Thursday, March 31, 2005

Nothing interesting...

Just played outside and inside. Went to storytime. Ate a pizza for dinner. Tomorrow we head to Beantown. See ya later!

At the Applewood.

Last night Sunny took me out for a pre-birthday dinner at our (or maybe just my) favorite place - Applewood Pizza in Menlo Park. Somehow, wheneve we find time to get together, 4 out of the last 5 times have been at the Applewood. Still, it's good pizza and last night didn't disappoint either. Sunny's off to Cancun for a week and when she comes back she gets to have her committee meeting! I now have her entire CD collection to rip to MP3's too. Muhahahhahah.

Incidentally, her advisor apparently had some of my tart. He was pretty amazed. Another guy in her lab, Joe, apparently had half of it. I had fixed his bike a while ago, and apparently, he's falling in love with me.

Swinging and yelling!

Edda enjoying the outdoors as well as some mulch.

Vince at the bottom of the slide.

Story time at the Barnes and Bookstore.

Thanks to Gene and Bette!

Thanks for the birthday gifts. The kids love them, especially the car mover. Vroom!

Thanks for the birthday gifts!

Happy Birthday, Donald

From Mom and Dad :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Tooth, Work, Trip, etc

One of my teeth is very bad. It needs attention right away. Friday is the day. Probably more visits are needed.

Company approved my vacation plan. Therefore, will be back here after vacation. I will park my car in the Company's parking lot while vacationing.

Ready for the trip. Will be at Mom's place on April 8th (hope Donald will show up) and be in Las Vegas the week after that.

Spring is finally here.

It is beautiful outside, I turned off the heat and opened the windows to let the dog/dirty laundry/Donald feet (just kidding) smell to waft out of the apartment. Time to change out our snow tires. Jeremy did our taxes yesterday and we are getting a big fat refund. Yah, time to run out and buy this. Oh, I forgot, we don't have TV in the house. Oh well.

Hair and the Super Brown Tub.

Thanks for the excellent weekend guys!

I'm back home now after narrowly missing my flight. That's an exaggeration, but it was tense there for a moment on the drive down since I'm super antsy about being on time and all.

Yesterday I chopped off all my hair with the hair clippers that Doris gave me. They worked great btw. I now have an 1/2" of hair on my head tho it looks a little funny since i think my hair is thinning a bit. ah well.

also i decided to clean the bathroom up since I hd made a mess of it with all my hair flying around. Apparently nobody had washed the bathtub in YEARS. I swear. The bathtub was brown on the bottom, and I thought it was just some water stains that had developed, but no, it was all dirt and grime that had built up! I started to scrub and of course, it just took off the top layer of dirt. I threw some Comet at it and it turned a lighter shade of brown. 409. same. scrubbing bubbles. still not white. back to comet. nope. okay I poured comet all over the tub and let it sit for about 15 minutes. That worked pretty well, but i swear the bathtub is still brown in a lot of areas. man.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Yesterday, Dad, Donald, Vince, Edda, Jeremy and I went to Bob and Katherine's house to celebrate Easter. Vince helped Kiki make rice crispy nests with green coconut and a chocolate egg on top. Then we dyed eggs. Edda wore her Easter finery and looked so cute. Bob and Dad discussed cello lessons for Vince. It was a lovely lovely day. Katherine made a yummy sweet potato pie.

Donald, Dad, Edda, Doris, Vince and Peter the Rabbit.

Edda in her Easter dress.

Dying Easter eggs.

I found it

Well, I found the way to post it. Thanx. The shirt that Mom bought me years ago has a big hole at the elbow. Time to say goodbye and feel kind of reluctant. Donald, if possible, Mom and Dad would like you to visit us on April, 8th still :). The satellite radio worked well yesterday all day.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Donald, Jeremy, Dad, Vince, Edda and I went to NYC today. We took the train in and met Ben and Emy at Grand Central. Then we went to a good Korean restaurant and had BBQ yum! Dad treated all of us in celebration of Ben's impending fatherhood. Then we walked through central park and went to the Central Park Zoo. Along the way, Vince and Edda shared a hot dog. Then we headed home. Took a cab, which Vince loved and ate at the train station. When we came home, we discovered that Ruby had an accident in her crate. Leaving her home for 10 hours was too long. Oh well.

