Monday, February 28, 2005

Sugar high.

Thanks Ruth,
For the joke machine and the lollipop.
You are so sweet!

Vince and his sugar.

Thanks for Helping on the Move

Well, thanks and see you on the 8th.

Donald, Your Birthday Is Coming too!

Hi, Donald, your birthday is coming too. What kind of gift you prefer?

Thanks, mom and dad...

For the clothes and the checks for the kids. I'm sure we'll find both very useful.

Clothes for the kids.

Weekend Update.


I went out to dinner with Frank. He has a Microsoft Prime card that lets you get deals at certain restaurants. We got italian for about 10 dollars. Then we went home and watched Road to Perdition. Good Movie.


Frank and I met up with Ray at the Team in Training group ride. We were just tagging along really but they were doing hill repeats. It really wasn't all that big of hill, but whatever. It was a good atmosphere. I can understand why a lot of women do TNT. Everyone is super supportive and there's no egos involved like there is on certain group rides.

Later on, I hung out with Ronnie and Josh. I played some go with Josh. I lost pretty badly since I have no idea what I'm doing in go. Then I tried to solve a Rubik's Cube but that just made me feel stupid.

Then I went to Rich's to play some poker. I lost 7 bucks which is a bummer. They play a lot of weird games that I don't know what the strategies are, or what the expected outcomes are, so I end up losing a lot. Tho we did play tournament Texas Hold 'em for while, and I did okay there. I just needed to be more aggressive at the end.


I rode the Sea Otter course down in Monterey with Jason. I was surprised with myself since I don't think I'm in great shape for the race coming up in April. But I managed to finish the course without too many problems. Tho I did hit a tree with my left shoulder coming around a turn. Good thing there's a lot of meat there, so it's nothing more than a scrape.

Ate chinese for dinner with Ken and Choon and some other folks. Everyone teased me cause I was dressed up in a nice shirt and shoes, which usually I'm in T-shirt and Birkenstocks. I notice that I was the only single person at the table of ... 10. :P


My Laptop is dead. The LCD panel broke, so there's no real chance of repair. It's too bad. It was a good laptop. It's still pretty slim even by today's standard. It's a big bummer. It served me well for 5 years. I'll have to take the 40gig HD out and move it to my other screaming machine - a P2 350. :P

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Piano concert.

Went to Melvin Chen's piano conert at Bard. Amazing 90 minute concert with pieces from 5 composers all from memory. Bob and Katherine had a party at their house after the concert and we all were congratulating Melvin and asked how he performed so much music from memory. He said that if he forgot what came next, he just *get this*, he just made it up! Who knew?

Before the concert, we took a long dog walk with the kids and headed down to Blythewood and let the doggies run off leash. That was a lot of fun. It's was a beautiful day here.

Donald, Can You Help?

Mom decided to retire after May officially. She is going to leave Richland in April. Mom is asking:

1) May be, 8th or 15th of April, if you have time, help Mom to move from Richland to Washougal. Mom does not have too much things to move. A weekend is enough.

2) On April 17th, we are going to Las Vegas and ready to tour the country for a month with our friend and his wife using his Ford. I don't know where exactly we are going. Do we have any volunteer to check our email on "mail2web" if case we have access problems?

Dad will continue to find some part time jobs to cover some of our bills. We will be together permanently. 7 1/2 years of commuting is just too much for both of us.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Short and sweet dinner party.

Tonight we invited Chee-Chow and his wife Michelle over for dinner. Turns out that Michelle grew up in Maryland, not far from where we grew up. Jeremy invited them over at 5 and the dinner of beef stroganoff was on the table by 5:20pm! Vince acted pretty grouchy tonight and Edda was very fussy, so they left at about 8pm.

Michelle with Edda and Vince.

Last night

We went to Barnes and Noble and bought guide books for France and Germany. We were out soo late. Oh well.

Reading good night story.

Can't wait for his birthday

Everyday Vince gets up now and says "Today is my birthday!" Then he says that he wants to bake his birthday cake.

Vince with his wares.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Pizza day.

This is Vince enjoying his pizza at preschool. This is Preschool Room 3 , Pat is his teacher. Around the table are Tina, Dennis, Daniel and Michael.

Pizza day!

favorite toys

Edda's favorite toys are a Peter Rabbit stuffed animal that Ben gave to Vince when he was a year old. God forbid you try and put on Pete's jacket. She is adamant about wanting it off. And she likes a partially filled Nalgene water bottle. You should hear her scream when Vince tries to take either away.

Edda and her favorite toys.

Story time, again.

Went to story time again at the East Fishkill library. We learned the colors in Spanish... Pardo, verde, rojo, negro, dorado, morado, rojo, amarillo. One of the moms, who's first language is Spanish, read a book to us in Spanish. Then we played bingo using our new vocabulary. Apparently all the kids know spanish because of a show on TV.

Made a yummy shrimp/scallion dish last night. It was so verde.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I hate my address book.

