Saturday, April 30, 2005

Heading Houston

Yesterday, we went to Marfa to see the hotel that the crew of "Giant" were staying. Then we went to Big Bend National Park. Yesterday, we stayed at Ft. Stockton. Today, we are heading to Houston and will stay in our classmate's house for 2 days before heading back to Las Vegas.

Gene Therapy...

Well it's late and I'm going to bed. Everything seemed to go well today...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Spending the night at the in-laws.

On Wed morning, Martin picked up Vince to go to school and then Jeremy and I enjoyed a little web-cam action (!) and I packed and packed and got ready to spend the night at KiKi and Capa's house. I ran with Edda to the gym and did a BodyPUMP class, which is incredibly difficult and then picked up Vince from Bright Horizons.

Then we went to McDonald's where they are giving away really lame stuffed dogs as the prizes in the Happy Meal. I did cave in and eat an extremly delicious Big Mac, I've been eating very lightly all week and after 2 days of aerobics I was needing some beef. I have to buy 2 happy meals these days as Edda eats her fair share of French Fries.

Then we got to Bard and waited for Josh and Jared to come over. They are cousins who live in Woodstock. Josh is a funny, funny man. During the years from 1994-1997, he was an extremely successful musician in Europe. I mean a record label with EMI, 3 number 1 albums, girls throwing underwear at him, limos and posh hotels, etc, etc. He had recorded a dance song for somebody and it became really, really popular. But he really is a blues, jazz kind-of guy. So it came and went and now he lives in Woodstock with his mom who has dementia and he has a charming 5-year-old boy named Jared who loves bikes.

We had pizza and we stayed over. On thursday, I went to the Rhinebeck hospital where their weekly playgroup occurs on Thurs mornings, we went and had a pretty good time. Went back to Bard for lunch with the in-laws and then home. Bob and Katherine are going to be gone for the weekend, so I have 4 children by myself tonight (Trudy, Ruby, Vince and Edda) and unfortunatly, Ruby has the runs. Smelly.

We had a playdate with Sammy and they have 2 TVs and TiVo! Hooray! I got to watch Oprah today. It featured a lady who is in jail for running over her husband after she found out he was having an affair.

Jared and Edda in the sunroom at Bard.

In Carlsbad, NM

Well, we are going to see Carlsbad cavern today and the Big Bend National Park tomorrow and heading Austin, TX. Anyone know where is the Lyndon Johnson Library is? And the place where the motion picture of "Giant" was filmed.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


So I finished up my first draft of my slides. tomorrow morning I'm going to go thru them and we'll see how it goes. I'll probably hve to edit them tomorrow night.. and then practice practice practice! whee!!!

Heading Roswel, Carlsbad, NM Tomorrow

We went to the White Sand National Park and will go to Roswell, Carlsbad, NM tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Another weird thing, besides the buffalo.

Vince told me today that he liked going to Chinatown. I asked when did he go to Chinatown, he replied, "In '68". Who knew?

Til Tuesday,.

We went to the gym in the morning. I danced and jumped my way through a tough aerobics workout. Vince had his parachute time and Edda had a tough time in the day care center. She's still little bit scared and worried that I'm not there. I saw Lora, who was taking Erica for her swim lesson. In the afternoon, we went to the library and the kick-ass playground right next to it. I had a dinner of frozen burritos. We kept buying these frozen burritos and they are a flavor i do not like and now I have about 7 of them, so I vowed to myself that I would finish them before Jeremy got back.

Edda in her blue tunnel.

Maryland is weird. Here is the proof.

A herd of buffalo got loose in Pikesville, Md., disrupting traffic and alarming homeowners before officers managed to corral them in a tennis court.

At Tucson, Arizona

Yesterday, we went ot Saquaro National Park and, during the afternoon and evening hours, we went to Univ. of Arizona. In the university, we got a tour at their clean room to make camera for the coming Mar's expedition. Very interesting. Yesterday, I could not find a place for free wireless. Today, I kind of lucky to find one. Today, we are heading to New Mexico. :)

Monday, April 25, 2005

Missing my poetry.

So I'm missing the reading of this poet I'm stalking. I had convinced Jeremy to take today off so I could head into the city and look at used book stores, a sheet music store next to Carnegie Hall and then go to this reading at the KGB bar. Jeremy did kind of take today off, but it just happened that he took the day off on the other side of the world. Joined a gym today, which is really strange becuase we are moving in 2 months, but it'll be OK.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jeremy's at his hotel!