Vince at the Korean BBQ

Vince, Jeremy and Donald at Rockerfeller Center.

Vince and Edda share a hot dog.

Edda and Dad enjoying the sea lion exhibit. Donald is in the background.

The penguins at the Central Park Zoo. My favorite exhibit.

Edda sleeping on Dad's lap.

Spring Concert

Yesterday, Dad bought an XM radio for his car. Cool. Jeremy took 1/2 day off and then we went to Vince's spring concert at Bright Horizons. He didn't sing very much, but we all had a very nice time. Katherine came down for the concert and Bob came in from the city. We all had indian take out from the Taj Mahal restaurant. Then Martin and Patricia came over to outline their spring break trip to California.

OK, so Vince isn't in this picture, but this was the scene at Bright Horizons.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Donald and Dad are here.

Donald and Jeremy pulled into Avalon View at 12:45 am last night and Donald promptly made a sandwich. The next morning, Donald and I went to storytime at the Barnes and Bookstore as Vince calls it and had a great time. We ate lunch at McDonalds and then went home. Donald and I installed this child gate and waited for Dad to come over. He came with gifts of all sorts. We had a wonderful dinner and celebration. It was so tiring that Edda fell asleep at the dinner table.

At the Barnes and Noble storytime.

Eating at the McDonalds.

Edda is sleeping at her birthday party.

Vince loves cake!

The birthday cake.

Enjoying our spaghetti dinner.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Birthday, Edda

From Grandma & Grandpa :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Will Show Up Tomorrow

I will show up tomorrow at dinner time to join the crowd celebrating Edda's birthday. I volunteer to represent Mom also.

Mom is pretty excited to secure a small plot from her aunt to build a house on. She will then dream her childhood dream to have her perfect "white horse prince" at her side :) looking at the river rushing eastward to the yellow sea.


Well, here's a tart I made tonight. It's a strawberry/blueberry with a cream cheese filling. Safeway had a good deal on strawberries i couldn't pass it up. Plus I was supposed to host bridge night tonight, but it got cancelled due to people having finals and all. Oh well. I'll push it off on my friends to munch on.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Annette and Frank are going back home to Germany.

Tonight we hosted a good-bye party for Annette and Frank. They are headed back to Dresden tomorrow. Patricia and Martin came over also. I was a bit frazzled since we decided to have the party at our house only this morning, so all day I prepared for the party. I made two pork dishes, one with apricot and mustard sauce and the other with a catsup/vinegar/Tabasco sauce. Both turned out well. I took Dad's advice and splurged on a $25 bottle of wine and it tasted wonderful!

Henry, Annette and Frank's youngest son.


Ben, Annette and Frank's oldest son.

Martin eating Ben and Jerry's.

Annette and Clara.

Edda's gift from Ruth,,,

Thanks Ruth,
Edda loves her blow-up heart.

Thank you Ruth!


So Ben is back in the big apple after his trip to Sweden. He and Johanna went to their first prenatal exam while he was there. The little one is due on German reunification day, October 3. Their current plan is that Ben move to Sweden on June 1st and then finish his dissertation before the baby arrives, then once the baby arrives, Johanna has a 9 month maternity leave and they will start that. He has a one year post-doc lined up in the fall in Berlin, but he's hoping to delay that until the spring. Then he, Johanna and the baby will move to Berlin until August 2006. And then they would move back to Stockholm where Johanna would go back to work and Ben would be a stay-at-home dad and look for work in the US in Fall of 2007. Meanwhile, Johanna is interviewing for a job in Bogata, Columbia right now and Ben is also waiting to hear from post docs from Harvard and UChicago, so many things are still up in the air for them. But they are happy and Johanna and the baby have made it through the first trimester healthy! Yeah!

We are trying to overlap with them while living in Germany, but I think it may be a stretch.

So I've been submitting poems to literary journals, and I've been getting the steady trickle of rejection letters, but I've been reading on the web that if an editor pens a personal note on the rejection slip, that that is a little sign of encouragement. So, I got my first personal note! The poem is still rejected, but the editor of Diner wrote, "Try again after June -you can submit up to 5 poems -Editor" !!