Yesterday, while Vince was at daycare and I had finished my rowing and a bit of piano, I went to Goodwill and bought an ugly bag for $5 and also a winter jacket for Edda for $4. You may ask why I don't have a winter jacket for my soybean, but we've had her in a head-to-toe outfit for the bulk of the frigid winter and now I wanted something to just put on the top because the other outfit is so damn difficult to put on and now Target isn't selling winter clothes, only bikinis.

Also, I spent the afternoon trying to use Thunderbird from Modzilla, and I was all excited because Jeremy hyped it up so much. So first I get my gmal account to show up, and then I'm slowly transferring my address book over to Thunderbird and then I find out that when I print out my address book, it sorts by the order I enter the entries. Wouldn't alphabetical be more helpful? Basically took me all afternoon, and now my address book is half in Thunderbird and half in Yahoo. Ugh. All the meanwhile, this has eaten up hours of my time and I've tried to convince the kids that they would really rather just play in the other room. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Crappy Projects

Here's my 2 other crappy projects from class that I'm not really very happy about. One is a copper pot that's been annealed and hammered out from just a sheet of copper. It doesn't even stand up straight and there's a crack on the bottom where I hammered it in a really thin area. The other thing is just a stainless steel bit that's been put on the mill. The mill is just a fancy drill press really. It's super precise too. You can get things to 5 one thousandth of an inch.

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Here's some pics of my roomies, Frank and Andrew. Here we're just chatting outside in our hallways about a lot of random things like church, church girls, how to make church girls think more about starting a family (like going out with Frank) instead of working all the time.

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Andrew Posted by Hello

The Grand College Tour

Last night, we went to Bard to have dinner with the Tishes, Andy (the mom), Mark (the dad) and Sarah (the prospective college student). Andy is a college friend of Katherine's and the Tishes live in Boston and are doctors. Sarah is a junior and getting ready to apply to colleges. She's interested in math/science but definately not interested in being a doctor. Apparently they have changed the SATs now, so the max score is 2400. Who knew? Vince spent the evening watching Bob the Builder videos.

Mom Is Getting Better

Mom is getting better :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I Got Friends In Low Places.

Feeling a bit blue lately. Hopefully it will pass. I'll make some lunch and go out for a ride later on. I think it'll do me some good.

Hope Mom Gets Better

Hope Mom gets better ...

Monday, February 21, 2005

Nothing interesting...

Spent the day doing laundry and working on Bach's 13th invention. Vince is slowing converting his toy allegiance from Thomas the Tank Engine toys to Legos.

Snow again.

It snowed again last night. About 4 inches. It's still snowing now a little bit. Jeremy stopped his steroids last night and now is just taking antihistamines. There are a few hives popping up, but he seems fine.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Emy's 25th brithday party.

Today we headed down to NYC to celebrate Emy's 25th birthday party and there was a lot to celebrate. She's got her own apartment in Brooklyn and a new job offer from this hip hotel in the meatpacking district, The Gansevoort Hotel. A five-star establishment, a room costs $400 a night, with her employee discount, we could stay there for a mere $200. They pay well, 20 bucks and hour (!) and after 2 months, health insurance becomes a benefit. Snazzy!

Katherine and Bob spent the morning buying amazing food at Zabar's and we ate a nice brunch in Ben's apartment. His roommate, Tim, was there as well as Ben's friend Eric who spend Christmas making blueberry cobbler with Vince.

After the party, we headed to Urban Outfitters to see if Emy could buy some jeans, but no luck. Emy went home to nap before her own birthday party at her apartment and the rest of us headed to Central Park to see the new "The Gates" exhibit by Christo.

At Emy's 25th birthday party in Ben's apartment.

Walking around NYC.

At Christo's Gates exhibit in Central Park.

Mr. Mom

I also went on a cleaning binge tonight. I'm trying to get the downstair ready for a bridge night I want to host next week. As mentioned before, the owner came by and basically cleaned up the house a little bit. I sorta took that as a hint that he wants us to clean up a little more. And he moved my bike out into the garage, but I think that's a hint I'm going to ignore. :P

About Last Night...

Seems like my Saturday night is just as fun filled as my Friday night. I ended up watching more movies today. In reverse order, I saw: The Green Mile, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Eraser.

Steven Spielberg is always good at making the bad guys look super bad and the good guys feel super good. He always seems to be able to tug just the right amount on your emotional strings.

I like the alligator scene in Eraser. Basically 3 bad guys are chasing him at the zoo, and he only has 2 bullets left. So Ah-nold shoots the glass tank that hold some alligators that dutifully take out the 3 bad guys and the last bullet is saved to kill the alligator. Which right after, Ah-nold tells the dead alligator, "You're luggage!". a hahahhahah!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dinner at Martin's

Tonight, Martin and his wife, Patrizia, invited us over to dinner. They live in the next grouping of buildings over from us, so we just walked over. Jeremy made a lemon poppyseed cake and we brought over some cheeses and wine. Their kids, Johann and Clara were there. Frank (another German AMD co-worker) and his kids, Ben and Henri were there. Annette, Frank's wife was ill with a stomach virus, so was unable to come. We had a nice time talking about vacationing in California, American women, the inability to find hip, cheap, men's clothing and Dirty Harry.


