Monday, October 31, 2005


I think my web drought coincides with my running out of things that I wish to purchase on the web. I've covered the major points so far, in the computer and bike arenas, and of course all the weddings have passed. So now I'm sorta deflated and perhaps it is time to go onto the budget!

I think my next big item will end up being hte digital SLR... so I'll save up for that i think. oye. okay. time to eat something.

Trip to Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas to see friends. We took a Walk at a new casino and did not play any. We talked a lots from Taiwan, china to USA.

Most is that our friend has lots of information commited when he was working at Ford. He started to collect all valuable information to write a book. This time he made of mine to start to do it. We promise him to help.

We had snow and icing road when we came back in CO. It took us extra 2hr to get back. Our car skipped once. Luckily no car nearby. And we have heavy car too.

Driving test.

I passed! I passed! You have to score 90% or better on the exam to pass and I spent all day yesterday trying to memorize what all these weird painted lines in different colors mean. It is a trial to figure out all the signs since I take only subways, buses or taxis here. I'm never paying attention to the road. I had the morning off from taking care of the kids which is a nice thing. Jeremy has Tuesday and Thursday off this week so we are hanging out.

One sock!

I finished a sock! I finished a sock! And it turned out really well. Well, mostly really well, a few issues with tension going from one needle to another, but I'm quite pleased. I read online about how to improve that when I was practically done, so I'll incorporate it into the next sock. I'm a little freaked out about how much yarn is left for the next sock. I'm the type of person who fills the gas tank waaayyy before the light turns on "just in case". So I'm freaked out that I might not have enough to finish, but I'm sure it's not true.

Bored of the Web...

Well.. It's offical. I'm bored of srufing the web. All I do is surf the same websites over and over again, waiting for them to change. It's pretty sad. I go to work, and surf. I come home and surf. I really ought to find a better pastime.

I played some tennis tonight with Shwe and Rich. I guess I'm back on the tennis bandwagon. But I'm out of shape as we kept on rotating, but everytime it came around for my time to play singles I felt like I was winded the whole time. I guess I'm not used to it. I like my new racquets, but they are definitely have a little too much power in the strings. I think I'll have to get them restrung at a higher tension sometime. Apparently Rich knows of a place that charges $5 for both the strings and the stringing! pretty amazing.

I can't quite sleep since, I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon. so maybe i'll just stay up and comtemplate the universe.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

back to fasting

Well, Hasnain's wife reconvinced me to start fasting again. It's a lot easier with the time change, so now sunset is around 5:11. whee!

Last night we went to P'ng and Judy's and saw their new house in Alameda. As it always seems, we end up talking about mortgages, interest rates, and interior decoration. laff. P'ng is going to redo his kitchen. I have to say that I had the winning design. woo hoo!

okay. I'm talking on Skype with Jeremy arranging a flight to singapore.

Earless Peter Rabbit

This is Edda's beloved Peter Rabbit stuffed animal. Her uncle Ben bought this in England for Vincent when he was a baby, but Vince didn't like it at all. Edda fell in love with this rabbit about a year ago. She LOVES this animal more than anything else in the whole world. She crawls around with it in her mouth. It smells moldy and is totally crusty with her saliva, but she doesn't care. I have to wash it at night so she won't know that it's missing. When we were in France at Cindy's wedding, we actually thought we lost it. He was left at city hall where the wedding took place and noticed it missing two hours later. We backtracked at least 15 miles in the hopes of finding Peter. There was a big party at city hall when we arrived to fetch Peter and the whole area was fenced off, but we spied Peter perched on a park bench, I had to make Jeremy hop the barrier to go get Peter. Whew. But just yesterday, Ruby couldn't resist the cottage cheese remnants left on Peter's ear and Edda left Peter in Ruby's crate so, of course, Ruby couldn't resist chomping on Peter's ear. I heard the choping while I was surfing the web and I looked and looked for Peter's ear and concluded that the ear is lost in Ruby's intestines now. When Edda picks up Peter now, she is pissed. She tries to chomp on the missing ear (her favorite way of holding Peter was in her mouth by his ears) she wails. So I spent some time on the web looking for a replacement Peter. Peter can be ordered from England... 20 dollars for Peter, 50 freaking dollars for shipping! I couldn't believe it! I finally found Peter on Ebay after looking through a million pictures of stuffed Peter Rabbits (do you know how many versions of Peter Rabbits there are? Sheez!). Anyways the bidding ends tomorrow morning.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Busy, busy day!