Hi sweetie, are you home?
Doris Lee: Yeah! Where are you?
jisaacmartin: In my hotel in Singapore
jisaacmartin: Very tired
Doris Lee: i miss you
jisaacmartin: I miss you too
Doris Lee: you got in 4 hours ago?
jisaacmartin: I don't understand this het lag bit, why should I be tired when it is not even bed time in NY? I slept OK last night
jisaacmartin: yes I got in at 6
jisaacmartin: and then to the hotel at 7
Doris Lee: it's bed time. it's 10 pm sunday night. You should be wiped out
Doris Lee: i'm going to bed in a bit
jisaacmartin: Anyway I have a phone call to make at 10 (a few min) and then I have to kill time until lunch
jisaacmartin: How was your day?
jisaacmartin: I trust the kids are asleep by now
Doris Lee: good! We had a nice morning, Martin picked up the car. We ate at home, took the long walk with the doggie and went to Bard. Didn't see the Beethoven concert, but did see Patty, Ira, Laurie, Melvin, Karen, Margurite, and Andy.
jisaacmartin: Cool, sounds like a good day
jisaacmartin: Obviously I have not much to report so far
Doris Lee: You mother made a fabulous dinner and we walked afterwards and they have Ruby which freaked Vince out because we were in Hyde Park before he realized that Ruby wasn't there and he was sooo tired.
Doris Lee: How was Singapore air?
jisaacmartin: It was nice
Doris Lee:
Doris Lee: Who are you calling?
jisaacmartin: The seats are pretty much completely flat and only slightly sloped
jisaacmartin: Boon,
Doris Lee: Work or social?
jisaacmartin: a guy who worked in NY for a year
jisaacmartin: work
Doris Lee: Ahhh...
jisaacmartin: although I also really like the guy
Doris Lee: My parents are in Mexico now... Hee hee.
jisaacmartin: I did go out to the mall next door, but only the coffee shop is open
Doris Lee: They left a message.
jisaacmartin: Ah, they are in Mexico, an international trip
Doris Lee: Yeah baby!
jisaacmartin: Yeah, I got an email about it
Doris Lee: Cool
Doris Lee: Hmmm, what else?
jisaacmartin: I am going to go in search of a hair cut after my phone call
Doris Lee: Cool. Also look for toys and candy and toys and candy
jisaacmartin: right, they have good stuff in the airport
jisaacmartin: so I am not too worried
jisaacmartin: I think I will wait until my head clears before I buy anything besides coffee
Doris Lee: cool.
jisaacmartin: I was researching out finger lakes trip
Doris Lee: Yeah?
Doris Lee: I'm pretty excited about it.
jisaacmartin: Huang says Watkins Glen State Pa
jisaacmartin: rk is the best
Doris Lee: RK?
jisaacmartin: it is about 4-5 hours from our house and 2 from rochester/syracuse
jisaacmartin: rk is the second half of park
Doris Lee: OK
Doris Lee: yeah, i keep forgetting that patty needs to drive 6 hours home from Bard I always think it's only 3 or 4
jisaacmartin: So the takashimaya is just around the corner
jisaacmartin: this place feels like a cross between taiwan and a beneton ad
jisaacmartin: there is a lot of diversity
Doris Lee: COOL! What have I done without the takashumaya
jisaacmartin: I watched a chinese movie on the plane and I could almost follow parts of it'
Doris Lee: ha ha
Doris Lee: really! cool, which movie?
jisaacmartin: I think if I watched the kids chinese shows like you used to I might pick stuff up
jisaacmartin: Hero,
Doris Lee: ah yes, the action movie.
jisaacmartin: It was made by zhang yimou
jisaacmartin: who made raise the red lantern etc
jisaacmartin: and it had jet li and maggie cheung
jisaacmartin: So an artsy action movie
jisaacmartin: the good part is they often talk really slow
Doris Lee: yeah.
jisaacmartin: So is Martin all set to take Vince tomorrow?
jisaacmartin: I guess I should go make my phine call now
Doris Lee: yeah, they took the car today to go to the Vanderbilt mansion
jisaacmartin: cool
Doris Lee: ok. i'm going to bed. see you later!
jisaacmartin: good night sweetie, I miss you
Doris Lee: i miss you 2!
jisaacmartin: we can web cam tomorrow night

Still sunday.

So it was a little bit rough last night getting everybody to sleep, but we did it! And we are having a nice day. Vince made a bright gren poop today, probably because he drank that disgusting blue drink yesterday.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Off to Singapore.

Jeremy just walked out the door to head to the airport. It was kind of a crazy day. I didn't want to miss my last piano lesson of the spring semester and our friend Ruth is in town to celebrate Passover with her family and only had today from 10-2 to see Vince. So Jeremy drove to the city to see her. They went to the Natural History Museum and as soon as Vince saw Ruth, he took her hand and promptly walked away from Jeremy, Edda and the stroller. So the two of them wandered around the museum with Jeremy trying to follow. Bob was in town rehersing with his quartet and the 2nd violinist, Patty, was also there and they met up with the kid crew. Jeremy said it was quite a parade through the museum: Edda, Vince, Ruth, Jeremy, Bob, Patty, 1 cello, 1 violin and 1 double stroller with no kids sitting in it.

At lunch, since Ruth was in charge, Vince had a blue drink, Doritos, cupcake and a pretzle for lunch. I went to the mall and enjoyed a few hours without the kids in preparation for my week.

I got my period today and I'm in a much, much better mood. We'll see how it holds out.

While Jeremy Is in Singapore

Well, need anything, just let us know. Maybe, in emergency case, we also can help long-distance. I just talked to Jeremy and he is taking two kids to NY all by himself. Brave guy!

Going to Sight Seeing at Sodena Today

We are going to Sodena, Arizona today. Through friend of my friend, we probably will be able to get a private lesson on planet earth and its star on Monday in University of Arizona. Mom and
Dad are very interested.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Grouchy again.

I'm starting to keep a log of my grouchy/happy days on my calandar. I need to know if my moods are mainly hormonal or if they actually have anything to do with anything that is happening with my life. Hopefully, it's mainly hormonal so I can just ignore what's happening around me.

