a bunch kisses on my face. Where did he learn such demonstrations of affection?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Your Son is Strange.

I wasn't at my computer last night, but here's the IM log of what your son, Vincent sent me. There have been no edits.

6:58:10 PM vincentcmartin: Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
6:58:27 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
6:58:37 PM vincentcmartin: Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
6:58:58 PM vincentcmartin: Buzz!!
6:59:13 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
6:59:26 PM vincentcmartin: Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
6:59:43 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
6:59:45 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
7:00:09 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
7:01:31 PM vincentcmartin: I'll be thinking about you.
7:01:42 PM vincentcmartin: You put the 'Oo' in the Oo-La-La
7:02:03 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
7:02:43 PM vincentcmartin: Happy Valentine’s Day!
7:02:54 PM vincentcmartin: You put the 'Oo' in the Oo-La-La
7:03:06 PM vincentcmartin: (kissing sound)
7:04:58 PM vincentcmartin: Happy Valentine’s Day!
7:05:35 PM vincentcmartin: You put the 'Oo' in the Oo-La-La
7:06:00 PM vincentcmartin: Happy Valentine’s Day!
7:06:08 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
7:06:38 PM vincentcmartin: (kissing sound)
7:07:07 PM vincentcmartin: I think that somebody needs a spanking. . .
7:07:21 PM vincentcmartin: I'll be thinking about you.
7:07:41 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
7:07:55 PM vincentcmartin: (kissing sound)
7:08:22 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
7:08:39 PM vincentcmartin: I'll be dreaming of yooou.
7:09:06 PM vincentcmartin: Oh Yeah! Shake it baby!
7:09:23 PM vincentcmartin: Happy Valentine’s Day!


Last weekend starting Friday night, we went to a Japanese Steak house in Augusta for dinner. Saturday morning, we typed all checks and credit card bills into spread sheets and be prepared for our Tax returns. The biggest expense was air plane tickets last year. Second was for food and drug. In the afternoon, we did some shoppping and I bought a very nice piece of cloth made of 100% silk and a skirt. Both were on sale with 75% off. I watched Doris' tape "Ga Thun Jin" in the evening. I am in second disc now. It was very interesting. I cooked a small turkey for super.

First thing in Sunday morinng was to do the laundry. Since we do not have washer and dryer at our apartment, we have to go to the laundry mate. It is quite expensive. It costed me $11 for three washing loads and two drying loads. Since we are here temporary, it does not make any sense to rent or buy a pair of washer and dryer.

In the afternoon, we did grocery shopping. This time, we went to Publix instead of Wal-Mart. The place was much cleaner.

Evening, I watched more tapes and Daddy went to gym. I was doing my execises when I was watching the tape.

I'm Tired

Well 70 miles yesterday on the bike. I basically did 4 out and back loops. 1) Palo Alto - Woodside 2) Palo Alto - Portola Valley, 3) Palo Alto - San Mateo, 4) Palo Alto - Cupertino. The last 10 miles I was just mentally drained and I was going about half speed. Also on the Portola Valley loop, I was riding that with Don, Ray, Ky and Mike, and we totally got dumped on. I mean super dumped on. Rain lately has been a lot like in Singapore. It'll rain/hail really really freakin' hard for about 15 minutes, and then clear up. Oh yeah forgot to mention that the snow line on Saturday night was something like 43 ft. :P

Other than that, today I rode in really slowly also. Just using this as a recovery day.

Friday night, Frank and I went to Fry's to buy a copy of Starcraft. This game was released in 1998, and is arguably the best real time strategy game that has ever been made. Since they are still selling it at Fry's for $20 tells you something about the game 8 years later.

Saturday night was poker night, and it went pretty well. I got second place tho I totally didn't deserve it. I went in against gary a huge underdog. KK vs K6 with no help on the flop. I needed 2 running 6's and I got them. Wow. that's probably been the worst suck out in our short tournament history. I think I'm going to start trying to webcam the event when it's down to the top 2 or 3. it's way too boring for people just sitting around. i need to work out the logistics some more.

okay. back to work, or really lunch now.

Holiday! It would be so nice.

As Vince told Jeremy, "Today is a weekend day for me and a workday for you!" Vince and Edda begin a week-long school holiday today which means a week of extra-intense-kid-time for me.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Security is keeping a close eye on Vince so he doesn't sneak by the velvet rope. We had a great time on Saturday down on Orchard Road.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy happy, joy joy!