Today was hectic and busy. Usually our weekends are unstructured and free form, but not today. In the morning, Jeremy signed himself up for the car share thing. Basically, we join with a membership fee (really reasonable, about 10 dollars a month - so 7 US dollars a month) and then they have these cars all over Singapore that you can click into with a Smart Key, you book over the internet, blah, blah, blah. Anyhow, there is a car park really close to us and they have a Honda Odyssey there. We'll check it out tomorrow. But signing up took all morning. Then in the afternoon, Vince had his cello lesson and swim lesson back to back. It was a little too much for him. He's been excited all week about it and this finally wore him out. He was a little whiny at the swim lesson. I didn't actually go to either the cello or the swim lesson because I was busy preparing to go to Kate's baby shower.

We had Kate's baby shower at the Raffles Hotel in the Tiffin Room and we had high tea. It was really nice. There was Kate and Kate's friend from her pregant-lady yoga class. There was Joanna from Chartered and Julia and me. I was kind of nervous about the baby shower because I was kind of the host since I did the inviting even though it was Julia's idea. You know, I'm nervous that we won't get along, or the food will be bad, or we won't have anything to talk about or that the pregnant ladies will go into labor. But, of course, none of those things happened. We had a really nice time and we were the last ones to leave the tea room. They actually told us that they had to prepare the room for dinner and we looked around, and there were only empty tables surrounding us. Kate seemed radiant and calm and happy.

High tea

Ladies having tea!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sock continues!

I've managed to turn the heel (after ripping it twice because I didn't count correctly) and also the decrease for the gusset! Woo hoo! I'm further along than this picture shows now, I'm almost ready to make the toe...

Lazy Friday.

Pretty lazy friday. Tonight I'm supposed to go out to dessert with Arif/Tahera and Choon/Pei-Sun. Ah the invasion of the married folk. laff. I don't really mind. Choon jokes on me that I get grief if i hang out with them on friday night for being single and that I get grief if I don't hang out with them on friday night. The implication being that I have a "Hot Date". Whatever.

Tomorrow is bike shop and afterwards, a dinner party with YAMF (Yet Another Married Folks). aka P'ng and Judy's new house in Alameda. My cheesecake is almost complete. I just need to go to the store to grab some cornstarch to thicken up my strawberry sauce...

How much this blog is worth.

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?


Today was a pretty easy day. There was an IT Open House at the library which we went to. I learned about this BigFix client that's pretty comprehensive. It's made to deploy patches on all our windows machines that are totally wide open to the net. I try to get my group to install this, but of course, users don't listen to computer admins. laff.

There were drawings for iPods and such. It was too lame since even if you won, you had to spin a wheel to figure out what prize you would get.

Went to another chalk talk about user centric design. Basically the Sakai project is just like Open Coursework from MIT, and he talked about the importance of user testing up front. I know for a fact that we don't do this in our own repository development. probably because it's hard to define who our users are really, but I still think it's the "right" way of doing software development. Of course this means nobody does this. laff.

I came back to work around 3:30 only to learn the our storage system that we were testing was down and it would take 1.5 hours to fix. Great. I went home and decided to make a cheesecake, for no apparent reason... It'lls be a strawberry one. hopefully it'll turn out well. i forgot to add the heavy whipping cream. no wonder it was a bit dry. I'm sure the 1.5 cups of sugar will go a long way to hide that fact. ha!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just regular day.

We stayed at home today, mainly because Vince has a little bit of the cold that Edda and Jeremy had earlier this week. We did make it to the Lot 1 (our mall, as Vince calls it, it takes only 2.3 minutes walking to get there, I think I've parked further away from a mall in the US than our apartment is from Lot 1). I was indulgent today and bought Vince a Thomas wallet to replace his old Thomas wallet. What am I thinking? He is a Thomas fiend.

Flickr is printing at Target!

Yah! Finally, Flickr, the service that I'm using to store all my photos has a deal with Target to print them out! Hooray! Hooray!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bored at Work...

There are 2.5 people at work today. I'm bored and I'm just running my test suite which takes evry little interaction. So I'm surfing the web today.


Well, we had a Staff Appreciation Luncheon today on campus. They celebrated by opening the new staff rec center that has a climbing wall, a full gym w/ weigths and trainers, basketball courts, squash courts, and a fencing gym. I guess I'll have to take a fencing class at some point in the future. It's too cool not to. They ironic that they forgot to install showers in the building. I dunno who the genius was who got away with that.

Also apparently, all the staff got a $250 dollar bonus today too. Whoa. Apparently this never happens... And it's not much compared to the tech bonus of old. laff.

Tuesday is tennis night. I got some new tennis raquets that are really 5 years old. but they cost me 60 bucks a pop, which is good. Choon is demoing some racquets, and i think they are at least $150 a piece, and I knew if i did that that i would end up spending a lot of money on something that would only be marginally better. I pretty played witrh my racquet for the first time today, and I have to say that I really liked it. too bad we lost the match. 6-3, 4-6, 6-4. doh

Afterwards, Pei-Sun had brought some creme brulee for everyone to snack on. so we all got the ramakins out in the middle of the court and chowed down. Incidentally, does Jeremey know what the primo creme brulee carmelizing torch is? Pei-Sun is not happy with the one that she has.