So Jeremy is leaving for Singapore tomorrow for a week and I'm mainly grumpy about that. The two kids for 10 hours is brutal enough, for a whole week! Bleh! Argh! (Heh.) Amazon, now that they've introduced Amazon Prime shipping, where you pay $80 for "free" 2nd day air shipments for a year, now has really downgraded their super saver shipping so it is as if a camel is bringing my cordless phone. Our trusty Panasonic cordless phone has decided to stop charging and so I'm replacing it with some fancy Motorola thing-y which is arriving by camel sometime next month.

Tomorrow is my last piano lesson, I'll have to pick it up again in Singapore where I believe the standards are higher and I'm a little bit freaked about it. I'm reading a book called A Personal Matter which is about a Japanese father whose first born son is born with a brain hernia and he goes around Japan meeting up with his ex-girlfriends and getting drunk and having sex with them. Hmmm, yeah, light reading. Jeremy tells me that most Nobel Prize Winners in Literature write pretty depressing books.

Today at Bright Horizons, it was Earth Day. We had purchased two really nice things, a butterfly bush and a redbud tree. It was a little bit disorganized, there was a dad there who was suppose to dig holes, but no one was around to tell him when to dig. He helped us a little bit, but for the tree, we hit rock 6 inches down. I'm pessimistic about them lasting any time at all. They are supposed to be watered and fertilized, but I'm pretty sure neither is going to happen. Oh well..

Vince and Hayley shoveling. Hayley's dad is in the back.

Vince planting a butterfly bush.

Vince dancing in our living room. He actually requested he photo be taken.

Flagstaff, Arizona

We are at Flagstaff, Arizona. Don't know what is the next. Wait, friend's wife to decide. She is our captain. And Mom is our deputy captain. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Donald -

Is this blog acting strange to you?

Miss You All

Strange, we are on vacation. But, from time to time, you are all on the background in our minds. Can't stop to be parents. I guess, parenting is life long job no matter how stupid it seems to be. Today, we are on the road heading to Sedona, Arizona.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tricky, tricky, tricky...

So, I took Vince and Edda to the gym today and dropped them off at the Kid's Club while I worked out. Vince was thrilled to be playing with the other kids and Edda seemed freaked out at first. After I finished my 20 minutes of rowing, I went back to check up on them and as soon as Edda saw my mug, she started crying. Apparently she spent the time sitting on a little girl's lap, happy as a clam, and as soon as she realized that I was in the room, she would start to cry.

Glad To Get Back To Blog & Hear From You

Well, I am sitting in front of a house to use their internet wireless service. We are in San Diego area and enjoying ourselves.

Doris & Jeremy, your dating picture is great. Donald, how is your bone?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sam, the birthday boy.

Jeremy has spent the past 2 days interviewing 2 different candidates for rotation positions at AMD. One is a grad student from Yushan Yan's group at Riverside and the other is from Paul Ho's group at UTAustin. Now that the interviews are complete, he's concentrating on preparing for the Singapore trip next week.

The kids and had a great time today. I started my 1 week trial membership at the Fishkill All-Sport. I know I'm only going to be joining for 2 months, but they have an outdoor pool, children's classes, and day care. I think Jeremy may be in Singapore by mid-May and I need somewhere to go for a few hours in the afternoon now that Vince doesn't nap anymore. It was nice this morning, Edda was a little freaked out by the day care, yesterday during the tour, she was fine being left alone in the day care room - but this morning, I think there were a lot more kids and a lot more commotion and she was crying a little bit. Vince went to a Kids in Motion class where they got to play with bean bags and parachutes. I rowed an uninterrupted workout! Hooray!

Then we rushed home for Sammy's party at the apt. complex. Sammy's mom, Ormere baked scrumptious cupcakes and had Hi-C juice boxes. Two other kids came and they all ran around in the beautiful weather.

Then this afternoon, Sammy came over for a playdate. They played inside for 45 minutes and then we went to the playground outside. It was fun.

Vince and Sam, the birthday boy inside the Incredibles tent.

Edda inside tent with Vince protesting outside.

On Monday at preschool, Vince spends the last part of outdoor time in the sandbox. Ms. Pat supervises on the left. From left to right in the sandbox is Hyon Woo. Michaeil, Daniel and Tina.

New hobbies.

Sheez, I love new hobbies. I've known about bookcrossing for a while, but now I'm into Geocaching. I guess I'll need to buy a GPS system.


My Framebuilding Adventure

Monday, April 18, 2005

Sea Otter Bound...

On Sunday, I got up at 6am and headed down to Monterey to watch the largest cycling event in North America - The Sea Otter Classic. My friend Jason had the (ugh) earliest start time of the day at 8am and I was trying to make that. I was off by about 3 minutes. Grr.

Also, the owner of the bike shop, Mike, was going to race in the 44-49 age group category. He's a big roadie, but was convinced into trying out mountain bike racing. He didn't even practice riding the mountain bike before he raced on Sunday. He still came in 24th out of 80 some. Pretty impressive.

Mike Riding Sea Otter Posted by Hello

A Wedding Story... Continued..

We adjourned to the Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae for the banquet. I got seated at table 16! The number itself wasn't terrible, the fact that there was a large pillar blocking our view of the dance floor and head table was. Whenever someone gave a speech or when people clinked their glasses to have the couple kiss, we missed out on the action. cse la vie.

Afterward the dance floor opened up, and here's Choon and Pei-Sun tearing it up. They are really ood dancers...