Monday, March 21, 2005


I geuss Blogger doesn't like you being logged into 2 computers at once and modifying your blogs. :P

Anyways, here's a photo from yesterday. Ronnie and I went to Fry's to do some window shopping. It was a good time checking out computer hardware in person. Kinda nerdy. I haven't done it in awhile. Ronnie ended up walking out with a DVD burner tho. :P Too bad I think he has to return it tho. It didn't really burn very well.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Butterfly Hunt!

Yesterday, I had my piano lesson. I'm waiting for some music that I ordered online to come and then I can start playing Bartok. I'm pretty excited, I haven't played Bartok before and it should be interesting.

We went to the Butterfly Hunt! at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard. Usually, the gallery has art and Vince just runs around and I try to tell him not to touch the art, but this time they had a children's program. Based on the name, we thought we would be looking for butterflies in the gallery (Katherine thought there might have been real butterfiles), maybe someone would tape up fake butterfiles or something, but it was actually a guided tour by the curator of the exhibit. We saw friends of Bob and Katherine, Eve and Hazel, who have just adopted their third daughter from China!

Then we went back to Bob and Katherine's house where Katherine hosted a dinner for MooCow, a campus organization for the Heifer Project. Then we went to a talk about Heifer in China. Vince wailed and wailed, "I want to go to the talk!" It's so funny we have a 3 year-old going to lectures.

Today is clean up day. Edda is back to her old self and proved it to us by eating a ton of food yesterday and this morning producing a poop so large that it overflowed her diaper and went up her back all the way to her armpits.

From the left to right, Genevieve , Emma, Edda and Hazel-anne.

Butterfly Hunt! at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard.

Edda is back in fighting form!

Went to a Concert Tonight.

I went with Sunny to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City. I got free tickets from Arif's boss who couldn't make it because she'd rather go to South by Southwest in Austin. :P

Anyways, it was pretty happening. I like the big band style of music because it's lighter fare. Not like the sappy, depressing love songs that I usually listen to. I'm also pretty amazed at the talent level of these guys. The piano guy was doing a solo and started using his feet to stomp on the keys.

Sunny saw some girl in the front row who was really into the band. She tried to get her boyfriend to dance with her. No go. She tried to get her boyfriend to stand up and scream and sway her arms at the band. No go. Being pissed off, she then turned around and promptly slapped her boyfriend in the face. :P

Friday, March 18, 2005

Thanks Again Mom and Dad.

Thanks guys for the clothes, the chocolates, the dinner, and the Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card. The chocolates were eaten within 5 minutes of opening the box. :) Now I'll have to figure out what to get at BB&B. Any suggestions?

Digital camera hunt.

So the shutter delay on my little Sony 2.0 megapickle camera is driving me to pull out my hair. Do I have to spend $1000 to get rid of that stoopid delay? I don't demand much from my cameras, just take the picture when I push the gosh-darn button.

No school today.

So Vince didn't go to school today because he puked up his breakfast. Otherwise he seems fine, full of energy, no fever, no runny poop. Sigh. Oh well, maybe I'll order pizza for us at home. Umm, Edda is still pretty fussy. Last night at about midnight, she made the hugest, smelliest poop there ever was. Luckily it wasn't as runny as the poops that she's had in the past 2 days. I think she is improving. What else? Hmmm.... Vince likes Legos and to cross-dress.

Vince with his Duplo house. Look carefully and you can see the two guys in the house sitting on Duplo potties.

Vince wearing Edda's Easter dress.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Watery ppppooooppp. Yuk!

So on Monday, Edda started to have a little bit of puking and diarrhea but on Tuesday, she seemed happy and eating a little bit better, but the watery poop continued as well as a low grade fever. She stayed up most of Tuesday night fussing, so on Wed, we went to the doctor. Actually, we all see Dr. Sullivan at the Red Hook Family Practice near Bard and just by coincidence, I had scheduled Vince, Jeremy and me for phyisical exams on Wed., so I just added Edda to the schedule. And to make it a full afternoon, Ruby had her annual check-up on Wed also. Five appointments in one afternoon. Pretty efficient.

Anyways, the highlights...

Edda is fine, I was worried about dehydration, but Jeremy figured out a way to get her to drink Pedialyte from a bottle. She's not very skilled about using a bottle because I mainly breast feed her. And the doctor said that it'll take another 2 days or so to run its course. She seems better hydrated today and less fussy and she did sleep much, much better last night, although it seemed as if she nursed every 30 minutes, so less sleep for me.