I don't care very much about things. Either that or people care too much about their things. The owner of my house came by this morning to move a couple beds to his new place. I just found it funny that he took so much care with it. He laid down a carpet on the floor of the uhaul. He couldn't fit the mattress in totally flat cause of the wheel wells, so he made a ramp over the wells so that it would lay flush. He also didn't drag the box spring over the ground at all. I think I would have just thrown it all in the uhaul. whatever. Apparently the owner had bought it off one fo my other friends a long time ago, and I didn't have to courage to tell him that the original owner probably never treated that bed very well to begin with.

Anyways, being poor is great in a way. I really pare down the things I have and I learn not to buy every random joe thing that I want.

Good morning!

Today is dedicated to cleaning up from our illness. The house looks as if an elephant has come in and settled down and invited all his zoo friends over for a playdate. I need to plan for next week's meals. Maybe a mexican theme for one night.

Jeremy and I are learning, very slowly about all the resources on the Web for the Ipod. Learning about audio blogs and other things you can download. These things are happening so quickly and are so exciting and I know I'm not even aware of a lot of these things. Things like TIVO, video games, etc..

Friday Night Lights.

Stayed home tonight. Nothing really happening on the social agenda. It's nice to have a break from it all, tho I'm feeling a bit lonely tonight. I ended up watching Zoolander and The Royal Tenenbaums. Both are Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson movies. The last one is a bit ironic mentioning it in the blog. Not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the night. Sleep sounds good tho.

Friday, February 18, 2005

My son wants to stay at day care.

Today Vince wanted to stay at day care and not come home. Not even after pizza. He crawled into a classmate's sleeping bag for a nap and didn't want to come out.

sleep deprived Vince

Vince got up this morning in a foul mood. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he went to bed at 11 last night! Jeremy had an interview to host yesterday and one to host today today, so it's really important that he be at work promptly. I am still in my pajamas.

Hmm, the computer is sooo clean and unblemished. I am happy about that, no more spyware. Now if I can stop those buggers from reinfecting the computer.

Last night I made, chicken drumsticks with a walnut/roasted pepper sauce from Gourmet magazine. Yummy!

No Comment on My Lyric

Too bad, no comment on my "lyric", not even from Mom. I was very moved by the sound that morning and wished being asked to dance, at least on the blog, before my time is up and disappear.

Keep smiling :) and love.

Sick Cat

Well, Mom is pretty sick and I am thinking not going to Washougal today. But, it really depends on Mom. She already made appointment with some handy man to put a big window for the river view. See how is going.? Hope she is better. But, right now, I still can hear her cough. Sounds not too good.

Yesterday, while waiting to catch the plane to Richland, I met a lady (a grandmom) she was heading to Bedford, Oregon from Minneapolis to see her grandkids. I told her that you are going to retire on the Washington side of the Columbia river near Portland. She kind of figured out right away our intention to have the best of the both worlds - no income and sale taxes. She kind of had that funny look on her face. Don't know. A lot of people just as practical as we are.

Tri-Cities Area, Journal of Business (Feb. 2005)

MiniSystems Inc. was on the front page of this journal. The title is "Husband and wife work to promote home-based engineering business" and with our color picture on it. It was a pretty nice article about our success and in-ability (nicer term for failure) to expand our business. It was what it was.

During the last leg of my flight from Seattle to Richland today, a passenger recognized me and showed it to me before Mom did.

I will make copy and posted sometime. Remember, I am a low tech guy and it may take a while.

The other day, someone in South Carolina called about an opportunity there. Right now, I am really a Gypsie and like a Pr---, work for money whereever I find them. Well, that is the way it is.

Donald, did Mom and Dad Answers Your Questions?

More questions? Please let us know.

Apple Computers

Incidentally, I mentioned to Ronnie that you might want to get an Apple. He's and employee and can give you one of his 15% off discounts for pretty much anything except for the new stuff - re. the Mac Mini. I'd recommend an iBook for your purposes. You should also check out their refurbished deals online. Looks like there are some really good buys out there...

Went riding today...

With some pretty fast people. Me, being a slow person, dragged behind. I was out of shape, out of breath, and felt like throwing up. I'm recovered, but still gots the phelgm stuck in my lungs and throat.

I had lunch with Joy and Sunny at Applewood's Pizza in Menlo Park. Yum. Pizza. Althoough I didn't have Vince's favorite pepperoni, it was still a good pizza. I haven't eaten out in awhile. Joy and Sunny are labmates and it's funny how much they go off about their kooky advisor. He's random, has a low attention span, and highly confrontational. He rags on everyone's presentations and provides very little help to his grad students, yet apparently he loves helping out other students and projects a good first impression. Anyways, sounds like a circus in there. I suppose every lab's has it's quirks tho. Just glad I'm not a part of that.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Yummy dinner...

