Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ted in Town

Ted's here for the latter half of the week. We are not doing much really except hanging out at bookstores, coffeeshops, etc...

tho tonight we are going to see if Ted's high altittude training in Denver will allow him to beat me cycling up a mountain at the lower elevations. Basically I should kick his ass, since he's fat now - he weighs almost as much as I do now. laff.

I suppose if I lose, well, then that'll be pretty sad.

of course. I biked in today, and my legs aren't feeling very good. Also today we had our 3rd group BBQ since I've been here and sausage and hamburger right before a ride probably isn't hte best... laff.

oh well.


Noel said...

Say hello to Ted for us.

Rena said...

You guys had three times of BBQ in month!