Sunday, July 31, 2005


Today, we packed two cars with stuff to Washougal & Denver and left a lot behind for the movers. Mom drove all the way to Washougal using Crown Victoria, great. We are going to stay two days here before going to Denver on Tuesday morning. So far so good.

Dear Al Gore, the internet is was quite an invention.

Guys, our New York number is up and running via our internet connection, so don't be lame and not call because you can't figure out how to call Singapore. Go ahead and call 845-790-5321, of course, we are 12 hours off EST, so don't call in the middle of the day or anything. Apologies to Donald for calling at 6 am today, I forgot that it wasn't 9 am in california.

Vince is so excited about school tomorrow, he's having a hard time sleeping tonight. The meals are provided at school, get this, tomorrow he's having honey cereal with milk for breakfast, chicken casserole and veggies for lunch and seasonal fruit and for afternoon tea, he's having cream puffs!

We still have to get crap for the apartment, the landlord furnished the whole thing in white upholstery (including the dining room chairs!) and with two kids covered in peanut butter and chocolate, it isn't going to stay white for long. So we went to IKEA to buy new slipcovers and all this other crap. I have to say that I love the idea of public transport, but moving with 2 kids without a car is really kind of a bummer. It's like, all of a sudden you need to buy a toaster, rice cooker, rugs, laundry baskets, trash cans and how are you going to hold all that crap plus the 2 kids who hate shopping.

We live about 1 minute away from an MRT (subway) stop and at the MRT is this huge mall called Lot 1 and it has everything in it, a McDonalds, a grocery store, a nursery school (which Vince didn't like because you couldn't ride a school bus there, it's that close), a post office, a library, for the kids: chinese lessons, english lessons, dance lessons, math lessons, music lessons, a movie theatre, a bookstore. One wonders why anyone has to go anywhere else. It's pretty weird to think that everything one needs is within a one block radius, it's still hard to carry the bag of rice home though.

Move to Denver

Well, we are moving to Denver today. But, first have to move the windstar and some stuff to Washougal. We will leave for Denver from Washougal directly. Rena finally got a layoff notice after bargaining with her ex-employer HR. This way, there are a lot of benefits came along with it. She can ship two cars back or 40c a mile plus 20c for the second one, can be packed & stored by mover and all stuff can be shippped back to Washington DC. be reimbursed with $90 a day while travel for 9 days, etc. We also have the moving expense from our new employer. I don't know how to straight it out and get the max. The ticket I used to fly in yesterday is part of my ex-employer package too. Well, the bad thing is only 3-6 months, the good thing is we both have our per diem. So essentially, we can save one per diem. I will definitely go to Nebrask and Iowa from Denver to cover all 50 States on the ground.

Mom is very happy about the move and be together. Last night, she laughed loudly while sleeping and woke me up. Of course, a big smile on my face. I am happy too.

BTW, there are a lot of fruit trees with fruits in our Washington DC home.

Sign off for a while and talk to you later.

Our friend Agnes and family

July 31

What's with the "la" at the end of the sentences?

Well I'm back, finally. I've been without a computer for many, many hours now and now that Jeremy's back, I'm not only complete emotionally, but electronically as well. This week that Jeremy was in Germany was a little trying for me, I haven't had Vince and Edda around the clock with me for a long time and we didn't really have any food and when Jeremy left, the gas for the stove wasn't even really turned on... But Jeremy has a bunch of work friends who looked kindly on me and dropped by and had dinner with me and found a school for Vince.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Poker Tournament 3

Well, I hosted another poker tournament tonight again. the good thing is that I canme in second. The bad thing is that I came in second. sigh. It seems like heads up play is the weakest part of my game. I was okay in the beginning. I was great in the mid game, but my heads up play at the end really realyl suffered. I think I played better than I did the last tournament. I wasn't as short stacked against Josh as I was against Dung. Tho I think I think I did make a couple mistakes. One was paying off Josh 2k on a questionable call....

sigh. well you learn, and you keep on playing.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

To ME65


Both Rena & I are resigning from our current positions and taking on jobs in Denver, CO. As temporary contractors for 3-6 months, working for the same consulting firm, we will start our new assignments there in early August. Therefore, eight years + of our physical separation is becoming history. We look forward to enjoying our re-union and, in the meantime, we would still have time and can check out Denver and see what its exceptions with unique flavors are. One of my colleagues joked that after these 8 long years, one may not be able to get used to each other soon, or at least not so soon. I don’t think so and hope Rena feels the same way.