One of my roomies is funny. He's all stressing about asking a girl out. He's a nervous type about it. I just wish he'd calm down a little. I think he's thinking too far in advance. are we a good match in this way? is this good about her? or can I deal with this about her? basically he just doesn't know know her very well at the moment, so I'm hoping he'll concentrate on that first. I've armed him with a bunch of restaraunts to go to in downtown mountain view. :) we'll see what happens.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Thanksgivng at Washougal

Daddy bought air plane tickets today. We are going to Washougal for Thanksgiving this year.

Wea are going to drive to Las Vegas this weekend. We have this Firday off. Next week, daddy will go back to Sheets Farm to turn on heater and water plants. I will stay in Denver.

Hope Vince and Adda both are getting better.

Argh! Sickness circles around the Martin-Lee family.

Edda caught Jeremy's cold last night and tonight Vince caught Edda's cold. May I get a full nights sleep sometime soon.... Bleh!!!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Now all we need is a car!

Jeremy passed his driving test today! Hooray. Now all we have to do is find a car. Actually, we are going to join this car sharing thing where we can book a car for a few hours during the weekend and take it somewhere. We'll see how much fun it will be.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

X'mas Gifts

Well, Mom and Dad would like to know what types of gifts you would like for X'mas. We don't want just go out and buy something that are not needed. Please let us know.

Paid vacation in Hawaii and Miami

Mom and Dad have a paid vacation in Hawaii & Miama during the X'mas time. Min-Min and Wing invite us to have cruise vacation in Hawaii and then visiting their new ocean front house in Miami. Well, it is very nice of them and we are ready.

Jeremy's sick and we are all bummin...

Jeremy came home last night with a pretty bad cold. No, I don't think it's the bird flu or dengue fever, thank you very much for asking... But he's pretty wiped out and wants to sleep most of the day. We went to yet another McDonalds today. We checked out the Jurong East Mall which is way further from the MRT station than I anticipated. By the time we got there, we were sweaty and Jeremy was ready to head home, but we ate at McDonalds and then we found the Giant, which some people had recommended to us. It's like a big Wal-mart pretty much. Bought some diapers. (I know what you are thinking - boy how boring can someone's life get?)

Anyways, the excitement came this afternoon. Today was Vince's first swim lesson. He's been a little freaked out about "first" things ever since the nursery school disaster.. And the lesson was at 2:30 pm, prime whining time. So at 2:10pm, I put down my knitting and say, "let's go swimming!". Vince loves the idea and starts pulling on his trunks and I tell him about Ping-ping and lessons and he freaks out! (I have been mentioning it at least once for the past few days...) NO SWIM LESSONS! I DON'T WANT TO GO. Jeremy talks to him from his bed-of-sick and tries to coax Vince to go. Finally after 15 minutes, we convince him that we are all going down to tell the teacher that we aren't going to have lessons and that once we tell her, we'll all go play in the pool.

After all that negotiation, we are down at the pool and we find Ping-Ping! We chat for 3 seconds and then Vince promptly follows her to the kiddy pool without another word and for the next hour has a great time with his teacher and the other little girl in his class. We were confused but happy. He LOVED it!

For the rest of the day, Vince is high, so happy and cheerful despite his tiredness... So cheerful and happy and excited. I'm glad this is working out...

Anti-Social Friday.

Well.... I pretty much ignored all my phone calls today. I didn't feel much like talking to anyone nor hanging out or whatever. Dunno why I am in a little bit of a funk. Who knows?

Thinking about quiting the bike shop. There seems to be a lot of people working on Saturdays, and I'm thinking that it might be a good time to move on. Tho I suppose I'm giving up the deals which will be hard.

I'm not writing as much as I used to on the blog. But I read it everyday pretty much.

okay. off to bed.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sock knitting continues

My sock continue. I just finished the part that goes behind the heel, where your shoe rubs against it. Woo hoo!


Vince loves his boots! He calls them stripe-y.. Thanks, Kapa!


Edda loves her boots. Thanks Kappa!

Bathing beauties.

I had a tough day today. I didn't get much sleep last night and I think Edda is getting her last set of molars in so she has been really cranky during the day. Since she's so cranky, I don't want to leave the house because nothing makes me crankier than kids screaming in public when I'm tired. Vince was very sweet to me today and tried to cheer me up when I was getting exasperated.


Crazy doris. test.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My college roommate!

Karen, my college roommate, called me today! Out of the blue!
I was so surprised and happy to hear from her. I don't think we've spoken to each other since 1994. She is living and working in the financial district in NYC and the next time I go home, we made plans to have drinks together. I've been letting Vince answer the phones because he gets so pissed when I answer the phone first and now he's usually pretty good about not hanging up on people... So it's was funny to hear Karen's reaction to Vince's voice on the phone picking up and saying hello. Vince seemed pretty excited to visit Karen in New York as well.