Ruby got a microchip put in her back for identification. We are getting ready to move her to Germany and Singapore and one of the requirements is to have an electronic tag placed in her. It's a chip enclosed in glass and is about the size of a grain of rice. It comes loaded into a syringe and then the needle is placed between her shoulder blades. And voila, she is scannable!

Had dinner with Bob last night, BBQ chicken and rice. Yum.

Now Vince is running a low fever, but he seems to be in a good mood. We'll see if the runny poop makes the rounds.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

For the LCD panel. I just got it today. I'm been wrestling with it for a couple hours trying to reinstall Windows XP, but it kept on giving me an error about how my hard drive was corrupted. I've figured out the (possible) solution but I need to get my USB floppy drive back from Choon. I don't think I'm going to ever buy another laptop without a CD-ROM again. It's a real pain to get the operating system on it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Will Be in DC Sunday Night & Monday

Folks, I will be in DC Sunday Night & Monday. Mom moved to her new office which is a little bit further than the old one's.

Happy Birthday Day Shwe...

Played bridge and Soul Caliber on the Sega Dreamcast tonight. It was Shwe's 30th birthday, and we surprised him at dinner. I should say his girlfriend surprised him by playing coy and even making Shwe suggest the restuarant that we were all meeting up in. Clever.

On the other note, Jack and Lynn are finally engaged. Lynn had her rock on her tonight. They had shopped together for the ring awhile ago and Jack was just making her wait for the ring to torture her. The proposal came in their living room after watching "The Notebook". She was wearing her pajamas and he had just come out of the bathroom.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Taxes Are Done.

Turbotax is great. It cost me a little bit to file, but I found some deductions that I probably would have missed otherwise. Plus I get to keep my tax history online. Great stuff.

Hope Edda Gets Better

Hope she is getting better!


Donald, Mom told me about options you are considering. That is very good. Here are a couple of my thought on this. They may be out of cohesiveness.

1) Very good
2) Don't plan & think too much. Just go ahead do it.
3) Do them simultaneously, not sequentially.
4) The easiest way and best bet are still in your main field. Keep looking intensively and smile a lot. Try to get back to your field with concessions.
5) Looking in your field can be done parallelly with other options.

Just let us know what can we do to help.

Back with a Lot of Mom's Food Supplies

Well, I was back yesterday. The lady right next to me read her book all night on the plane. I almost punched her but, of course, I did not. Just pretty annoying with those shining light reflected from her book. I managed to sleep anyway and went to work after stuck in the traffic for 45 minutes. After working 7 more hours & my blood pressure was normal. That was a piece of good news. I plan to be around a long time to enjoy Mom's nagging :) Well, Mom is great, especially, she is very good to me. Sometimes, I am wondering why Mom said "yes, I do". Kind of lucky :) You too.

Well, while on the way out to Richland, the airlines provided free lunch and it was a big surprise. Surprised indeed, I got a bag of expired chips. I complained to the flight attendant. Not too much response because I guessed everyone got their chips expired. Not just expired recently, but 3 weeks ago. Guess what, I wrote a letter together with the expired chips to their customers services. Stay tune ...

Well, now my small refrigerator is full of Mom's supplies. Great! I found out wrinkled paper is an excellent insulator. Food stays cold after 20 hours.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Germany happenings.

So I'm posting a few photos from Jeremy's Germany trip. On Friday after the meeting ended, Jeremy went with Asuka and Carrie to the Festung Koningstein, a castle near Dresden. It was really, really cold because the castle is on top of a pretty big hill and totally exposed to the winter wind. They also ate very nice pastries. Jeremy looked at a nice 3rd floor apartment for us. We have to see if they will let Ruby live there. Well, we also have to sign the agreement.

Jeremy at the castle, holding on tightly because the wind is blowing so hard.

Walls at the castle Festung Konigstein.

Jeremy and Carrie enjoying European pastries. Doesn't Jeremy look excited?

Our apartment?

Party, party, party.

We started the day at 8:30 am with a breakfast birthday party at Annette and Frank's apartment. They were celebrating Frank's 35th birthday. We had a yummy breakfast of bread, cheese, chicken salad, fruit salad, tea, coffee and cereal. Yum. Jeremy brought back a lot of goodies for the Germans, including bread for Frank's birthday and licorice candy for Patricia. Jeremy bought 5 bags of this cat-shaped candy for her and they were pretty awful tasting, but she seemed pleased. The kids got chocolate eggs filled with toys. These toys are pretty cool, they are quite complicated and mechanical.