Choon and Pei-Sun Swingin' Posted by Hello

A Wedding Story...

I went to Paul and Jackie's wedding on Saturday. They had it at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga. It's a pretty nice place, and apparently, one of the snazzy places to have your wedding in the Bay Area. The ceremony was pretty darn quick. I was in the second row and snapped some good pictures.

Jackie and her father Posted by Hello

It's quiet on the blogging front...

So where is everybody? Oh yeah, everyone has a life. So, here I am, by myself holding down the virtual fort.

Today we went to the Fishkill All-sport. I'm going to try out a free week of membership and then hopefully join. I need something to keep me occupied during the afternoons.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

We have a new home.

The shuffling of some furniture in our little apartment has opened up a new perspective. Toys litter and scatter in the play room and the computer now lights up a corner of the living room. Now web surfing occupies the corner near the MIT lamp. Jeremy and I find this set up less isolating. Previously, every evening, I would scurry to the study to spot some email or Lands' End shopping and I would disappear for 15 minutes while Jeremy waited for me in the other room. So now, I no longer scurry and disappear, I sit in the middle of all the hub-bub.

The hot weather today encouraged us to keep track of our sunscreen bottles; in the morning after Vince and Jeremy flipped some buttermilk blueberry pancakes, we walked around the apartment compex with Ruby. We lunched on dumplings and sandwiches. On Friday at Bright Horizons they'll celebrate Earth Day and the school requested donations of trees and perennials. We bought a redbud cluster and a butterfly bush. The redbed was suggested by Katherine and the bush will attract butterflies when the flowers bloom. After the plant purchase, we ate ice cream at the little ice cream stand attached to the grocery store. Afterwards, a trip to Target and home to clean and dinner.

This week, Jeremy is preparing for his trip to Singapore.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Nice afternoon...

This morning, we took the morning dog walk with Katherine. I went to my lesson and then after my lesson, we went over to Satya and Rubina's house. We met their 4 month-old daughter, Maya, who was so little and content. They made so much food and I met a nice patent lawyer, Wendy and her husband/boyfriend Alfred (?). Also met a dentist, Theo who had a nice Nikon digital SLR. Rubina is a pharmacist and she had invited some collegues. She told me that Viagra is flying off the shelves and is about $8-9 a pill.

This evening we changed the whole layout of the apartment. We moved our bedroom to the first bedroom and changed our bedroom to the guest room with the rower and piano. And now the computer being honored by being moved into our living room.

Savory dishes at Blue Hill

The date was great! Jeremy came home at 3:30 and Katherine came by not much later and we got all dressed up. Vince was upset, he really wanted to go with us. We usually take him everywhere and he had picked out at tie and was fashioning it around his neck; ready to go out on the town. But we left him crying at the house and headed down to Westchester County. The restaurant is located on a Rockerfeller estate and has been established inside the old horse barn. Can you believe it? A fancy restaraunt in an old barn. The owners rebuilt the whole inside of the of the barn. The place was all done in browns, brown I-beams criss-crossed the roof, the bus boys were dressed like UPS men, and the waiters had brown pinstriped pants and vests. We decided to indulge ourselves with the farmers feast and a flight of wine which is where we get 5 savory courses that the chef decides and 2 dessert courses and also 5 glasses of wine paired with each course and a dessert wine. Wow!

So we asked for a printout of what we ate, but they couldn't print it out right then, so they said that they would mail it to us, so here is the run down before I forget...

amuse beet soup
celery root chops
pork croquette and pickled cauliflower

Bass Tartare
moscato, tapioca, avacado and pea shoots
Fefinanes Albarino, Rias Biaxas - Spain 2003

Hot Smoked Sturgeon
fennel braised in saffron, citrus-grain mustard sauce
Francis Tannahill 'Dragonfly' Gewurtzraminer - Washington State 2002

Roasted Monkfish
mushroom consomme, chesnut noodles
Siduri Pinot Noir Sonoma County - CA 2003

Farro with Spinach
Villa Di Geggiano Chianti Classico - Tuscany -Italy 1999

Hudson Valley Cenison Loin and Sausage
roasted beets and braised red cabbage
Jean-Philippe Jaqueix Chateau Mouton, Bordeaux - France 2002

Rhubarb Soup
mint sorbet

Chocolate Croquette
pistachio parfait, chocolate sorbet
Samos Vin Doux Moscato Isle of Samos - Greece 2003

petit fours

Dinner was 3 hours long and fabulous. Jeremy was in a great mood because stuff at work went well today and we got more and more tipsy as the night went along. I finished most of my wine (they give really small glasses, not a full glass) but I could only taste the last glass of red and only sipped my dessert wine. But we ate every last bit and had a great time together.

We visited the pigs on the farm afterward (also to work off the wine before we went home) and saw that they were happy. They had their own huts to sleep in with heat lamps. Ha ha!

It was a new record of dining expense for us as the whole experience was $400 including the tip for the valet. Sheez! Another 10 years before this happens again. Ha! And I'm pretty sure Dame Judi Dench was at the next table!

Doris and Jeremy all dressed up for their date.

Checked Out Motel, Working & Ready

Yesterday, I fixed my one tooth for the last time. Also had x-ray for all my teeth. Very strange, just one was in bad shape.

I checked out my motel this morning. Yesterday, they really cleaned my room with heavy doses of air refreshner with their next customer in mind. It almost killed me. I opened door for a long time and turned on the bathroom air fan all night. But, it did not help. It carries through even right now. Too bad.