Tonight, I made roast chicken legs with a walnut/roasted red pepper sauce. Yummy if I do say do myself. Edda is especially fussy these days, perhaps a molar is coming in.

Oh yes, mom, there is spell check. Just look for the "ABC" button on top of where you post.

Cozy hour at Bright Horizons.

Last night, I made pork chops and a butternut squash salad from Martha Stewart's Everday Food (an excellent cooking magazine for the regular home cook) before Jeremy got home and we ate quickly and went to Bright Horizons for cozy hour from 7-8 pm. Stories, hot chocolate and kids running around with pajamas. There is a little girl from Korea in his class named Yebin, who on Friday swung a bag of craft supplies and hit Vince in the head. Vince got a little bruise and, of course, in this litigious country, an "accident report" had to be filled out by the parents of both parties and signed. Now Yebin's mom (who pretty much only speaks Korean) is understandably concerned about the paperwork because it makes it all seem so serious and so now she stops me whenever I see them and asks about Vince. Last night, she finally asked, "Do you care?" and I laughed said, "No, I don't care!"

Vince likes to look at his poop.

And your poop too. So when you come over, you may have to show him your poop before you flush.


While driving to work this morning, I heard a sound with lyric saying "I would invite my Dad to dance again". Something like that. The singer was in memory of his Dad postmorten. Suddenly, I felt another lyric in my ears saying "... tears in my eyes ...". I was deeply moved & pretty moody and hoped you all doing well.

Okay, another 3 1/2 hours I am off to see Mom. Exciting.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Penny Man on PA Turnpikes

I am all famous about my pennies and "request for receipt" on the PA turnpike. Almost everyone in the booth of my section knows about me - a guy with an oversize piggy bank, paying toll with pennies, a lot of pennies. One gentleman even introduced himself as "Tim" and asked things about me. Where I work? What kind of profession I am in? Why I need receipt all the time? etc. They are all very friendly after they know me. Of course, I am friendly too just trying to get rid of my pennies.

Sleeping problems...

I'm not sleeping that well these days, hmm, stressed about moving? Dunno. Nothing interesting to report - the prednisone seems to be helping Jeremy, he woke up this morning alert and talkative which was absent in his demenor the last few days. Vince woke up by peeing in his bed. I've been doing the morning dog walks for the past few days since Jeremy's feet have been too swollen to walk on and the mornings have just been beautiful. Granted, we live in a development where they are constantly doing construction, but at 7 in the morning, the light is beautiful and everything is quiet and it seems as if all possible roads can be taken and enjoyed and to quote the the Donald-meister - it's all good.

Oh yes, and right now, there is a ladybug crawling across my desk. I take it to be a good omen.

Aunt & Uncle

Last night, Aunt Liz called for the first time in 5 years. To be honest, I was real surprised. She was very interested and concerned about my current situations. We talked about 10 minutes. So far, she has tried to avoid me about 5 years right after grandmom's death. The reason, I guess, was very simple. I disagreed with her about the way of handling the situation with grandmom. I thought we should let her go peacefully. I guessed she felt terrible that I was not on her side during the heated discussions among our siblings. You know, of course not everytime, all the time, people should agree with you. Even, wife and husband, sometimes can not agree on something. But, the big picture is that there are other things beside this need to be taken of. What a wasteful 5 years? I am glad she can forget and forgive.

Again, during the heated discussions about grandmom, I was pointing out that Uncle Robert would not make any decision on how to handle grandmom situations even though he had grandmom's written will that he was the sole one to decide. I am complaining that if he promised grandmom of anything, he should definitely take the responsibility to do just that. Well, after that, that was absolutely no communication between us. He even turned down politely my suggested visit to him back at the time that there was a Martin's family re-union in New Mexico. I think this one will drag on for more than 5 years. Hope, it is short though.

The lesson, I am trying to pass on to those having our genes, is that please don't just let one thing (or couple of things) stands in the way to ruin everything else. Our family traits have the tendency to do just that. Understanding, flexibility and communication are the key. No two people think alike, act alike. There are a lot of other areas, beside one or two things, that common good & interests should bring people together, not to agree, but at least to work together of getting satisfied solutions for everyone involved.

Time is up. I need to go downstairs doing exercise.

Comment 11

Okay, start anew. Here are my three sentences:

1) believe in yourself, get all the help that you can out there
2) keep looking and smiling (set a goal for job hunting, 5 resumes a week?)
3) communication, communication & commnunication

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Jeremy's on steroids. I'm hoping it'll kick up his energy level for a few days and he can do all this cool stuff around the house, file paperwork, dust shelves and de-spy-ify the computer. Vince is still up at 10:30 in the evening because he fell asleep for his nap at 4 pm, again!

Sick day

I stayed home today due to my cold. It is better now. I think I can go back to work tomorrow. However, i can talk to you guys today. I am not allowed to use internet at office. Some people got fired due to use of internet with gov. computer.