We are all exhausted. Edda is just not sleeping well. She isn't ill, the only thing we can come up with is that her last set of molars are coming in and they are bothering her. So tonight, we gave her a dose of Tylenol and hopefully, that will help.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Power Ball

The prize of Power Ball will be $340M this coming Saterday. I bought 5 tickets. Daddy would like to buy only one dollar. But I think I am willing to loss $5.00. Daddy said that if we won the prize, he will quit job right way. I think I will finish this job then quit.

We bought a bottle of red wine with rating 92 other day. It was good, So we bought few bottles more today. The saleman sold daddy another bottle of wine with rating of 92.

MingMing and Wing invited us to have Hawaii cruise berfore Xmas time. His parents (Mr. and Mrs. Wang) are coming too. We will stop at LA few day after cruise. Then we will go to FL to see thier $1.7M house next to sea shore. That should be fun. Hope my job will be done at that time.

Peeing in Public..

So today Vince, Edda and I went over the Julia and Mathilda's house. It was a casual hang-out kind of day, we went to KFC for lunch (Vince and Mathilda couldn't agree on where to sit for lunch, so we sat at 2 different tables... What's up with that?) and then over to their house for hanging out at the pool and playing with puzzles. Vince and Mathilda had a nice time together, they are so sweet. They do argue, but not more than expected. I'm glad they have each other here in Singapore. Then we headed home and Vince was drinking a can of Milo that Julia had bought him at the pool. We were walking along the street and he emptied his can of Milo and, of course, he needed to pee. I was about 8 minutes away from Julia's house and 10 minutes away from the mall... So where to pee? Should we pee in the bushes and risk being busted by the Singapore police? Should we try to run back to the Tristans? No I had a brilliant idea! We'll just pee back into the soda can... Vince pulled down his pants and returned the Milo back into the can and I told him sternly not to drink it and at the next trash can, he threw it away.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Edda is killing us. For the past week or two, she's been waking up earlier and earlier - first 6 am, then 5:30, then 5 and a few days 4 am. Finally last night, she got up at 1 am, demanded a banana and a new diaper and wanted to play for 2 hours.

Somehow, these days, I get really frustrated trying to put Edda to bed. I nurse and nurse and I can't get her to go to sleep. So, Jeremy's been putting her to bed. So we are all underslept.

Vince's favorite group is Hi-5. He LOVES LOVES LOVES it and Edda HATES HATES HATES it. So he's been listening to it on headphones on the iPod so Edda can't hear it. Guess what happened today? He dropped it on the stone kitchen floor. Oh well, so much for that, the screen is broken and hopefully we can get just that replaced.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Paper work

To day is the organizing day. Doing luandry and grocery shopping. Daddy is doing his paper wroks to file all receipts and reports. So he is not in good mood. I cooked scramble eggs for him this morning.

We went to God of Garden yesterday. It was fist day of national week or so. There was a big cerabration from local indians. It was very nice. Over there, we saw many artists doing painting nice fall senaries. They belong a artists group. We also went to see another mational park nearby. There are lots of sequoia fassiles. It is not like those in AZ. Weather was very nice.


Jeremy's company will sent magazines though their interoffice mail from Texas to Singapore, so we subscribed to a bunch of magazines, mainly cooking magazines... Jeremy's made a hunter's chicken from Cook's Illustrated. Here he is trying to light the alcohol on fire, but it didn't work.

Edda sleeping

Of course almost immediately after I wrote about my wonderful progress on my sock, I realized that I spent a whole row knitting my purl stitches and purling my knit stitches! Arg! So I spent a great deal of time undoing the row and trying to pick up these tiny, tiny loop and all this resulted in dropped stitches and twisted stitches, so I had to learn how to fix dropped stitches and how to knit and purl though the back of the stitch and fix it all. Now it's fine and I'm happily knitting away again. This weekend was a weekend of cooking and eating. Yesterday, we didn't go anywhere, we just went to our mall and got some simple groceries. Today we took the subway and the bus to a fancy, expat suburb called Holland Village and found the fancy, expat grocery store and since it wasn't in downtown the isles were wide and it wasn't very crowded. We bought all the ingredients for a few night's dinner. Edda fell asleep on the taxi ride home.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sock knitting

Posting this for my mom and also for my secret pal.. I'm making slow but steady progress on my sock, I'm excited to see the striping from the yarn and now I've knitted enough to know that the ribbing will stretch enough to accomodate my ankle. Woo hoo, I'm pretty excited!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Things I miss about NY!