Then we went home and got Emy and headed up to Bard for an afternoon birthday party for Vince, Edda and Bob. We had pizza and the chocolate cake that I made (which was quite fluffy when I pulled it out of the oven last night, but had collapsed to half of it's height by this morning). Katherine made meringue. We all wore Thomas the Tank Engine hats and ate off Thomas the Tank Engine plates. They were left over from the party on Wed.

Then we headed home, dropped Emy off at the train station.

Ben, Johann, Vince and Clara enjoying chocolate eggs with toys inside them.

The birthday boys with their party hats.

Go Donald Go!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jeremy is home!

Hooray! He's home! Let's see... On Friday, Vince went to school and had pizza day and I went to the a coffee clatch given by a German's expat's wife Annette. Annette has two kids, Ben and Henry. She usually hosts this coffee on Friday, I went a few weeks ago. Patricia, Zilka and Jackie were also there. It was such a wonderful time, we talked about our families and our kids and our trips and nude beaches and the kids all played wonderfully with each other.

Then I drove to Bard. That night, we tried to go to a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser at the Bard Student center, but they were giving out free food and the line was waaayyy tooo long. So Vince got a bag of Doritos and we went back to the Martin's house for dinner.

This morning, Bob and Vince took the doggies for a walk to get the newspaper. When they got to the spot where the newspaper is delivered, it wasn't there. They waited for a little while and they were about to turn back, but then the truck came by and the driver threw the paper out. Vince was very impressed. Bob left for NYC to hear cellists audition for the conservatory and Katherine and the kids and I went to the mall and bought some socks for the kids. Man, those socks disappear really, really quickly. I always seem to need to buy more. We had lunch at the food court. Then we went home and read stories and I left at 2 pm. Came back home and waited for Jeremy to come home (he got a ride from Bob). Emy came up too and is spending the night here in our apt. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Bob, Vince and Edda's birthday. I baked a chocolate-sour cream cake, we'll see how it turned out tomorrow.

Copper Bowl & Ice Wine

Yesterday, I saw the copper bowl that Donald made. It is great, especially with initials. I have to do more taxes and can not blog too much. Hope, Jeremy, gets a bottle of tax free German ice wine on the plane.

Friday, March 11, 2005

More Work & ...

When I decided to visit Doris last week, work was pretty slow. That was why I drove off to see them before they are leaving for overseas. I thought the work load might drips, drips and drops to a complete stop. But, work is picking up again now. Part of it is due to re-analysis with revised input.

Well, I will submit a request for 3 weeks vacation without pay later this month. Hopefully, they will extend my job after that. But, not sure. If not, I will collect my un-employment insurance in Washington State for 6 months. But, hopefully, I will have something before that. If not, I will cook for Mom for 6 months with help from Mom & Doris before looking for another job. Doris showed me some of her cook books and a lot of ingredients from her pantry while I was in NY.

Do you folks still remember Ms. Pan? Our in-house keeper while you were young. She is a realtor. She is around Deerwood area and is asking, thru one of our common friends, whether we will sell our house or not yesterday. I told her friend not now.

Oh, the mediation session by the Maryland State will be held on Monday, March 21 in Baltimore.

Got on More Weight Machines and -> Mom Place

This morning, I got on two more weight machines and walk "2 miles/30 mins/200 cals". Right now, I am on total of 4 weight machines and more to follow.

I am leaving around 8:40 AM to see Mom. Everything is ready and hope the snow will not affect the trip. Cannot wait for Mom's food.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Green frosting.

Vince's birthday was nice. I dropped him off at school with his supplies and when I picked him us, Ms. Pat said that he had a nice day and that he had fun.

In the afternoon, we went to Bard and met Alex Cook who was up at Bard giving a talk on the Gang of Four. Started learning Chinese in college and now he says that he reads a lot of text in Chinese, but since he doesn't really speak it to anyone, he's forgetting how a lot of it is pronounced. He's married to a woman who writes for Glamour magazine. I asked if that makes his life more glamourous and he said no, that his wife gets invited to stuff, but usually he stays home.