Going Home

I am going home. Blog to you tomorrow.

Hope Mom & Jeremy Are Getting Better

Hope they are getting better. I don't want to call to disturb them.

Poor Noel, No nothing for Valentine's

Poor Noel. You are the only one in the family has no nothing on Valentine's Day.

Sick day

At the end of every cold, Jeremy gets hives and as he gets older the hives are getting worse. So he is staying home today and going to the doctor later this afternoon. Vince and I went to the post office to pick up another present from Ruth! Thank you, Ruth! Pretty quiet around the house today.

Realistic Goals.

Hrm. I applied to Specialized just now. I think I wrote a pretty good cover letter. Anyways, I wonder how much money really is enough. I've talked about this before with Doris. I think it's really hard when you look at all your friends with all their BMW's and fancy houses. Lately, whenever people talk about houses or cars or jobs or whatever, I get to thinking that I'll never be able to do these things again. That in some ways I'm not really at their level anymore. Everyone's living on such a higher monetary plane than I am. It's depressing. No question. I lust after things. As much as I think it's shallow, it's true. Will I be happy making 40k 10 years from now? Do I want to continue to avoid the realities of getting a real job? Sometimes I feel like I'm selling out going back to computers. Something in my gut tells me that is the wrong thing for me now. Now the question is do I listen to it?

Monday, February 14, 2005

Got the Godiva Chocolate!

Thanks for the sweet treats! We will enjoy them!

Valentine's Day

Busy day, got up, Jeremy dropped Vince off at school this morning. I packed up Edda, Ruby, and a few bags full of groceries and headed up to Rhinebeck for Edda's final check-up with the orthopedic doctor. He manipulated her legs, bent them back and forth and declared her healed! Yah. Then I went to the town clerk and got a copy of her birth certificate for $10 because I lost the original. Then I went to Bob and Katherine's house and had lunch and waited for Jeremy. He's took half a day off to cook a Valentine's Day dinner with me and the rest of the Martins. Ben came up from NYC. Got the car inspected in the afternoon and picked up a prescription for Jeremy.

Here's My Picture Frame.

I just got it back from the professor. It's made from Aluminum and it's got a brushed finish if you can tell from the picture. I'm really happy with how it came out. My other 2 projects tho, aren't so pretty...

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Front Posted by Hello

Happy V day

Happy v day. I got the flower from my "boyfriend" as stated on the card. It was funny that they gave 10 roses in the vase. I am sure that daddy would order a dosen. So I called daddy. And daddy called them. They said that it was honorest mistake and they re-dilivered 2 more rosed.

I got another cold and saw a doctor. You all have to be careful to avoid it.

Happy Vday Folks!

Looks like I'm finally free of the flu. Woo Hoo! Apparently there's a new flu strain called the Santa Clara Flu. That's what they are going to make next year's flu vaccine out of. Great.

Mom Just Got My Flowers

Mom just got it!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.

Hopefully, gifts from Mom will arrive at your door steps today. Also, my gift to Mom.

I probably will drive to DC and back today to do some household chores because this week is a short week. This way, it will give me a month without visiting home in DC. Of course, Mom's plants are not too happy but they sure can last about a month without watering.

I will be at Mom's place on Thursday. Mom sounded aweful yesterday, just like Jeremy, sick again. Hope, you all are getting better. Donald, are you getting better?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday night - weekly goal and progress made.

It's Sunday night and I'm going to hold myself accountable to my goals by updating them here on the blog on Sunday night. Part of the Wishcraft deal.

Let's see, there are a few different catagories:

Row daily.

Invite someone over for dinner this week.

Finish knitting the main piece of Vince's sweater.
Practice piano daily.
Keep the kids happy and fed.

My professional goals for the next five years are to run an independent press publishing poetry and to get a Master's in Nursing.

But for this week:
I'm going to write 1 poem this week (the first one in about 10 years.)
I'm going to send out a poem that I wrote 10 years ago out to 5 magazines to see if anyone wants to publish it.
I'm going to try and figure out about nursing schools in Singapore.

Edda wearing her gift from Mom's relative.

Our crazy friend Ruth

Sent us this musical Valentine's Day card. Vince loves dancing to the music.

Thanks Ruth!

Spyware attack

Jeremy has been trying to disinfect our computer all weekend so my access to the computer has been limited. We thought we had lost all our computer disks and so we were going to lose all our programs, but Katherine found them today in her study, so I think that after this weekend, we'll have to wipe the slate clean and reinstall Windows on our computer.

Things I Need to do Today.

1) laundry
2) shopping for food
3) clean my room (still)

Potluck NIght.

I went to Choon's house for another Chinese New Year Party. This time it was a potluck. Since I have no cooking skills whatsoever, I made some brownies for the group. It was super cheap too! On sale for a buck! I botched the first batch I made a couple weeks ago for my roomies, but I realized my mistake. The previous brownies were too fluffy - not enough density. So this time, I let the brownie mix settle for an hour before I popped it into the oven. They turned out scrumpcilicious.