The bad thing about moving at this moment is that we just miss the upcoming wonderful Chinese musical performance by Judy and Allen in Tacoma and Bellevue, WA. She is very good as a soloist singer and, Rena & I are very anxious to hear her voice again.

One of the good parts of moving to Denver, besides sightseeing is that we will be able to meet SL’s younger son there. Yesterday, he called & offered his help to find us apartments. How about that? Younger generation takes care of the old; very thankful indeed. Oh, about two months ago, I had a chance to meet CK Kang’s younger son in Washington DC. He is such a promising young man, just graduating from college, with a lot of future ahead of him. To have eyewitness these personally was indeed a very gratifying experience.

The major good thing about our moves is, of course, if I face joyful moments or encounter problems, I can always turn to Rena in person. She is right there in front of me “Every Day Live” :), not just “Saturday Live” or in our situations right now, even worse.

After this pit stop, the chances of finding something together probably are pretty remote and nil, may be outside of our allocated future time for working. But, within a year or half, I still would like to find something in Alaska in the summer or somewhere that we like to stay for a while and visit, may be somewhere in the Canadian Rockies, northern States in the middle or southeastern States along the coast. No matter what, of course we are going to be together and carrying out our retirement plan in earnest.

rena & noel

Blog Is Accessible Again

It is back! It is back!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Joined the Mac Cult...

I finally got my powerbook from work today. It's a nice machine, and it must have cost work a pretty penny. They gave me the one with the DVD burner in it... not to mention a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to go along wtih it. I'm pysched, except for the fact that one piece of software that I thought would run on it won't. That'll affect my work stuff just a little bit. ah well...

Downieville Pain and Suffering...

Today (sunday), I raced in the Downieville Classic in Downieville, CA which is about an hour east of Sacramento.

Me and Todd (dude from the shop) drove up there Saturday night after work to meet Jason and Don (more dudes from work) at some campsite that they reserved. Of course, like all great plans, this one was foiled as we couldn't find the campsite. We ended up driving another hour and a half to a place close to the start line and slept in the car by the side of the road.

6 hours of sleep is always good for a bike race.

The race was about 25 miles long. the first 9 miles are straight up in the open. The last 14 are straight down thru some really really technical terrain.

My Quads cramped on mile 4. I walked until mile 5. I managed to pedal thru most of the pain, as the top section was pretty flat. But then on the decent, you have to pay attention to everything. Your arms burn from riding the brakes all the way, and taking the shock from the impacts.

At about mile 8 I realized that I was in pretty bad shape. My calves had started to cramp too. I thought about turning around, but decided to press on. Again I managed to ride thru my cramps on the descent.

I was doing rather well at the top. A place where I had crashed before. so My confidence was high. But I ended up crashing and almost falling into a ravine. After than I became pretty tentative. I didn't help me that my hanmstrings and inner thigh muscles were cramping too, tho somehow it all went away if I was just pedaling.

I finished the race in about 3:43 (guess) I was hoping for about 2:45, but oh well. I'm out of shape.

My legs are so stiff right now..

Friday, July 22, 2005

Parenting on the subway.

Today we are still struggling with jetlag. Vince got up at 2am and pretty much refused to go back to sleep. As a result, we were the first ones in line at the 6am opening of the breakfast buffet. He loves the buffet, he loves choosing what to eat and piling it on his plate. After we finished breakfast at 6:30am, we headed to the pool on the 8th floor. I was planning that swimming was going to be our morning activity and we were done with it by 8:15.

This afternoon, we got the keys to our apartment, I saw it for the first time. The pool complex is amazing, with 3 different pools, one lap, one an adult swim and one toddler pool, all huge. Vince wanted to strip down to his underwear and jump on in.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday? Thursday!?!?!? THURSDAY!

Randomness abounding...

Looking like work is picking up even more now. I've apparently got a 2 week deadline to design, code, and test my module that isn't even speced out yet. whee!. I went on a yelling spree today. I sent a not so nicely worded email that basically was like, "everyone talks way too much in this group." a couple people in my group thought it was a harsh email. oh well. I wonder if people think I'm difficult to work with. Or if I'm the group asshole? or maybe they just think I'm weird. Whatever.