I want to be in NY now - not because Vince loved his school there and Jeremy's parents were close by and I had a car and knew where to find all the ingredients to any recipe I'd like to cook - but I miss it at this moment because I'm missing the apple season there. (Twenty different kinds of apples at a roadside stand.) They only sell Fuji apples here. Only one kind of freaking apple! I guess I should switch to durian, ugh! I'm also missing this famous, famous, wool festival in Rhinebeck this weekend. I've known about it the whole time I lived right around the corner, but I wasn't knitting then, only now. Oh well, I guess it will still be there whenever I get the chance to go back.

On Thursday, Mathilda and Julia came over for lunch. I made a smashing chef salad for the adults in the party - with blue cheese, ham, eggs and ranch dressing. Then we headed over to the Choa Chu Kang pool and had a good time there despite the occasional rain shower. The pool was pretty empty except for a group of school children. Then the kids came back to our place and we ordered pizza for dinner and everyone had a good time until we had to go to bed.

Today we went to Kate's house and saw all the cool stuff for the baby. A changing table, a crib and scads of beautiful girl baby clothes! Vince ate all her potato chips. When we left, it was pouring, pouring rain and we all got soaked. We met Jeremy at Causeway Point and had dinner at the Crystal Jade and I headed home, I am wiped out from these past two days and Jeremy and Vince went to pick up Vince's computer.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Night out at Arif's

I broke fast yesterday by going over to Arif's house and eating a nice meal cooked by his wife, Tahera. We had a pretty simple meal - spicy daal, kabob meat, salad and pita bread. It's funny watching Arif and Tahera together. Arif's become very very domesticated. He was actaully like cleaning! What a change!

Oh yeah, btw, so I got them the milkshake maker, the one you guys vetoed. Sorry but Arif wouldn't have appreciated the handheld mixer. He told me as much too. He wants your guys address so he can send you a thank you note. :P

Choon and his parents came by around 9. Choon and Pei-Sun gave them a nice stainless steel coffee maker to go along with the stainless steel milkshake maker. so pretty much Arif is commit to the stainless steel motif.

I have to say that having a Mac rocks in certain applications.. I've been involved with Choon's wedding slideshow in iMovie and now, I'm transferring his video into iDVD and burning that also. It's great. works well. easy to use. His video was about 4 minutes too long for the DVD. I had to cut some things out, but by the look of it. it's going to take at least 3-4 hours to render onto the DVD. sigh.

Things at work are picking up. We've got to stress test our storage system by the end of the month, and I just swtiched onto this part of the project. We haven't done any real tests yet.... so uh. we need to get started. We're supposed to give the yea or nay on this particular storage solution by then. yeah right. :P

I'm starting to play tennis some more. It's been a long time. I really need some new shorts now that I think about it. My pants keep falling off.. sigh.

8 hour playdate.

Had a nice time with Mathilda today. I am too exhausted to type. Will write more later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Just your standard Wednesday. Vince and Edda have been getting up really early these past few days. Edda especially has gotten up at 5:30 am for 2 days straight and I'm hoping that since she ate a lot today that she will fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

My piano lessons are going well. I'm trying to play faster and more evenly, even when I'm alternating between my ring finger and pinky. I tend to play one note faster than the other and the resulting uneveness throws off my whole rythmn.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ice Cream

The ice cream sundae that Vince picked out. We all shared, I ate most of it, Vince ate the whipped cream and Edda just sampled. Everything got dirty.

Just when I think everyone in Singapore is ignoring me...

I had a really nice day with the kids today. We went downtown to the Raffles City Shopping Center and hung out there for a few hours. I really just needed to go to the gourmet grocery store there and pick up some raviolis and salsa. I asked 4 people in the grocery store where the salsa or the Mexican section of the store was and every single one of them said that they didn't have such a thing in the store. Of course, after walking around for about 15 minutes, we found the huge section of salsa, chili peppers, taco shells, tortillas... etc. Got the salsa! Yah!

Then Vince, Edda and I hunkered down to enjoy our pizza lunch (basement level) and ice cream (2nd floor). I usually get all anxious that Vince is going to make a mess or is going to need to pee or that Edda will scream her head off. I'm always trying to hurry the kids to finish, but it's not as if I have to rush to do something else. So I tried to calm myself down and I think it worked OK, I sat back and watched the ice cream melt and chocolate sauce being smeared and I think I did a good job not getting too wound up about it - all while well-dressed people having business meetings or well-dressed tourists surrounded us, the messy people as Vince calls us occasionally.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Blogging in Class.

well... okay powerpoint is back up... laff. later.

Badly joined.

So I cast on 64 stitches and split them on 3 needles making sure the "ends" of the cast on were in the center of one of the needles, but after a few rows, I noticed that I have this weird "step funtion" where the ends meet. Is this suppose to happen, or did I just not make the stitches snug enough?