Too bad my stomach wasn't feeling very well for dinner. I felt like I was going to throw up and I had to lay down for a little while. Ever since being sick, my appetite really hasn't come back at all.

Aunt Margaret Could Not Locate Mom Late Last Night

Aunt Margaret called me very late last night that she could not locate Mom. Just awful late, to my standard. Well, at least, it is good that someone cares and I appreciated that. After her call, I was wild awake and called Donald and left a voice message.

Grand uncle's son just came back from Beijing after his dad's memorial service. Grand uncle is a good guy with convictions - maybe his convictions are out of date? But, very few, walk the talk.

He also carried our family's terrible genes, pround, stubborn, no ears, fail to see other sides' story, unforgivable, not letting small disagreements go, never be on the wrong side, and always doing things in hard ways. Mom's side on these is much, much better. But, there is again an old Chinese saying "Ocean can sink any boat, but it also can carry us to far away places". Without those damned stubbornness, probably I would not be here writing. But, with it, looking back, I probably could do much better if I used it more selectively and wisely. Maybe, I am just getting too philosopherically here and get carried away out of my frustration.

But, keep smiling :)

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Vince and I went to the Avalon View apt Valentine's Day party. We made a little foam teddy bear angel and Vince won the door prize!

Vince's prize from the Valentine's Day Party.

What did we do last night? Hmmm.

Had ravioli and then we went to bed early. Today we woke up at 7:30 or so and I went to my piano lesson where I am stuggling with Bach's 8th invention. I can't get the rythmns right and the phrasing, it sounds so clunky. But my teacher had some suggestions about moving my wrists with the phrasing. It also turned out that I lost my wallet yesterday. It was at the Barnes and Noble and I went back to retrieve it. Tonight we are having a lime-marinade chicken, yum!

Mom's Valentine Gifts to You All

A couple of days ago, Mom bought some Valentine gifts using expedited shipping on line. They should arrive by the Valentine's Day. Enjoying it and Happy Valentine's Day.

Missing Red Envelops, Missing Opportunities

Well, Mom was waiting for you folks to call her and wishing her a Happy Chinese New Year. She even prepared red envelops just for that. Well, I guessed no one called. So, the red envelops just have to wait for next time.

I am in the office today and will be in tomorrow also. Well, have a nice weekend.

Friday, February 11, 2005

I must stop.

OK, it's too late in the day, I'm reading all the help sections of Blogger and I want to do all this stuff! I want to make all of our posts different colors, I want to add a blogroll, I want to do all this crap and I'm starting to dig into the HMTL and I'm like holy crap! This is not what I want to do.

Mom Passed Her Physical with Flying Colors

Well, I am pretty happy that Mom passed her physical with flying colors for at least two reasons:

1) She was doing on her own. That means she takes good care of herself.
2) That translate that I can have more of her dumplings, beggar's bowls, etc.

:) :) :)

Friday off

Today is the Friday off. We work 9 days every two weeks here. I have to do few things today: go to hoover place to find some attachments which were gone during moving year ago. I got $30 from insurance for that. Hope it will not cost more than $30. I have to go to bank. And go to lab to have my medical results. I am going to make some dumplings for daddy. Also to spend some time in the mall to see if any winter cloth on sale. My friend told me some high quality sweather only costs $8 a peice. May be I am too late for that. Tax time is here too and I have to do some paper work. Clean-up the apartment and change sheets do lundary.

Tomorrow I will go to Washougal with a couple who works at DOE. Be back on Sunday.

Having a good weekend.

Nothing much to report here.

Had cream of wheat for breakfast. Vince had eggs and Edda is having a banana.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy New year

Happy new year to evryone! I made two cakes for officemates. Other lady made two too. My carrots cake was gone very fast and my cheesecake was gone too. At last, everything was gone.

I can be a volunteer in soup kitchen after I retire. Or sell my carrots cake.

Career Change.

Maybe I should be a Police Officer.

Sigh. I really really hate going into interviews and blowing them. It's quite a trend these days. I'm beginning to think that computer science is no longer the path for me. Do I really care about esoteric things like what a comma operator does in C? Do I really care about what makes Lisp a good programming language? Do you really need to know the definition of syntax? Maybe it's time to call Specialized...

Incidentally Vince is selling himself short with the T-shirt. He needs this.

Ruby stinks.

So after a week of puking and other disgusting deeds, Rudy had become a smelly dog. I don't think she had had a bath for over a year. She doesn't really like baths, but she submits to Jeremy's will.

Vince is obsessed by his birthday. We looked at this website. OK, you people out there, he is partial to the Thomas the Tank Engine T-shirt! Ha ha, trolling for gifts. Please forgive me!

I hate taking baths.

Two Consecutive Weekends to Mom's Place with Red Eyes

Pretty excited that can see Mom two consecutive weekends (2/19 & 2/26) starting next week. This time, I can also stay ~ a day longer and leave Richland at evening hours because I take the overnight flight with red eyes. Of course, I do it the cheapest way, stopover all over the place. But, the total time is the same anyway. In order to pay all these, I am going to put as much overtime as possible this week because those two weeks are my short week.