I am in the office and ready to go. Tomorrow, my friend in Las Vegas and I will visit another close friend in Los Angeles. Three of us were together a lot while in college. He just had a quadriple bypass surgery. Hope he is doing well. Mom never figured out why three of us are so close because of our personalities. Well, sometimes, no good reason why? Just like Mom and I. We are very different also. Right?

My Washed Cell Phone Comes Back to Life

It seems that way. I will let it dry out more for 3 weeks and test fully.

Friday, April 15, 2005

My sweetie,

Last night, as I crashed into bed at 9 pm, fully grouched from a day with the kids, my sweet husband did all the dishes (more than a full load, because I had made a cake as well as dinner) and folded all the laundry piles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Today is the day of our date, I'm going to pull out and wear some jewelry and not eat after noon today. Yum! Katherine is coming over with Trudy to look after the kids and spend the night.

Also, I'm happy to report that I am 25% of the way to rowing 1 Million Meters and getting that damn T-shirt.

Have a good trip mom and dad! Be sure to blog on your laptop or by going to your nearest public library!


How's the camera thing coming? Did you need anymore help at all?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Peter's mine! No! He's mine!

So there are a milion toys in the house, stuffed animals, trains, balls, puzzles and Legos. I might as well throw all of them out except for Peter Rabbit who has become a central figure in our family life. Maybe I should put a place setting out for him at dinner.

Oh happy day!

So Mom and Dad, I found the $200 check that you guys gave us for Xmas and I said that I lost. Turns out it was on a high shelf in our bedroom.

Just finished making an orange cornmeal cake, which, if Jeremy is reading this at work, will be ready for our after-dinner dessert.

I'm thinking that what I want for Mother's Day is a trip up to the Finger Lakes region. I'd like to see Cornell again.

Here's my book personality.

From C. Dale Young.

You're Prufrock and Other Observations!

by T.S. Eliot

Though you are very short and often overshadowed, your voice is poetic
and lyrical. Dark and brooding, you see the world as a hopeless effort of people trying
to impress other people. Though you make reference to almost everything, you've really
heard enough about Michelangelo. You measure out your life with coffee spoons.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Go Easy on the Water during Endurance Sports Running & Biking are included.

OK, so I don't remember my dream last night.

I woke up last night during a dream and I said to myself, ah, I gotta remember this dream. But this morning, the dream has been misplaced. Maybe it's under a pile of laundry or something.

Jeremy is booking tickets to Geneva from JFK sometime today or tomorrow.. Our friend's wedding is on June 25 in Grenoble and Katherine and Bob are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary the week before in the South of France. The plan is to have all 4 children and partners and their 2.5 grandchildren there as well. I think maybe Charlotte will come too. Katherine has rented a B&B on Lake Geneva. Very exciting. Except for the fact that we don't know exactly where we'll be living. The worst case senario is that we'll be living in Dresden, all together, and would have spent $3500 on unrefundable airline tickets. But Jeremy thinks that the Dresden thing is off and now we are just headed to Singapore after our European Vacation.

Ms. Pat told me yesterday that as soon as Vince goes outside for playground time, he asks her over and over again if it's time to go inside yet. It got to be so often yesterday that she asked me if Vince doesn't like being outside.

Breaking News!!!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Decent Weld

So here's my braze welding sample from class today. It's not bad, tho there's a wall of perfect welds in the lab, and it's got these perfect dimes to them... man. This is a bit different than the picture I had before. Braze welding, you don't actually melt the steel underneath. You just melt the brass and it joins the 2 pieces. Anyways, this will probably be my preferred way of joining up frames in the future. You can grind down the brass and make the weld look smooth and pretty - and I like the gold too. :P

I talked to my prof about my frame today. Apparently, she wants me to design a jig instead to align the frame properly. Great! So I'm thinking that instead of making a frame for my final project. I'll probably end up making the jig for the frame. Ha! But it might be a good thing, cause then I'll have something that I can just pump out frames on...

Braze Welding Posted by Hello

It is the time for retirement

To day, we had an all hands meeting and informed us that 1/3 will be gone. It is not supperise due to the wrong siesmic curves and lack of work. We will have 60 days notice. So, if I have my pink sheet next week ( I am on vacation), my last day will be in middle of June. It is not a bad one at my age. However, office working will keep my life regular and paychecks are very nice to have every two weeks. On other hand, I have all free time to go to school to meet friends and traveling. I think that I have paid my full dues to the sociaty.

The only thing I owned is to the Chinese sociaty which educated me to my collage years. So I will do more volunteering work in China. Most likely, I will teach some kids at my home town-Choung Ming Dao. Many of my friends like this idea and would like to help. I am very happy that my Aunt gave me her lot for building a house on. She is my father's younger sister and she is very close to my mother too.

Unlike last time, I am ready and prepared for the moment this time.

Does the bone heal well?

What did the doctor say?

The birthday parties have started.

Vince has been invited to his first real birthday party!!! It's for a boy named Michael in his preschool class. It's at a gymnastics place called Diamond Gymnastics & the Fun Zone. I'm looking forward to going, although in a few years, I know I'm going to hate going to birthday parties.


So last night I dreamed that I was in a casino... That's pretty much all I can remember about the dream. Jeremy was a bit stressed last night after meeting with an AMD VP for 10 minutes. It sounds like Jeremy may go to Singapore during the last week of April to scope things out.