Today, we went to see Eileen, Bob's assistant at Bard. We haven't seen her in a long, long time. It was a lot of fun hanging out with her. She is such a cool person and she lets Vince go to the Thomas the Tank Engine web site to play games. Shhhh.... Don't tell Vince you can get it on any computer. Only Eileen's computer.

With Mom This Weekend & Tax Time

I will be with Mom this weekend. My tickets were the cheapest ones. It took me to everywhere that you might imagine. This time, Friday noon time, Pittsburgh to Newark, there to Seattle and then to Richland. The forecast is for snow in the NE and Pittsburgh. Well, should be okay and hope there will be no delays.

This weekend is our tax time. Getting very complicated. A lot of States and a lot of something else. Need to wrap up before going to our 3 weeks trips (April 16th -> May 7th) with friends in Las Vegas. Also, need to get and mail birthday card & gift to Donald. Donald, what do you prefer? Please just let us know, besides a dinner for 4, traditionally. Hope, at least, one of them is a lady :)

Will get back by red-eye flight on Sunday evening. Also bring back dumplings, duck and may be turkey. Oh, good stuffs! BTW, Doris' cooking is also marvelous. Donald, don't eat out while in NY.

Situations Update

I am still here, kind of not hating my work. This temp work keeps bringing back a lot of memories of 20 years ago during the hayday of this industry. Funny.

But, the Atlanta's one is still there. No decision and pending. North Caroline, the support manager job requisition was postponed due to client's $$$ issue. The other day, I got a phone call that, in Oklahoma, a company is looking for someone. Too bad, the compensation was not as good. But, just in case, if I want to pay my bills without other options and tour the continent, I may take it. Getting pays to see places is not that bad. Right? Since I always like to be close to Mom, so sometimes ago, I applied for a IT support personnel position in Oregon. Guess what, I got a reply saying that I did not qualify to their minimum requirements. It was in black and white and typed in a written letter, with a hand written signature. What a insult! I almost jumped to the phone and called this fellow :(-->

Well, from time to time, I hopped on the machine and looked for opportunities. And as I said "Keep Looking and Smile a Lot", no matter what. All I need is just one. And one is enough, at least, for the time being.

Bottom line, I still would like to work at least a couples of months a year to pay my bills and be with your Mom :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Try the spelling

I am going to check out the spelling option. I saw the ABC thing and it should be very helpful for me. I am very bad in spelling and I am even worse in typing. Daddy is my dictionary. His spelling is excellent. So is his typing. When we were dating in Taiwan. We went to grandpa's office. Grandpa wanted to type a letter. I volunteered to type ( I was learning how to type at that time and very happy to show my skill!). I was very nervus and finally, daddy typed this letter.

The ABC spelling check deos not work.

Vince, Grand Mom and Pa Say "Happy Birthday"

Happy Birthday to You :)

Lifting Weigths Too

Starting yesterday, I lift weights while doing walking exercise. I just do two types of weight lifting - pushing legs and pull down weights. So, I can out muscle Mom :) I will eventually visit all the machines out there. But, for the time being, two is enough for me.

Happy Birthday Vince!

woo hoo! don't blow all your cupcakes at once! :P

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

I love homemade frosting!

I got to Bard at about 5:30 and met a prospective Bard Conservatory student (Francesco) and his Dad (Curtis). Very nice folks. Francesco is accomplished in the piano, violin and viola and has composed 3 major musical works already! Very impressive.

Vince tried to sleep in Katherine and Bob's bed last night, but apparently he kept insisting that he was hungry and thirsty, so they sent him back to sleep with me.

In the morning, we said goodbye to Francesco and Curtis and headed to the student center so Vince could eat 2 sausage patties.

I looked for poetry books in the bookstore, especially John Ashbery books.

Then we went back home in a raging blizzard. Yikes, it was pretty silly being out there in the slush and cold with two kids and a single stroller, but we made it home.

Then I spent the rest of the morning making cupcakes with Vince. Vince didn't really help, he mainly ate sugar. The cupcakes were too full and they all overflowed the tops and made a gigantic 9-cupcake mass.

Then we braved the weather and drove back to Wappingers. It took more than 2 hours in the snow, but the kids slept and I went really slowly.