I saw Ted's x-ray the other day. He totally crushed his collarbone. It's in 4 pieces right now, and apparently they are _not_ going to do surgery and pin it. I don't understand how it's supposed to heal straight, but okay! No wonder it hurt a ton for him too. I was like, dude, you're a wuss. it's not that bad! :p

I got the dukes of hazard dvd from you doris! Thanks! Where'd you get the elvis card from anyways? It's pretty cool.

I'm trying to go suit shopping for arif's wedding. i dunno if i'll make it in time as it seems like it takes 10 days for people to tailor it. ah well. I suppose I should get one anyways, since I really don't have a suit to begin with, and it'll come in handy for other weddings. Looks like I'm going to go with a black 3 button suit from Brooks Brothers!

In other news, I don't know if I can keep commuting anymore. getting up at 7:30 is killing me. Rather I should say, going to be at midnight is killing me. but ah sa. I need to rethink this...

Donald out!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Ruby, with her carefully arranged flight schedule, made to carefully coincide with predicted bowel movements, arrived not with us as planned, but 12 hours earlier on the continuation of our first leg out of Frankfurt. Jeremy had spent many days trying to arrange a good flight for Ruby, which included a 12 hour layover in Frankfurt to insure her a rest and nice kennel. But the baggage people left her on the plane and allowed her to go ahead without us. Ruby the pioneer! She got to the airport 10 hours earlier than us. Luckily, the company we hired to help up put her in quarintine was already on-site at the airport and moved Ruby to the quarentine station without us. We are fortunate to have procured their services as they paid for the quarentine space before we even landed. Lucky for us, we also taped copies of all the import information onto Ruby's crate. Visiting hours are from 4-6 today, so I'm hoping the kids and I can make it down there to see her new digs for a month.

It sounds like our apartment is fully furnished and ready for move-in, but the landlords are still waiting for the 2 month deposit from AMD. Hopefully, that will happen today and we can move in on Saturday before Jeremy has to go to Germany for 5 days.

I'm going to try and get a cool cell-phone today. I don't know what it is about being in Asia, but I love cell phones here. It's becuase I'm cheap and I love not paying for incoming calls and I truly believe that the cell phones are cuter here than in the US. My major goal for the next two years is to learn how to text message. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


We are doing our 12 hour layover in Frankfurt. Vince loves flying business class! He's pretty hilarious with his video remote and a beautiful tray of mac and cheese with nuggets and huge headphones on his head. He went to bed about midnight EST and got up at 4 am EST. And now he's sleeping during our layover.

Edda's doing well, she slept for most of the flight.

The Singapore flight attendants are amazing, remembering everbody's name and being so nice and helpful.

We are hoping Ruby is doing well in baggage, the reason we are doing this 12 hour layover is so Ruby gets to be in a larger kennel and gets to walk around.

Vince in business class

July 19

Monday, July 18, 2005

Denver & the New Car

Mom is heading to Denver. Her starting date is August 8th. The assignment is a temp assignment of 3-6 months and can be longer. With higher hour rate and per diem, Mom is ready for the new work in Denver. I will move Mom's stuffs to Washougal and drive Mom to Denver.

The other upside is that Denver is much easier for me to get in and out. It is also cheaper.

With lot of incentives from Ford, we bought a Ford Crown Victoria yesterday. We need to have a car in Washougal and it is going to be Ford Windstar. F150 was out due to it is too big for Mom plus the reflection of the dash board on the front window bothers Mom a lot.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

NO F150, but Crwon Vic

We did not buy F150 since it is too big. The big problem is the reflection due to the panal which is made of three parts with different colors. It shows on the front glass and there is lots of distraction. The second problem is the rear view mirror is too small and the back window is very small too so the view is not that good even the side mirrors are so big. Daddy is bit disapointed that we did not buy F150.

However, the Crown Vic is a very smooth car and I do like it. With V8 engine, it runs very smoothly. I did not get leather seats since they did not have one. Daddy did not like leather seats anyway.

I think I will know if I have official letter for Denver offer.

Arif's Bachelor Party.