My poor beloved alarm clock.

The alarm clock on which I first heard Michael Jackson's Thriller is dying a slow death. This poor little alarm clock has woken me up for almost 20 years has become unreliable. A few months ago, I noticed that sometimes when I turned on the radio, it would come on very softly even though the volume was turned up. Today, we overslept because even though the alarm was set for 6 am, the alarm turned on at 7. Ah, time to look for a new beloved clock-radio.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Muscle mania

So since I've been rowing, I've got little muscles all over my body. In order to celebrate, I might buy this. It's pretty much low enough to show my C-section scar. Jeremy says that since we are going to the south or France, I could save money and only buy the bottoms.

Scooby doo shoes.

Went shoe shopping at the Poughkeepsie Galleria. My, what a fine shopping institution that is. Got Scooby Doo shoes for my little boy. He picked them out himself.

Shortage of Techies

Just read the article about the shortage of techies in the USA. Push ... :)

Egg McMuffin that Jeremy has made for Vince 2 days in a row. Notice the almost McDonald-like circular-ness of the egg. Quite an accomplishment, I must say. Vince only eats the sausage though.

Tot time goodbyes!

So folks are moving out of Avalon View. First was Annette, who went back to Dresden. Turns out Hannah, mother of Omar and Tara, mother of Ethan are moving within the next 2 months also. Hannah is moving to Columbus, Ohio and Tara is moving to Jersey.

Edda sat in a puddle of leaking toilet crap. Disgusting. Hmm, what else?

Staying up 2 late.

So the kids are going to bed at 8 o'clock now and what do we do? We stay up until 11:30 and I'm the last one out of bed. Ugh. Today I feel great, the weather is wonderful and the kids seem in a good mood, although we have lost Peter Rabbit, Edda's pride and joy toy. Vince is camoring about tot time and Ruby has the runs.

Lone Low Tech Guy!

Mom is catching up fast. Now, she suddenly likes digital camera. Next a fast car. And next, an improved husband :) I am the lone low tech guy in the family. Oh, life in the high tech family is ...

You'll Need This Too.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Cool. You can take pictures.

OK, great! You are on your way. Now I'm going to help you download this free software that Donald I use to help you put pictures from your camera to your computer and onto the blog.

now click on this link

to install the program. If you can't do this, let me know and I'll do a more step-by-step.

More camera help...

Jeremy said that we can help with the camera if you tell us the make and model #.

Camera ready.

Hi Mom. I'm going to try to get you able to post pictures on this blog. I'm hoping that Donald will step in and help at some time.

1. Have you been able to follow the directions and been able to charge the batteries and actually take pictures onto your camera? I can't help too much here because I don't actually have your camera or the directions, so you have to read the directions and figure it out.

2. Also did you camera come with a cable?

3. Also check your computer and see if you have a USB port.

I have a picture of the port and the cable below. Let me know.

USB cable

USB port.

Is Crack Getting Better?

Donald, I hope the X-ray is the old one. Is it getting better?

I am going on a date!

My husband is taking me out! Hooray! We are going to Blue Hills at Stone Barns. Our reservation is Friday at 5pm. Ha ha, the only one avaliable for a month.


Last night, during my epic sleep, I dreamed that I was back at MIT. I was back with Jeremy and the kids and I was givng a prospective student directions to Hayden library and also the engineering library. The student then asked about the water park on campus. And I looked at the kid all strange and said that they must have built the water park after I graduated. Then the kid said that it must have been hard going to school without the waterslide and the lagoon. What does this all mean? Who knows.

Grouchy again.

Maybe I'm just hung over from my ab fab day on Saturday, but I'm moody again. Bleah! Slept from 8 pm last night to 8 am this morning and I can't decide if I feel great or blechy. It is a beautiful, beautful day outside today and somehow I should enjoy it.

Yesterday, Jeremy changed out the snow tires from our cars. He thinks I can't help because I'm a weakling, but I did manage to help him lift the tires into the attic. We cut all our hairs and then we went to the Fishkill playground and had a nice time.

Vince really wants to play with the older kids but I think they taunt him. I'm pretty sure the guy with the orange shirt tripped Vince on purpose and smiled as he walked away. Cannot confirm. Vince, of course, didn't notice.

Victor the K-9 dog keeping watch over a very dangeous playground situation.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Chat rooms, where are they?

So, Bob's co-director of the Bard Music Conservatory is Melvin Chen, who besides having both a PhD in chemistry from Harvard and degrees from Julliard in piano and violin, can also find chat rooms where he can eavesdrop on the musings of the applicants to the school.

Where are these chat rooms? How come I can't Google and find them?

I also can never find the famous Paris Hilton tapes or nude pictures of Brad Pitt. Maybe I'm just a lame surfer. Can you tell I can't sleep?

I Splurged on the Chocolates

Okay. So I'm out 19.22 on the Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card. I got the collander cause a) it's stainless steel (yum) and b) our plastic collander is pretty darn crappy and it's _huge_. Too big for our bachelor single serving pasta needs. Sorry. I couldn't resist the chocolates. I have one left. :P They are good.

// Editted out....

I think my shopping mode has changed recently. I'm definitely looking for more enabling items. Basically instead of upgrading things that I already have, I'm trying to get things that would help me do things I couldn't possibly do with the stuff I have now... I guess I broke that already with my collander purchase tho.