On Wed, Edda had screamed so much at school, that they had to take her outside to calm her down. She seemed OK at the playground, and on the cab ride home with Rukia, she was so happy, I feared that she would hate school forever.

Thursday, Rukia took her to school while we had Vince's birthday party, and the two of them came back home with a glowing report! Edda took a nap in the cab over and slept for an additional 15 minutes in class and then she woke up and had a great time. But get this - what gives me the most pleasure from that day, on the 4th anniversary of me becoming a mother was that Rukia stayed in class with Edda and observed for the whole 1.5 hours and was really amazed with the kids and the aides and teachers and the music therapy.. so much so that she's considering becoming a special ed teacher. She really loves kids and does have a connection with Edda that I don't see very often and it would just be great - it's actually just great that she's thinking about it.

On Friday, I went to school with her and again, she napped for 10 minute and when I walked into class at 11 am, I saw her sitting in a chair and learning sign language and smiling and having a good time. It's going to be great - I think.

Friday, March 10, 2006

More Rain...

Well last night was an adventure. I found out my rear light isn't very waterproof. Tho I managed to rig up my extremely bright front light point backwards so that people behind me could see me, and also at the same time illuminated my extremely bright yellow waterproof jacket, so that people in front of me could see me too. I'm quite proud of that. of course, now i have to buy a new rear light. oh well.

My bike is in pretty bad shape. I think when I get my workstand, that I'm going to have to strip the frame down and rebuild it back up. It's got way too mcuh grime and dirt and sand an crap on it now.

And I need to get some fenders if i'm going to ride in the rain. I pretty much got a butt full of sand and road grime. yum. After i took a shower i felt the need to dress up really nicely, so I'm in a nicely ironed button down shirt and my best pair of jeans on. I look good. :Pp

I organized my broomball party finally. after a week of some stupid guy never calling me back, i got fed yup and called another place who got it done in 5 minutes. their loss.

Vince's birthday party.

We had a little birthday party at school. Just the perfect size for a four-year old. Enough excitement for everybody without too much hassle. Here's his whole class and his teachers. Vince talked about his birthday so much in class during the week that one of the kids actually had a gift in the morning for him and then some parents, when they realized that it was his birthday, had presents for him when they picked up their children. All very sweet and just the right size.

It's also my 4 year anniversary of being a mother, it's been wonderful and stressful at the same time. I hope I'm doing OK.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

oh great.

It's raining like crazy. nice...

Thursday Morning

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted. Not a whole lot has happened in the recent days. It's been raining on and off so I've been pretty lazy with the riding. Trying to get on my trainer and work out in the garage some.

This morning I rode to work in a massive headwind. That totally sucked. At least it was reasonably warm. It was probably in the 60's altho coming in a 10:30 probably helped a little bit there.

This morning I'm working on a Java Exception Handling document. It should give us all guidelines on how we should code in java. I wasn't very happy with the set of guidelines that we had come up with earlier. There was a lot of arguing on my part once again last week. :P

Yesterday was a day full of meetings- from 9:30am to 4:30pm. I had a LOCKSS meeting in the morning. basically it's my research project to evaulate a bunch of storage systems - LOCKSS is one of them. It's sort of politico since LOCKSS is a part of stanford libraries but sort of on the outside and run as it's own business group.

also we had a security audit on our architecture yesterday. interesting. I kept mostly quiet. but we need to definitely think a lot more about security in general and start implementing something. sigh

This weekend - more rain, bike shop on sat, poker sat night, long ride (hopefully not in the rain) on sunday.

let's hope it doesn't rain tonight so i can get home okay!

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Happy Birthday, Vincent

Happy Birthday, Vincent :)

Grand Mom and Pa

Feeling sorry for myself again.

OK, I haven't written over the past few days, but things have been going crazy around here. Here's our schedule for the past 2 days. Remember that this whole time, Jeremy is swamped at work with crazy technical crap that has to get done soon before we leave in 3 weeks - so there are early meetings to attend, late calls, etc...