Sock knitting

So I started to knit my socks from the supplies given to me by my sweet Secret Pal. I have to admit that when I used the size 2 needles, the gauge came out to 8 stitches per inch instead of 7 per/inch as requested on the pattern. I kind of shrugged and thought that I'd just multiply everything by 8/7 and everything will be OK, and then I realized that it might be a screwy thing to do to the pattern and I might not want to mess around with fractional stitches on my 2nd project. I finally noted that the pattern said, "for a tighter fit, go down one needle size". I figured I would just make pretty tight socks and forget the multiplication. So I started knitting in the round with these little tiny needles and little tiny yarn. It was OK going, and I think it looks OK, except that it looks really, really small. I think I'll have to upsize the needles to match the gauge. These socks are going to take me a long time to make and I want to make sure that they fit. Jeremy laughed at me and told me that they sold socks in the mall next door for one dollar. Bleh!

I'm lovin' it

We went to McDonald's on Sunday. Vince was not at all happy on Sunday because Saturday was so exciting that he forgot to sleep and eat, so by noon on Sunday, he was a whiney kid. So we went to McDonald's and sat there for 45 minutes while he recharged on nuggets, fries and orange juice.

Then we took him to Gymboree downtown, which he loved, but asked to go home after 40 minutes because he was so exhausted. At home, he took a nap, which was good because we went to our neighbor's daughter's 21st birthday party. It was held in the funtion room of our condo complex. Every weekend we see people having parties in the room and every weekend we lament that no one invited us to their party. Finally, someone did and we had a really nice time. They had a lot of food catered in and we met our neighbor's whole extended family. It was really sweet.

I want to walk like a duck.

I was born with feet that flare out. As a result of this, I walk like a duck. When I go to sleep on my back, my feet flare out and go past the V position and almost rest flat on the bed. My shoes always wear unevenly.

Edda has inherited my feet. Look at this crazy picture, her feet are almost in a straight line. I think this makes it harder for her to balance which is the skill that she's working on this month. She spends a lot of the day standing up and holding onto the couch, the bathtub, the wall. And for the most part, she's always leaning forward, her weight firmly on the thing she's leaning on. But about once a day, I see her lean backwards and fall on her butt. I know she doesn't like falling, but at least she's learning more about how to balance herself.

Weekend Update...

It was a pretty busy weekend...

Friday was sleep over night at Choon and Pei Sun's place. I made a lemon tart that I have to say didn't look very good, and was okay tasting. The crust was definitely the best part. The filling had 2 cups of sugar and a cup of corn syrup. nice!

anyways, we grilled on Choon's new wedding present from Lynn and Jack. The conversation revolves a lot around home buying and home improvement since, well, everyone's married, and either just bought a house or is looking to buy a house. haha. we played some bridge, played some taboo, played some Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast. We ate a lot. Pei-Sun made some creme brulee and some other custard desert. Lynn made a coffe cake.

We stayed up until 3am. weee!

I was a bit toasted for the Saturday, going to work. Also this whole ramadhan fasting thing was getting hard.

Saturday night, i played some tennis with choon and folks. I was wearing jeans the whole time, and i had to pull up my pants every 5 seconds. hrm.. I think I'm going to get a tennis racquet soon enough and start playing some consistently.

Sunday was lazy day, as I'm at home checking my fantasy football stats. it's sorta sad. I told myself that i wouldn't be a slave to my fantasy sports team, but as it turns out I am. I watch too much ESPN Sportscenter now... blah.

tomorrow is move day, just going to go in a setup everyone's computers in the new office. And then the design class i'm taking from some IDEO guy. who's just a bit off his rocker, but we'll see. i still need to do my reading. ha.

Sunday, October 9, 2005

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I just turned on the site feed (under settings) on Just Regular Folks, but I think it isn't an RSS feed... Could you take a look at it? Do I have to use something like feedburner to make and RSS feed? Do I need an RSS feed? I'm starting to use Google Reader and I'd like our blog to come up on it. I figure that Google Reader and Blogger should be compatible, but who knows...

Also I changed back the comments to Anyone but with word verification so we won't have the spam, but we will have anon. people commenting. Thanks!


Saturday, October 8, 2005

Takashimaya! We love you!

Vince's grumpy mood continued today and even though we went to the trouble of making pancakes for breakfast, he declared that he wanted to do nothing today - or as he says it - I don't want to do nofing. So over and over again Jeremy and I ask, is there something you want to do? Do you want to eat at the Move and Pick? Do you want to go to the Gymboree? Do you want to eat at McDonalds? OK, we didn't really offer the last option... He finally said, "I want to go to Takashimaya." Takashimaya is only the most expensive and popular mall in Singapore. The mall that the store anchors has Gucci, Tiffany's, Bulgari, etc. etc. etc. Boring and expensive consumerism at it's best. So what do we do? We oblidge and head straight to Takashimaya down town. We usually take the bus there and taxi home. The kids like the bus. On the bus, a woman tries to convince me to go to church, that makes about 5 people so far who have tried to convince me that I need to become a Christian. It's mainly cab drivers who have me as a captive audience who try to get me to go to their church. Jeremy hasn't had anyone try to convert him. Lucky guy.