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My day off.

So today I had my day off, which doesn't happen very often. I think for the first time in 3 years I was without either one of my children for 12 hours, I had a really nice time.

We all went on a nice walk in the morning, then I headed to my piano lesson. I thought I practiced pretty much this week, but it was a poor lesson as I was slopping and a bit underprepared. My teacher throws me for a loop beacuse he keeps asking me to take on new pieces. I remember when I was little, it was a big deal to have two or three new lines of a piece done each week. Now every week, there is a lot of improvement that needs to go on on each piece (lots of comments about rythmn, voicing, pedaling, dynamics, fingering, phrasing, etc, etc, etc.) and also whole new sections to learn and new pieces to learn. This week in particular, I felt like I had a lot of new pieces and I'm still struggling to get the notes together.

Then I went home and by this time, Jeremy, Vince, Edda and Ruby were on their way to Bard. I spent 2 hours cleaning up our study, which was and still is a disaster area and trying to get my silly palm pilot to sync with Yahoo. Not working yet.

Then I went to a 4 pm concert that my piano teacher was performing in. It was pretty hilarious, I had a great time. These were 5-10 minute pieces given by the faculty of the Dutchess Community College. There was the asian guy who played the electric guitar with the strobe light behind him, there were the vocalists who sang about Matthew Shepard, there was the soprano who had about 10 oddly dressed groupies who sang songs about peace, there was a fiddler and there was a trio (piano, violin and cello) that my teacher was playing in. Richard, my teacher, was the ringer.

Then I had a wonderful restaurant dinner by myself. I ate very slowly and quietly by myself and had a great meal at Antonella's. Then I went to Lora Bonser's house where I went to a Body Shop at Home party. Lora lives in a beautiful house in the woods. It's pretty hard to find, especially if you have a erroneous map like I do. I also almost ran over a dog on the way there. Bought some lotions and stuff and came back home at about midnight.

Jeremy came home and told me about their day at Bard, the highlight of which is: Vince now pees outside in the yard instead of the toilet. He has marked with his pee both Katherine and Bob's house as well as our front porch.

Being Frank...

I had an interesting conversation with Frank tonight. Honestly, I'm not sure I follow him all the time, but I do know that he thinks very differently than a lot of people out there. Anyways, one thing that he said stuck with me. He always tends to think about what his priorities are 10 years from now and tries to act accordingly. So right now, he's 24, and he thinks about what his priorities would be at 34. Somewhere on the list would be, money, character, family (I'm guessing).

Of course, I can't help but think about what my priorities are 10 years from now when I'm (oh god) 39. :P I would think character, family, money - in that order. I feel like I'm moving towards my character goals - growing and learning and experiencing life. I'm not sure I'm moving towards my family goals. Money, well, I feel like I'm moving away from that goal too since I have no money.

On the topic of getting married, Frank calls this issue "The Looming Deadline". It probably applies more to women than men, but basically it goes like this: People hold out hoping to find "The One", but when see that they are 32 and not likely to find "The One", then they might relax their stringent requirements in order to get married. Why not just relax your requirements right now and avoid the fate that you're setting yourself up for when you are 32? But people won't do that and they walk knowingly into their least desirable outcome.

Am I doing this too? Choon says I'm too picky about women. But I'm not sure that Frank's scenario applies in my case.

Something for Vince (and Doris)

Click Me and Turn on Sound.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Meme 123.5

Compliments of Suzanne Frischkorn.

A new book meme circulating around the sphere is going by the name “123.5,” and its rules are these:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don’t search around and look for the “coolest” book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

"Men were driven by it, in his opinion."

Friday, April 8, 2005

Vince and Edda in the reading nook of the East Fishkill library.

Vince and Jeremy use our meat grinder to grind turkey thighs for tonight's tamale pie dinner.

I'm grouchy.

This is Vince's 4th day without a nap. I think the napping era may be over. I am a grouch because of this. I want, I need the nap. Oh well, at least he goes to bed at 8 pm not instead of 10:30 which I guess is an improvement. Also the move to Germany and Singapore is up in the air again, I don't know the timing or anything again. Perhaps that is also why I'm in a sour mood.

I Have a Scanner Too.

heh, sweet. I forgot I just got a new scanner! whee! There's the x-ray of my shoulder on 3/2. I'm going into the doctor's again next Wednesday morning. We'll see what they say, tho I'm a little worried. The bone is still flexing a bit. I'm going to keep on wearing hte slipg when i sleep. I think that's when my bone is out of shape the most.

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The Roof is on Fire!

So the fire truck stopped by this morning. Apparently someone had called about some steam coming off the roof of the house. Nothing seems to be on fire tho. One of my roommates locks his room, so I couldn't check it out at all. The steam seemed to be coming out of a vent from the next door neighbor's house. The fire dude said it was probably the shower or the dryer going. Oh well. pretty exciting!

With Mom, etc

I am with Mom. Came in last night. Stopped at Cinninati and got some famous Cinninati chilli on a burger. Claimed to be the best chilli around the country. I guessed it was good but not as advertized.

Too bad we are here without Donald though. But, always have "next time". More tax time before 3 weeks trip. Will go to Washougal to get the river view window done.