Well, I execise ~ everything 30 minutes starting 5:30 AM in the morning with 2 miles walk. I am also taking my high blood pressure medicine with stronger dosage. Hopefully, it will under control.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Yet Another Chinese New Year Dinner.

Off to my friend Choon's YACNYD. This time it'll be steamboat and I'll remember to bring a camera. I made a crappy copper bowl in class today. I hate it. It's cracked. GRR. I'll post a picture later. Off to Ranch 99 to pick up some dungeoness crab!

Surprise, A Giant Step Forward

This afternoon, I received a call from Mom returning my previous call. It really surprised me that Mom knew how to retrive voice message from her cell. Surprise and a giant step forward for Mom, indeed. I have called Mom numerous times, she never called back once because all voice messages were in hibernation mode in her cell. What a surprise and I love it because I can leave messages from now on.

Wisconsin Quarters

Don't use Wisconsin quarters. Some of them have US mint mistake. If the quarter has one more leaf, it worths about US $1,000.00. Hope, you guys have a lot of those :)

Long night.

So last night, after Vince had puked a total of 3 times, once after just eating Cheerios and once after having some 7UP, he zonkered out at 7 pm. Of course, it meant that he woke up at 3 am and stayed up for about an hour. So in the wee hours of the morning, Jeremy sat next to him while he peed in the toilet and gave him some more 7UP to try. He kept it down and seemed really quite chipper. He finally went back to sleep and is sleeping peacefully now. No school today for the V-man.

Check out this web site.

Dinner was gud.

So my prediction was off. No steamboat. Just a ton of food. I swear we had maybe 10 dishes worth of food and we maybe ate about 1/4 off each plate. Li Pei Zin sent everyone home with 2 plates of food a piece. Ching Mao also told a story of how Dad scared everyone away from Mom by asking everyone who was brave enough to date the only woman in the Mech E dept. In the meantime tho, Dad was secretly dating Mom already. Mom also called in the middle of dinner. Li Pei Zin mentioned that Mom sounded shocked that I was over for dinner. :)

I'm also becoming the Hung Family bike mechanic. It's sorta funny. Emilie's shifter broke and her bf, Ben, tried to take it apart to fix it. Too bad they are not designed to be taken apart. All these super tiny springs just explode out of it when you disassemble the shifter. Anyways, I'll try to get one from the shop to see what can be done.

Oh I also mentioned to everyone about our family blog. Everyone was super impressed that both Mom and Dad were posting. laff. It's a shame that I didn't bring my camera. I would have posted a pic or 2 from the dinner. Maybe one of Jeffery's kids.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Off to Li Pei Zin's House We Go.

Tonight, I'm having steamboat (I assume) at Li Pei Zin's house. She's a really funny lady. She's like "You're not allowed to bring anything to dinner! This is your home away from home. You are welcome anytime!". Laff. Should be good if I can stay awake. And if I can keep my infested chopsticks out of the communal cookpot.

Thanks for the Pep Talk

Okay, so I managed to get off my ass and send out one resume today. Thanks for the pep talk Doris. I know you think you don't say a lot of great things, but all I really want is someone to talk to about my silly and stupid problems.

I went to the library and had to climb 2 flights of stairs. Man, was I out of breath when I got upstairs to where Vicki was. I promptly boot up my computer and put my head down and took a 45 minute nap. I drooled a little too. :)

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

Puke-fest continues...

So we were all having a ball at Tot Time today and Vince threw up all over me and the floor of the gym. He was running around and hit his stomach hard on a toy and then was wailing and then all this chocolate milk came up. Yuck! On the way to Tot Time, we mailed Donald's get well gift. I hope it gets to you because we guessed on the postage.


Listen to Vince sing his ABCs!
this is an audio post - click to play


I worked 78 hours last week which was a record for me. This week it is going to be above 70.

Just got a new assignment and they will last toward end of March at least. At end of February, I should hear something definitively about Altanla. Will decide at that time.

Next week, it is going to be a short week for me and will see Mom and bring back more beggar's bowls. Mom is great. Help me a lot doing my work. Thanks, Mom :)

Getting A Little Freaked Out...

I looked at my financials today. I think my burn rate is a bit higher right now than I expected. After subtracting out my bills, I've got about 4-5k left in the bank. Assuming I spend 1K a month... well you can do the math. I can spend probably 750 a month if I really tighten down - which I'm going to have to now I think. Anyways, just another stress to add to my list. Wheeeee!

Monday, February 7, 2005

Stomach virus?

So Edda hasn't been eating too well for the past day or so, but today it seemed as if she wanted to eat again. But it all came up later. Perhaps her stomach is bothering her.

I'm sorry I puked on you.

Thanks mom!

Thanks mom! Got the package! Yah!

Contents of Mom's package.

Over the Hump.