8:30 am - drop Vince off at school
8:40 am - call cab to take Edda to school
9:00 am - get in cab
9:25 am - get Edda to school
9:50 am - walk in heat to go to (unexpected) parent support group
10:10 am - find myself in a room with 5 other mothers I've never met before with tales of woe
10:40 am - walk in heat back to school
11:00 am - find out Edda cried the whole time
11:05 am - hail a cab on hot sidewalk
11:25 am - pick Vince up from school
lunch, nap
3:00 pm - Jeremy heads home from work
3:00 pm - drop Vince off at neighbor's house
3:05 pm - go to hospital
4:00 pm - Jermey goes to Vince's parent-teacher conference
4:10 pm - Edda gets ultrasound of kidneys and bladder which are OK, but I had to ask an unsuspecting parent in the waiting room to help hold Edda's legs still while I hold her arms while Edda screams her head off for 20 minutes
4:30 pm - Jeremy runs to bank to open checking account because therapy bill is overdue and will only take checks and we don't have a checking account
5:00 pm - Jeremy runs home to start conference call
5:20 pm - We see doctor who confirms that Edda's parts are OK which is what the ultrasound person told us an hour ago
5:30 pm - Vince comes home from neighbor
6:30 pm - Doris and Edda home from hospital


8:30 am - drop Vince off from school
9:00 am - go home and wait for Rukia, our housekeeper and friend
9:10 am - take Rukia and Edda to school because Rukia is going to take Edda herself tomorrow because Jeremy and I are going to Vince's school to celebrate his birthday party
9:30 am - get to Edda's school
9:40 am - 10:45 am - chat with Rukia at the Cheese Prata place across the street (it was very nice to have some time with a friend without the kids)
10:50 am - back at Edda's school to find out that she'd been screaming the whole time so they took her outside to the playground
11:00 - hail cab on hot sidewalk
11:30 - pick up Vince - say bye to Rukia
lunch, nap
1:30 pm - send Vince to neighbor's
1:35 pm - get cab to drive to therapy
2:00 pm - nice physical therapy session
3:00 pm - walk to taxi stand - grab a sandwich to eat while walking because Edda is screaming her head off
4:00 pm - come home, get Vince from neighbor
4:50 pm - Kate comes over for dinner
5:00 pm - make dinner for all of us
7:00 pm - Kate heads home

I am tired. Also, Edda is going ape-shit on her hand, the splint has been thwarted.

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Back to Aiken, SC

We left Washington DC at 7:00 AM this morning. Along the road, Mom went shopping at an outlet mall about an hour. We just arrived at our apartment at Aiken, SC around 5:00 PM. Not too bad for 570 miles trip.

Too bad, Donald can not make this time in Washington DC.

Take care.

Thumbs up!

Ruby came home from her sleepover with a good report card. Elaine and Livvy are going to take care of Ruby for a month!

I'm a bit ashamed of myself today as I watched a petty theft in progress and did nothing to stop it. There is an lady who sells ice cream from a little cart near the MRT stop by our house. uring the day, it's usually all wrapped up under a tarp and she usually unfurls the tarp and sets up her shop in the afternoon for the after school rush. Jeremy and I walked past the cart while it was under wraps and watched a little old lady steal the clips which were holding the tarp down. They are only worth a dollar or so for about 10 of them, but still. I guess I should have done something, but I just walked on by. Sigh.

May the celebrations begin...

We thought about a birthday party for Vince this weekend, but it fell through based on our poor planning, but I did manage to get a cake. We are planning to have a birthday party at school - goody bags are made and a cake will be ordered.

Walking in the park.

Our weekly park visit. I have Edda's arm in an adult's wrist brace to prevent her from putting her hand in her mouth. But I think she's figured out about her other hand. Hmmm... 2 braces? It's better than the Elizabethian collar that I was thinking of using.

A drink to go, please.

Vince wanted an iced Milo yesterday morning as we walked to the park. In Singapore, you get a plastic bag as a to-go container. You gotta look for places to hang your drink.

Friday, March 3, 2006

I love Fridays!

I was hanging out at Vince's school this morning - his preschool is on the 4th floor of an office building and after I drop Vince off, I have Edda walk around the corridor which is long and empty and she can toddle around without getting in anyone's way. Today I was talking to Auntie (all ladies of a certain age are Aunties. I'm an Auntie too which makes me shudder a bit because I like to think of myself as still pre-Auntie. It's kind of nice, you never have to remember anyone's name. At Vince's school, there is the snack Auntie and the potty Auntie and other Aunties who have duties I'm not aware of, perhaps shirt-tucking-in Auntie (I never tuck Vince's shirt in, but he comes home neater than when he left)) and mentioning that Edda has some autistic tendencies and she was chatting about her neighbor who has a son who is autistic, (everybody I mention autism / mentally retarded to has a nephew, neighbor, son, friend, etc who is autistic or mentally retarded - interesting) and blah, blah, blah, we are chatting away...