Mom decides to build a house on her aunt's 30'x36' plot in ChungMing. Her aunt gracefully gives her the plot hoping that a more modern house will be built. We offered to buy the plot, but she said "no". Other two adjacents plots are for their two kids. Mom will let her aunt and uncle stay in the house as long as they like. It is fair.

Head hunters asked me to explore a prospect in Denver. See what will happen? It is permanent. Not bad there either. Just touring the country while working. Maybe we can get a townhouse or an apartment there also. Who knows?

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Girl bites dog.

Just before this photo was taken, Edda was happily chomping on Ruby's ear. I think Edda is finally back to her old self, the trip to Boston threw her for a loop. I remember when Vince was about Edda's age and we went on a trip to the southern part of Taiwan, he was so fussy the whole time and when we finally got back home to his apartment and his friends, he was so happy.

Edda enjoying Ruby's company and my toes are also in this lovely picture.

Forging Ahead.

Ack! So final projects are coming up. I'm pretty gung ho about doing my bike frame. Of course I've been reading a lot of newsgroups about frame building yadda yadda. There's one woman that's sorta a newsgroup favorite newbie, Suzy Jackson. She made her own frame and was a beacon of shining light to all those newbies out there. Unfortunately, I've learned that her frame cracked. not very cool. I'm wondering if I shouldn't just practice like mad instead?

Sorta a good fillet weld... in the middle about 1/2 an inch long. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

To & From DC

Yesterday afternoon, I drove to our DC home, retrieved Mom's info, cut the grass, had a bowl of beef noodle and drove right back to Pittsburg. Left at 11:00 AM, arrived at my motel around 9:30 PM. Not bad.

My XM radio helped. I figured out how to change to unused FM frequency in big cities.


Vince has a new friend at the playground. Notice that Vince is wearing Edda's pants.

Lilo and Vince.

Beautiful day today!

A gorgeous day today. Hmmm, I'm finally wearing shorts. Cleaned out the front closet of gloves, mittens, -20F coats and boots and stashed them all upstairs. I'm getting my spring cleaning fever, it means, time to throw the clutter out out out! It's hard though with Vince going through the trash and IDing each McD toy and saying, "This is not trash" in his serious, serious voice.

At lunch today, Vince managed to spill both a jar of mayo and a bottle of yogurt smoothie and I was flipping out a bit and he said, "Let me give you a hug, mom." It was very nice.

I'm working on my piano stuff, a Kuhlau sonatina. I'm pretty sure that Donald played it before. Working on playing the right hand louder than the left hand. Who knew, I always played the melody and harmony with the same hand strength. I did start the Bartok also, it's 6 books of progressively harder pieces. In book 2, it's still pretty easy, 2 hands in the same position and not moving across the keyboard, but, man, there is pretty much no tune. It sounds very weird. Oh well, I'm going to have to buy a recording to know if I'm playing it right.

Laundry is still a mountain over my head.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Thanks. It works great! It took a little time to install the crappy ass software, but it's all good now. I'm surprised it took like 2 days to ship. Crazy. Thanks again!

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Monday, April 4, 2005

Recovery day.

Stayed up wayyy too late last night. This morning, I had to get up and get Vince ready for school. Then, Jeremy and I met at my piano teacher's place and I gave him Edda for an hour and I had my lesson. Then I got Edda back and drove to Vince's daycare. Jeremy had gone grocery shopping during my lesson. I spent the afternoon doing loads and loads of laundry, unloading the groceries and trying to get the kids to nap. Sheez, all this takes a lot of time.

This evening we entertained ourselves by calling everybody in our phone book and leaving messages and singing happy birthday a bunch of people.


Most of the interviewers would like to see hair, except in the arm forces :)

We are back home!

Hmmm, on Saturday, it was pouring rain in the morning, we just dashed to a local bakery to eat breakfast. Then we drove over to the Peabody Essex Museum which is about 45 minutes away from MIT. One of their exhibits is an entire house which was moved from China and rebuilt inside the museum. Katherine's brother Andy was there and so were Katherine's friends Mark and Andy. Jeremy spent the time trying to sell Mark our Accord. Bob spent the time trying to figure out if a chair they were selling in the gift shop would fit in his Acura TL. It did not. That afternoon, we headed back to Hotel@MIT and then didn't venture out again, we had take out from Mary Chung's and watched Lizzie McGuire on TV. They forcasted downpours, so we were scared to leave the hotel, but we just should have since it didn't rain until after we went to bed. On Sunday, we met my friend Lana for breakfast in Harvard Square and I had a really nice time. Then we headed to Drumlin Farm, the place where Andy works. All the sheep, goats and pigs have just given birth, there were baby animals everywhere. Vince had a blast. Then we went back to Andy and Marguerite's house for a light lunch. Then finally to Concord to have dinner with the Footes. They are relatives of Katherine though her mother's mother's side (Renouf). By this time, the kids were napless and exhausted, so we headed back home!

Jay teaches Vince how to fish for a cat (Hazel).

Vince and Harry enjoying TV.

Vince sleeping at Hotel@MIT, note the equations on the blanket.

Edda and Bob at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Lana, Vince and Edda waiting for the number 1 bus near Harvard Square.

Andy showing Vince a chicken. Edda saw the same chicken and plucked a feather from her.

Vince at Drumlin Gardens with his "castle". A mud pile with sticks.

Dinner on Sunday night with the Footes in Concord, MA.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

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Arif doing his Britney impression Posted by Hello

Hasnain and Zainab grooving Posted by Hello