We had Arif's bachelor party last night. Tho I must admit it's probably not quite the bachelor party that Arif imagined he'd have 4-5 years ago. No strip club or strippers. Just basically hanging out in Arifs' old stomping grounds in the City. Aka the Fog City Diner and Cafe Greco on Columbus.

I think we're all getting old. everyone was pretty much beat after that. Oh well.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Ted Joins the Crowd.

He broke his collarbone on our bike ride last night. We were coming down 84 and his rear wheel locked up and over he went. He pretty much slammed his shoulder into the pavement, broke the entire right side of his helmet and almost got run over by a car afterwards.

but he's okay now. I would tease him a bit more, but he isn't quite pleased with himself like I was when I broke my collarbone. Too bad, since he needs a good ribbing.

heh. onward I suppose!

Denver & Charlotte, NC

I am with Mom and will shop for a F150 at Washougal. She is the one like truck. I can not quite figure it out. Here comes the cowgirl - Rena, driving a truck.

Still not cast in stone. Mom probably will be in Denver for a temp job (3-6 months) with the same per diem and 1/3 higher hourly rates as mine. After that, she is eligible to have un-employment payments with WA for 6 months. Those payments remain effective until we are 65 and 7 months for 6 months. Still, it has a lot of time & ??? in between. See what will happen.

I have a prospect in Charlotte, NC with 3 months as a temp and, later, becomes permanent. It is iff right now. But, first, be hired first.

We will look houses in both places and do some math before doing anything. Denver with comparative lower market values and close to Rockies probably is more suitable place. Don't know.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Apartment packed!

Ted in Town

Ted's here for the latter half of the week. We are not doing much really except hanging out at bookstores, coffeeshops, etc...

tho tonight we are going to see if Ted's high altittude training in Denver will allow him to beat me cycling up a mountain at the lower elevations. Basically I should kick his ass, since he's fat now - he weighs almost as much as I do now. laff.

I suppose if I lose, well, then that'll be pretty sad.

of course. I biked in today, and my legs aren't feeling very good. Also today we had our 3rd group BBQ since I've been here and sausage and hamburger right before a ride probably isn't hte best... laff.

oh well.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

F150; Thailand or Denver?

Well, we are seriously looking for a F150, XL, SuperCab, 40/20/40 Front Seat, 6.5 Box, 4x4, 4.6L V8 & Trailer Tow.

Mom has two prospects, one in Thailand as a perm, one in Denver as a temp.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

With the Smiths

Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings...

Today was the day of meetings. 10:30-12. 1-2. 2-3. Nice. Now I actually get a breather to sit at my desk for a moment. wow.

I got an email from Doris' friend Stella Ota. We're trying to arrange lunch, but it doesn't look like that will happen until August 18th. Laff.

Ted's coming to town today before heading down to his fellowship in LA for the year. I don't know what we're going to be doing, but it will be something fun and most definitely not lame - like sitting around and playing video games.

Our last tot time at Avalon View Apartments.

The whole gang (Tara, Ethan, Dawn-Marie, Caleb, Ormere and Sammy) all working on a sticker project.

Dawn-Marie and Caleb

Ormere, Sammy and Lori

Monday, July 11, 2005

Meeting people in SGP...

So I've been geocaching and I looked in SGP to find geocaches and listed among the items is a party on the beach! So we're going and people have already emailed me and encouraged us to attend. I'm pretty excited, I've already told Vince. He jumped up and down on the bed to so his pleasure.

Vince went to school all day today and even took a nap. The time at school allowed us to sort the rooms. We've done a pretty good job of putting everything we need in SGP in the guest room. Went to Goodwill today and dropped off a load of stuff, mailed a box of baby gear to Ben and Johanna in Sweden. There is still a lot left to do, including laundry and more sorting.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

OK, this is the picture of Highline from their website. Pretty weird.

Big night in NYC! 10 years of Doris and Jeremy,

So Jeremy and I have been together 10 years this month and to celebrate, we went to NYC overnight without the kiddos! Bob and Katherine kindly agreed to watch Vince and Edda for 24 hours and we headed into the city to have some fun.

Vince did great and loved the sleepover, Edda had a cold and was pretty fussy the whole time. Bob and Katherine didn't get much sleep last night....

Since we don't really know how to have fun in the traditional NYC way, we had Emily as our tour guide. Is it weird that my sisten-in-law was with us on our date? No way, it made the night a lot of fun.