Then I realize, I finally get a chance to see Vince in action at school! They usually keep the front door locked and Vince is in a classroom with that door shut - a double barrier between me and my son - but this morning I'm inside the air lock! I tiptoe over to the classroom and look through the glass window to see my little sweetheart. I imagine he's sweetly singing and clapping to the "Good morning" song. As I look into the door, I see that he has physically grabbed another boy in his class and is hauling this poor boy to another spot in the circle and as he is doing this, he's telling the teacher that he's singing the words wrong. Hmmm... This was not in accordance with my fantasy. Next week is parent/teacher conference. I think we'll hear about this a bit more.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Hermione mittens

Pattern: Hermione mittens by atypically.knit
Yarn: Jaeger Shetland Aran #037
Yardage: Approximately 1 skein (100g)
Yarn Source: eBay - Janette's Rare Yarns
Needles: Boye Balene double pointed needles size 4
Gauge: 5.5 sts/inch
Modifications: none

These mittens were nice to knit, I did learn a lot of things - how to make bobbles (I don't really like them, they don't seem very elegant and there are small holes on either side of them which makes me think that cold air will rush in) - how to make a single cable, which I do like and I did with a cable needle, although I do know a method exists to cable without a needle. I don't really like the weird side cables that run straight up and down the sides of the mitten, they don't look very attractive they just seem to take up space. Can you see the dog hair embedded into the knitting?

Also, where I picked up the sitches for the thumb, it looks kind of bad. I'll have to figure out another way of doing this.

The back of the mittens, you can see that my tension is not incredibly consistent, even after I blocked these mittens, but I think it will improve upon practice. These mittens are going to Afghans for Afghans, I hope someone will like them!

Starting my socks.

Well for sockapalooza, I'm starting my gauge swatch. I was thinking of doing a super-plain sock, but I think I'll end up doing Jaywalkers by Grumperina which a million people have done before, so I'm not very original. Oh well to that.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Things to be happy about.

  • Ruby is having a sleepover party on Saturday night at a friend's house! Our dog, our first daughter is having her first slumber party... Well actually, our pet sitter Elaine wants to help us watch Ruby for the month that we are gone from Singapore, but she's swamped with work and can't make it out to the boonies here in Choa Chu Kang twice a day. She has a corgi who doesn't like guests, but Elaine apparently has a pal 10 minutes away from her place who is dog-free right now and is willing to take on Ruby for a month so Elaine can just pop on over for a quick walk. Ruby is going to spend the night for a test run, to make sure that no barking, chewing or unauthorized peeing goes on. Ruby has to be on her best behavior (none of that eating 2 bars of Toblerone or a whole tube of diaper cream and then puking it all up later on carpet the exact opposite color) or else we are totally screwed. Ruby is moving up in the world, hanging out on Orchard Road. Maybe she'll buy herself a Louis Vuitton wallet (4 outlets within a mile of each other!).
  • I finished my mittens for the Olympics! A day late and a dollar short, so I can't actually collect the cool knitting gold medal, but whatever. Actually, I screwed up on the last row of the mitten and I did it over three times, but in the end I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, so I said, the hell with it and ended my misery and bound-off.
  • I pep-talked myself out of a miserable mood at 3 pm today. Jeremy called from work during the miserable mood and he was put on alert, but by the time he got home, I was as chipper as a squirrel. Don't mess with my acorns.
  • I cooked a pound of pork chops today for dinner. Lately, the kids have been just loving the pork chops. Edda likes it minced and mixed with cottage cheese, Vince likes it cut into stripes. The last meal, they were scarfing the chops down so fast that Jeremy and I were nervous about eating any pork, lest the children want more and we would have to deny them because we had selfishly eaten up the rest of the pork. So late last night, I went to the market and by 7:30 pm, the selection had dwindled to almost nothing, all the chops were gone and so I ended up with a pound of shoulder butt (what the hell is that?) and we fried it up with onions tonight and mmmmm, was it good, but the kids ate none of it. None. So more for us and some for Ruby of course.
  • It was sunny all day today.
  • I had some chocolate cake for lunch and chocolate ice cream for dessert.