We had an early dinner of raviolis and then I made the frosting for the cupcakes. Frosting is just sugar and butter pretty much. Remember that. It is so much better than the stuff out of the can. We are ready for B-day.

Site maintenance.

So you'll notice a few things different about Just Regular Folks... At the top of the page, there is this blue bar. If you look on the left hand side, a button that says, BlogThis! Click on this and you will get a pop up window that you can enter your blog in on. As you are entering your wonderful prose, look at the light blue bar on the pop up window in which you are typing. You will see a button that has the letters ABC with a check mark. This is the spell check. Good luck with spelling.

Also, if you look at the very bottom of the Just Regular Folks page, you will notice a site counter! We have had 101 visits! Hooray!

Rena, three bags of dumplings and then ask for refill

Oh, I get three bags of dumplings with 9 each left. That will last until Thursday night. Then I will go to Richland and ask for a refill. The timing is just great.

Monday, March 7, 2005

Actually, I've been distracted.

The kids have been great. Vince went to school today and they had Pat's Pals come over. A lady, Pat I guess, comes over with animals for the kids to pet. She had a snazzy set-up, a background painted with trees and mountains, a real tree with branches for the birds to perch on. I didn't see the show, but Vince tells me that that he saw a blue bird, a tall tall snake, a tiny bunny, a prickly hedgehog and something else? I forget.

Anyhoo, Jeremy called from Germany, he's doing great. Set up a web cam so we can see each other. The kids loved it, and Ruby looked behind the computer to find Jeremy. No luck.

Well I'm off to the elder Martin household - generally withour internet access. Be back in 24-36 hours.

No time for blogging, Doris :)

I guess Doris is too busy with the kids and no time for blogging :)

Super mom everyday, not just today

I was at Doris' place over the weekend. To handle two kids are not easy. While watching her, just reminded me about your Mom too. Well, indeed, they (moms) are super mom everyday, not just today.

"Rena, I Love You"

Vince is cue. From time to time, he said let us call Rena. And on the phone, he always said "Rena, I love you" Edda is always smiling.

I was completely exhausted and can imagine how tough and rough with those kids all day and night. :)

Weekend Update...


I went to Arif's company (they have a 50" DLP flat screen) to watch "The Big Lebowski" and "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle". The first was entirely random and the second was just super funny. I wanted to go to White Castle after that movie. It's also funny casue we were watching both those movies with Arif's boss, her husband, her 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend. Not exactly normal family fare, but liberating. Oye, and I'm out of my element with white people.


Woke up at the early hour of 1:30pm. Spend the afternoon ripping music from my old HS CD's to Apple Lossless format. I'm running out of disk space tho.

I went out to dinner with Arif and Arif's cousin Nasreen. Nasreen is looking for an availible Muslim boy that's good looking. Most of the night was strategery for her to find a good feller. We, again, went to Pacific Edge and watched "We Don't Live Here Anymore". Naomi Watts is pretty good looking, tho her character was kinda bitchy in the movie. It was the perfect movie to set Arif off about philosophizing about what could go wrong in marriage.


All day eating affair with all the Malaysians. Choon and Pei-Sun. Judy (non malaysian) and P'ng. and Lynn. We went to a Thai temple in berekeley where they were serving hawker style food. Yum Yum. There were these deep fried sweet potato yam, coconut and onion cakes that were soooooo good.

Then we went to see P'ng and Judy's maybe new house in Alameda. $450k for about 800 square feet. ouch. plus I'm hanging out in the wrong crowd. Everyone's in that group is getting married and looking to buy a house. Of course the conversation revolved around home loans and home improvement. Kinda felt a little out of place there.

Of course, then we went out to eat Malaysian for dinner. Beef Randag. Good stuff.

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Ruby was out of her crate!

You will be pleased to note that I forgot to crate Ruby up when I left for the day, so when I came back home, she has eaten up all the pancakes from this morning.

Busy Sunday

I went to Winco this moring to have a walk and get few item from the store. Did lot of cooking this morning ( made a meat balls rapped with egg. prepared the dumpling fillings. stewed some pork with eggs). In the afternoom, went to shopping again. One the way back stopped at Winco again to have some fish and water. When I came back home, I realized I forget my fish. So, I drove back to the store, the # 5 registor was closed and my fish was still there in the plastic bag. I took the bag and left.