So our train was late, so we got to the city at 4pm and took a cab to the Metropolitan Museum. All weekend, we only took cabs, what a luxury! Spent a few hours in the museum and then headed across Central Park to Bob and Katherine's apartment. In Central Park, I looked for a geocache and to my delight, there were other people looking as well, it was my first time meeting other geocachers. We found the geocache and I signed the log and we headed to the apartment...

Then we called Emy and agreed to meet her after work in the meatpacking district. Our evening was to be within 2 blocks of her hotel. We first had drinks and appetizers at Highline, a Thai place. This was really funny because the place looks like it came right out of Sex and the City. We sat on beds in the middle of the restaurant and had some drinks.

Then we headed to a Cuban place for dinner... Waited about 1.5 hours before we were seated, but it was just fun with Jeremy and Emy. We watched our table given away by the owner to friends of his and the hostess was really apologetic, so we kept waiting. Had more drinks... Getting a little more tipsy... There was a band and people were dancing. I got a kiss on the head by a patron I smiled at and the waiter was cute! It was so loud and everyone was dressed up for a night on the town in sparkly tank tops.

We headed back to the apartment to crash and then back home this morning to pick up the kids.

OK, this is a better shot, so many gay men sitting on beds. The waitress in the shiny purple outfit and the tables with the bright pink fabric.

Emy and Jeremy in the meatpacking district in NYC. How hilarious is this? We are sitting on queen sized beds in the middle of the restaurant. Emy is enjoying a passion-fruit martini, Jeremy has a beer and I am drinking a mojito.

Friday, July 8, 2005

This was a fast week!

The week is over and we are closer than ever to moving to SGP.

Vince's daycare agreed to extend his care until 4 pm next week on MWF which will give us more time to sort our stuff and have him happily entertained on Wed when the packers are here to do their work. We've been talking about buying a lunch box for him and what he wants to bring for lunch. Also, he's going to have nap time at school as well. He actually want to go to Target right now to get his lunch box.

I spoke with Christine Smith today for a long time and arranged for an outing on Tuesday with the kids. Seems that things are going well with her, Jonathan just got back from three weeks in Germany. Now that her youngest, Dakota is in the first grade, she's thinking about going to the Culinary Institute of America for cooking school, which is very exciting.

Vince has been learning to count. Usually, the order is one, two, three, four, five, six, fourteen, sixteen, fourteen, sixteen, eleventeen. Today he finally told me that eleventeen is not a number.

I Feel Like Poker Tonight.

My monthly poker tournament is going on tonight. It'll be at 10 person ring, and I've been reading up on my pot odds and strategy. We'll see how I do. We're all putting in 10 bucks into the pot. I'm excited.

Back to DC

I am going back to DC to pick up the car tags and Vincent's pictures. Also, mow the lawn, wash the Master's bedroom bed spreads and check out the ants problem. Get the house ready for our friends with their relatives to stay in about 10 days starting next Tuesday. Hope the lump in one of their relative's lungs is benign.

Also will help to pressure-wash the deck of our friend at Softwind Drive. In the meantime, I will ask him some questions about the structural analysis. He is a civil engineer and has more advanced knowledge on this than me. He is really good, with a lot of experience. These days, I have asked him numerous times over the phones and in his house on this subject.

Will be back to Pittsburg tomorrow's afternoon and look forward to seeing Mom next weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Progress on moving to SGP.

Things are moving along.... We got our contract signed, the apartment lease is cancelled, our NYTimes subscription is cancelled, lots of things are happening.

I went to the post office today to mail some things (one thing for mom, it might take a few weeks to get there, I mailed it media mail) and I was really worried about mailing a rather large package to France. I had bought a nice bowl for Cindy and Patrice and the box turned out too large to take with us on the plane, so I had decided to mail it. I was worried that I might pay more to ship it than it cost to purchase it, but it was only $20 to mail. That was nice.

We had a wonderful afternoon, Ormere invited us over to their house for lunch (nuggets and corn, yum!) and she, her two boys Sammy and Michael and another mom, Tara and her son Ethan went to the Cold Spring park together. Its a really nice park, totally fenced in and lots of toys to play with. Vince and Edda had a nice time, although we had to leave before Ormere and Tara because Vince was really tired and couldn't negotiate the playground politics.