We get to Takashimaya and we get a snack at a coffee shop and head straight for the toy section. Vince must have caught us in a nice mood because he scored the following Thomas the Tank Engine goodies - a pajama set and also sneakers with blinking lights. I swore once that I would never, ever purchase blinking light shoes. Now I swear never to say never. Edda got a little pop-up toy thing-y. We also bought the Hi-5 CD which is this kids show that Vince watched over and over again on the plane ride over here and hasn't stopped talking about it since.

Jeremy took the kids home by cab and left me to look at the shoe and handbag section, but by the time I had really started to feel relaxed and unwound from the week (nothing like trying on shoes with heels that I would never wear, but imagine that I look way cool in them even though I'm wearing torn shorts and a food-stained T-shirt surrounded by young, hip, thin Singaporians), Jeremy called and said that he forgot his key and was locked out of the house. Yikes.

Headed back and unlocked the door and then went grocery shopping and made dinner. And now I'm going to go to sleep. Good night!

Friday, October 7, 2005

Starting the socks.

Today Vince was in a grumpy mood. Even he admitted as much. A lot of whining, complaining and indecision. I had planned to go to both IKEA and Gymboree, I knew it was going to be tight because IKEA opens at 10 am and the Gymboree class started at 1 pm. We queued for a taxi to go to IKEA and the whole time Vince said he didn't want to go, he didn't want to go and the line wasn't moving at all, so finally I stepped out of line and headed towards home and he said, "But I DO want to go to IKEA!" So we got back in line and went to IKEA and didn't get there until 10:45 am which meant that the Gymboree was not going to happen. I know, I know, lame things to talk about, I know I can only plan on destination per day with the two kids. When I have Jeremy with me, we can usually do 2 or 3 but with me, I only have the energy to go to one place. I'm always so anxious when I'm out with the kids by myself. I'm always sure someone is going to cry or we'll have to find a bathroom at some incredibly unfortunate time, but even when things like that happen, we all manage to do what needs to be done and it's OK. But the whole time I'm just anxious anticipating these inconviences. I'm trying to do better. We had lunch at IKEA and not at McDonald's or KFC or any other fast food place. Hooray. The kids actually at some meatballs and had fun there.

I started my sock project today that my secret pal sent me. Actually, I was going to put it off because socks seem pretty hard to me, but I looked through the instructions and I think I can do it. I didn't start the actual socks yet, just the gauge swatch and the yarn is so tiny and the needles are so tiny, it's like I'm knitting floss with toothpicks. It'll be cool.

Thursday, October 6, 2005


Moving Offices... Yet Again....

Heh. On monday we are moving to our new home off of Page Mill. It's sorta crappy in a way cause it's nice to be on campus but really it was just a matter of time. I went to some Asian Staff Forum luncheon today, and the provost said basically that a lot of staff will end up in the old Excite@Home buildings in Redwood City, so in a way, Page Mill is a lot better than that.

I've packed all my stuff up already. pretty much i just used 1 box. I'm pretty proud of that fact. :)

I'm basically not doing anything for the rest of the week. ha

Love cats!

Edda loves, loves, loves, loves animals... All animals. Especially ones she can get really, really close to and laugh at.

Heavy load.

My laptop was delivered on a freaking wooden pallet!

I knit a sweater! Yah!

Finished my first knitting project! Hooray! It turned out pretty well for my first project. I'm doing a little dance. Dance, dance, dance. Doesn't Edda look great? And her big toe looks huge.

Blah, blah.

Jeremy's boss is in town and so he's at dinner for the 2nd time in a week, leaving Vince really bummed that he's put to bed by me. Jeremy's been doing the bed routine for months now and the boys really enjoy it.

I've been surfing the web on my new computer and it's so nice. I can't believe how much I'll pay in hardware for a stupid internet connection. I don't want to download anything, not even the Flash plug-in, because I want to keep my computer all new and pristine. You know when you buy new white sneakers and you don't want to scuff them? Same thing.

Hmmm, what else? Oh yes, we got a bigger fish tank and more fish. The goldfish were just getting so huge, they needed more room, so I Super Sized the tank and added 2 new Rosy Tetras. I'm pretty much not picking out the fish, I'm just asking the guy at the aquarium store which fish are the hardest to kill. Anyways the 2 new guy are called Bob and Wendy. And it turns out that I'm overfeeding the goldfish. Apparently they are the Laborador Retrievers of the fish world, always pretending to be hungry.