I also did so spring clean. I plan to wash the car. But the time runs out, I will do it later.

Biscuit's here!

So after Dad left, we went to the Children's Museum and had lunch there. We packed a lunch of fruit and the leftover pancakes from this morning. Then we drove to the Chinese Market to buy dumplings for the week. Then we went to the Barnes and Noble for story time again, this time a huge character showed up, Buscuit the dog.

The men have left.

Only us women and children left.

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Nice weather here

A couple came over to have dinner last night. I made westin style dinner with soup, shrip salad, artichoke, salman, pork chop, corn, asperagus and blueberry pei plus home made bread. One peice of pork chop is left I am going to have it tonignt.

Today, I went to Chinese store here and bought a can of soy souce and some tofu and vegitable. I aslo went to mall and bought some cloth and two stainless steel pots. It was $20 a peice. Last time I bought for $10. Today it was $8.00. I am going to retun the original ones tomorrow to kill some time and take a wald at mall as my exercise. I also bought a beach tower to be ready for swiming. I also bought a Tommy yellow raing coat with 65% off.

Back to work on tax.

Gong-gong is here!

Dad showed up on Friday for the weekend! Yah! We just hung out yesterday and at a pork loin. The kids love having him here.

Vince had a tough day at school on Friday. Apparently his listening ears were not put on.

Hmmm, Jeremy is preparing for his trip to Germany and so are we.

Dad with the kids.

Donald, you are a stud!

Friday, March 4, 2005


After two+ years long distance pursue thru our judiciary systems, finally the collection agency is able to get hold of our former Duke St. tenants' pay checks. The split between us is 30% vs 70%. Starting April 15th, I will get 70% of ~ $175.00 - $200.00 per week until it exhausts the total amount of 9K owed. Except he declares bankruptcy. In the process, I attended the court trials in Rockville several times myself while working out of town. In that process, I learned a lot.

Super mom day!

Yesterday, I spent the whole day out with the kids. Let me tell you, it's no easy feat. Went to the library's story time at 11 am. Went to McDonalds for lunch. Took them both inside myself. I know, a lot of moms do this, but this was the first time for me. Then drove them around until they napped and then took them to Barnes and Noble for the afternoon story hour.

Clara and Patricia stopped by and asked a question about math.


Round Trips

Today I am leaving for New York to see the Martins in Wappingers Fall. I should arrive for dinner. Tomorrow, Jeremy is leaving for Germany. Sunday, I am heading to Washington DC. Monday morning, I will file court papers with respect to Softwind and will be right back to Pittsburg around 1:00 PM. Cannot wait to see the little ones. Donald, take good care and welcome on the 8th. A delayed birthday dinner is waiting :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

6 Weeks

Went to see the othopedist today. He seemed really busy. Pretty much he said, wear the sling, wait 6 weeks, you body is amazing this way! Then, ironically, he showed me a US News & World Report magazine that was lying in the exam room. The cover story title was "why do we need doctors?". Indeed

Sleeping problems

So much for our good sleeper, Edda. She used to go to bed easily at 8 or 8:30, now she fights, fights, fights it. Last night, I was nursing her at 8, she seemed so tired, so her eyes were closing and she was so close to going to bed. But the sounds from the living room (mainly Vince) kept her awake and she was fully awake 10 minutes later, laughing and pulling Jeremy's mouth. Then at 9:30 pm, as Vince is getting ready for bed, Edda just wouldn't settle down. Thank goodness that once she did fall asleep, she slept through the night.

Mom Is Really Concerned

I told Mom when she woke up and called me this morning. She is concerned about the healing, I can tell.

Snow, Snow, More Snow ...

Do Vince, Edda & Ruby love all this snow ... They do, right?

How serious?

How serious is it? Mom and Dad are very concerned. See doctor as necessary and do the follow-ups. If you need rest, you can always come to Mom's or Dad's place to rest. Very glad to have you around. Good health is better than anything else. Just go ahead and get proper treatment and don't worry about the rest.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

It's Official

I cracked my collarbone today. I'll have short blogs now since i can only type one handed.

Keep Looking & Smile A Lot

Donald, just an encouragement :)

Snowing yet again.

Yes, it is snowing again. What luck. Last night, we were all tired, I think I feel asleep before the kids at 9 pm.

Vince, Jeremy and Ruby out on their morning walk.