We picked up Jeremy from work and finally Vince fell asleep at 5 pm which is why he's up at 10 pm. Ran a bunch of errands, library to donate books, Babies R Us to return a crappy baby product and then to the Fed Ex office to pick up our immigration papers.


Moved yet again. Looks like our senior dev person wanted the other cube after all. sigh. i'm sorta pissed, but it's cool to keep the peace. but i'm definitely in the bummier cube

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Killing time.

So, I wanted to stay out of the house today since it's a huge mess and I didn't want to clean it. Also, we are pretty much running out of food and I don't want to buy anymore, so there is nothing to eat in the house except mangos, cherries and rice. So Vince, Edda and I spent the day at Mc Donalds, Walmart, Barnes and Noble. It was a great day, cloudy, not too hot.

I exchanged emails today with Jame Derossitt, a friend of mine from UTAustin days. He's doing well, living with his wife Katie and their 3 doggies in Memphis.

The kids were in a good mood throughout the day, only really grumping out at dinnertime when Jeremy was home to help navigate the bad mood. Dinner was pretty lame since we were having spaghetti without the proper spaghetti sauce, now we are down to canned tomatoes and spices, it really didn't taste like a sauce and Vince was not convinced.

We've also found a good home for our gas grill. Our gas grill has been dragged around with us on so many moves and we don't really use it, so I put it up on and 15 people emailed me back wanting our grill. I'm giving it to a person who works in a group home and the state funding got slashed this year and so no grills were approved for purchase. They are getting our grill! Go hamburgers!

Moving cubes...

Just moved cubes today. It's now about 30 feet closer to the bathroom and the stairs. Wheee! I managed to somehow get the inside corner cube. I thought Alpana, the senior programmer, would take this cube, but she ended up taking the smaller one for some reason or another. Not that I'm complaining! laff. but anyways, I need to work more since my boss now has to walk by my office to get anywhere... doh!

Retire Again in August

Mom is going to retire this August, about one month away. Ready go fishing and do other things together ... :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Pool time and IKEA time.

Had a nice day at the pool - the apartment complex had the regular tot time today, but instead of the regular programming, we had a pool party! The kids had a great time playing in the shallow tot pool. Laurie, the apartment complex activites coordinator, had prepared snacks, crafts, lunch, everything. The moms talked about getting pregnant, potty training and sex, the regular mom stuff... Vince and Edda had a blast.

Once we got back from tot time, we headed down to NJ to IKEA where we picked out furniture for our apartment in SGP. I guess IKEA just opened a shop in SGP and our realtor said that we could pick our furniture out from the SGP IKEA catalog, so Jeremy looked through the catalog and we went to NJ to look at our furniture. My first reaction was that I had pretty much outgrown IKEA furniture, which I regard as first apartment post college furniture, and I just can't image Vince and Edda jumping on any IKEA furniture and it lasting a microsecond. Some the IKEA stuff is really crappy - so basically we looked at the most expensive thing to get (which is still really cheap when you compare to Crate and Barrel or Room and Board). I think it will be durable enough. It'll be great, Jeremy even put linens and dishes on the list, we'll see how it goes.

IKEA is a great place for kids, they have free babysitting for 60 minutes, they have a place to eat, Edda loves the swedish meatballs, and thoughout the store, they have little play areas, like doll houses or ball rooms. It's pretty fun.

Monday, July 4, 2005

Made it home again.

Jeremy's a bit sick, so I spent most of the time driving home from DC. It took us longer to get home than coming down on Friday, but it was fine. Jeremy's tummy is still upset, hopefully a bunch of 7Up will help it settle down.

We took full advantage of the (surprise!) DVD player in the minivan. Now our souls are sold to the devil and our children have become quiet zombies in the back of the car. It's pretty amazing how roomy the minivan is and yet, we still manage to fill it up with CRAP!

There was no traffic on the way home, smooth sailing the whole way though.

Now that we are home and the kids in bed, we just have to start doing our punchlist for moving out of this country!

With my parents even!

I spent 3 weeks in a car with my parents driving from Boston to LA during the summer of 1994. I think it may be time to do this goal again.

Thanks for coming

Thanks for coming. Dad & Mom had wonderful time with you all. Next year, may be in Singapore?

Friday, July 1, 2005

I've gone to France.

Just testing out