And for the knitters out there... I've finished my first project, a green kids sweater, but I can't post a picture becuase I haven't downloaded and photo software just yet.

Speaking of new computers...

I'm typing this on my brand-spanking new HP/AMD Laptop! Woo hoo! I'm connected and ready-to-go! I will post a picture soon. Finally after almost 2.5 months without one.

Computer Blues...

Oye, what a pain in the butt. I bought my nice 24" lcd panel the other day, and I ordered a pretty cheap Nvidia card with a DVI port thinking that I could run 1920x1200 just fine on it. Apparently it's not able to do it even tho it's max resolution is like 2000x1500. And then on top of that newegg has a 15% restocking fee! sigh. well i guess it's my own fault for not doing my research first. I'm running only 1280x1024 right now on my old crappy ass card. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and go out and buy a computer now. sigh....

in other comptuer news, I reinstalled Arif's boss' computer. It took me awhile to transfer all the iTunes playlists over to the new system. iTunes definitely does not make this easy. The other funny thing is that her computer could run 1920x1200 just fine! and it's like a 2 year old computer! double sigh.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Back from LA

Well I got back from LA Sunday night at 3am. It was a long weekend, with very little sleep.

I drove down thursday night, and almost fell asleep in the middle of I-5. but i got to Ted's place okay. He's living with 3 other guys now, and one of them is a psychologist/trash talker. so on Friday, we were both working from home, and he sorta psychoanalyized me. it was fun. :P

Anh came in that night, and we all went out, and ate japanese...

Sat we woke up early to play some tennis and then sort just hung out until dinner time. Went to the last hour of the jazz festival in Brea. The band on the stage was interestingly not playing any jazz at all. But things like "My Girl" and "kiss" from Prince.

Sunday was mostly just brunch, watching the Redskins narrowly miss defeat to improve to 3-0 on the year. Anh's cousin has NFL Sunday Ticket in HD. nice.

And that was it. I'm super tired, and today I pretty much feel asleep at my desk at 11, and fell asleep in a 2 hours meeting at 2.

oh yeah I had lunch with Stella again today. She's a funny lady. but I enjoy talking to her.

okay bedtime... ramadan starts tomorrow. it's going to be a hard day...

Monday, October 3, 2005

Love the chocolates.

After our healthy dinner of pork chops (Vince is finally eating meat again), we dug into the chocolates sent by my secret pal. Thank you from my husband, Jeremy, who enjoyed his chocolate treat.

Thank you secret pal!

Thank you, thank you secret pal! I know you emailed me last week telling me that you sent the package and I kind of put it in the back of my mind and had been busy with other stuff, but when the doorbell rang today, I instantly remembered that you sent a package! A package from New York, our old home. I have to say when I opened it I almost cried, I miss home so much, and everything in the package is perfect and wonderful. Here's Vince posing with the goodies. He, of course, zoomed in onto the candy. I can't wait to learn how to knit socks. Thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to put the package together!

Edda is almost walking

Well, here you can see Edda gripping the side of our dining table, finally able to see the fish on her own two feet. She's trying to pull the fish onto the floor. She's still not walking, but thinking about it pretty hard.

The Mathilda-fest.

On Sunday night, AMD Singapore had it's yearly celebration and so we babysat Mathida so the Tristans could have a night out. The celebration was a many-course banquet which was suppose to last until 2 in the morning at Suntec City.

We had a ball at The Warren with the three kids. We all went swimming and then had pizza for dinner (Pizza Hut, pepperoni for the kids and BBQ chicken for us). No one fell asleep before 10 pm. Edda struggled for about an hour to stay awake in her darkened room. Vince actually asked to go to sleep around 10:30 and Mathilda headed to bed shortly thereafter.

John and Julia picked her up at about 11:30. Of course, I couldn't fall asleep afterward. Stayed up roaming the house for carbohydrates to eat.

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Edda's haircut

Edda got a haircut today. It turned out really well, you'll have to tune in later to find a dry picture.

Thank you Ruth!

We got the colored band-aids and the stickers and your letter and the nice photo of you and your friends. As you can see Vince is an "of the moment" kind of guy and used up every one of the stickable things the moment the envelope was opened.

Vince is becoming a local.

Despite his insistence that he doesn't like Singapore and misses New York, Vince has adopted a local habit which I guess was inevitable, but still kind of sobering to me and Jeremy. He has stopped saying "Hi!" to the other kids. None of the other kids answer back, so I guess it's OK, but I miss it already. If he sees another kid, he'll run over, but now he won't say hi.

We took the kids to the local Science musuem which was a little bit loud and scary according to Vince. Everything is a bit over his head, but he was nervous in the new place and everything was a bit loud. Maybe the aquarium will be better, we haven't gone there yet.