Saturday, February 5, 2005

Possible Temp Job in Atlanta

Yesterday, one of mine head hunting agents offered me a possible temp position in Atlanta or Birmingham. The total hourly rate and overtime rate are almost the same. But in there, the per diem (non-taxable) portion is much higher. In addition, it calls for a 1 - 2 years assignment. That will bring me closer to 65.

This morning I emailed them the updated resume for them to submit to their client for final review & approval. Their decision will come by the end of February. Of course, I don't know what happening here. Need to compare these two at that time when I really get the job.

By April or May this year, Mom and Dad will be together somewhere in the US. That is for sure.

Stay tune ...

Donald, are you okay? Mom and Dad called you several times yesterday and, hopefully, not waking you up. Take good rest :)

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