Well, I'm on my way to recovery now. Yesterday was hump day. I woke up feeling pretty good, but I went out with a couple friends on a (short and flat) walk for about 20 minutes that I suffered on. After that I just went home and napped. Then I went to a Super Bowl party. My fever's down, and I'm off the drugs but still feeling kinda achy all over still.

Mom. I got your package. Thanks! I think everyone in my house is amazed at how many people send me stuff. :) It's nice to feel loved.

Other than that, a friend of mine mentioned to me how he thinks a job that has high immediacy would be good for me. A job that demands you deal with something right then and there. Funny, but I think it's true, since it seems like I'm no good at planning things.

What a crazy weekend..

A friend of ours, who we met in Austin, Cindy Goldberg, moved to France on assignment for Motorola 2 years ago. She met a Frenchman while she was there and is getting married to him in June. We just got the invitation in the mail from them! Look! They are getting married in a castle! And we'll be there!

Last night after we got home from the zoo, Vince suddenly had a pretty high fever (102F). We gave him some Tylenol and he went to bed and this morning, he got up fine. I let him sleep in (today is a school day and he usually gets up at 7) but by 8:30 he was fine and wanted to go to school and see Ms. Pat. No fever and he ate his whole breakfast. Talk about a fast bug.

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Bronx Zoo

So now that we aren't going to be in NY for that much longer, I'm trying to take every opportunity to see the sights. Today, as the temperature climbed to over 50F, we headed to NYC to go to the Bronx Zoo. It was a day where the air seemed so clear and the sun was bright, but not too hot. We packed leftover chicken from our party last night for a picnic lunch. Vince picked out at gift to send to Uncle Donald because he knew that Donald wasn't feeling very well, but later he told us that he had boogers in his nose and that he wasn't feeling very well himself and that maybe he could keep Uncle Donald's gift. Afterward we headed into Manhattan to have dinner with a Rhee, a co-worker of Jeremy's who lives in NYC and commutes 2 hours each way every day to get to work in Fishkill.

Let's go this way!

No, I don't want sunglasses.

Vince and his favorite hot chocolate.

Giraffes with Jeremy's ear.


Last night, after the party, I called my friend Susan Kim who works for Morgan-Stanley in the Bay Area. She has been working her kiester off the last month. It sounds like a lot of really hard work to be an investment banker. I think next weekend she gets to entertain some tresurer of some rather famous company at the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament. Yikes!

Still awake.

I'm still awake, posting pictures of Edda when she was a super chub-meister.

Edda happy.

Edda surprised.

Edda when she was 3 months old or so.

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Party success!

Had a blast at the party! Our little apartment was filled to capacity and we all got tipsy. Hooray for us!

Edda and Doris on the couch.

Dakota, Mattie and Jillian Smith.

Chipmunk attack! Emily and dad David Brown sparring.

Rested today

Not much going on in office and I rested today at my apartment. Did bit shopping and clean-up my place.

I vacumm cleaner did nor work right. Finially, I figured out the bag was too full to even the tube was full of durts. I clean it gradually and finially it worked.

How war your party, doris. It is nice to have a party at home. By the way, I mailed out a packege to you today. Hope you will have it before 2/9. there are some rice cake.

Did you getting better, donald. It is the flue going on. I did not have shot this year due to shortage. I should have had it. Now it is too late.


I can't write what it is yet, but I want to remind myself later that today I heard it and it is amazing how these life changing things happen and they can be great and scary and wonderful and uncertain. I'll write about it soon, don't worry, it's not about me.

Possible Temp Job in Atlanta

Yesterday, one of mine head hunting agents offered me a possible temp position in Atlanta or Birmingham. The total hourly rate and overtime rate are almost the same. But in there, the per diem (non-taxable) portion is much higher. In addition, it calls for a 1 - 2 years assignment. That will bring me closer to 65.

This morning I emailed them the updated resume for them to submit to their client for final review & approval. Their decision will come by the end of February. Of course, I don't know what happening here. Need to compare these two at that time when I really get the job.

By April or May this year, Mom and Dad will be together somewhere in the US. That is for sure.

Stay tune ...

Donald, are you okay? Mom and Dad called you several times yesterday and, hopefully, not waking you up. Take good rest :)

Actively cleaning.

Last night we went to Bob and Katherine's house because Jeremy's college friend Paul is interviewing for a prof position at Bard. He is a German studies guy teaching right now at Ohio State. He had lots of amusing things to say. He said that the world was playing a cosmic joke on him because when he went to college in the late 80s early 90s, grunge was in, so all the girls wore these huge sweatshirts and baggy jeans and now that he was a prof, apparently all the undergrad girls dress in skin-tight, flesh exposing outfits. He asked about Donald, apparently Donald and Paul met in the Bay Area once when he was in school at Berkeley. We had take-out Indian food with Jeremy's friends, Paul, Alan and Alan's girlfriend Anne Carson.

Also, last night we were hoping that Vince would have his first sleepover at the grandparent house so we could clean up the tornado disater area that is our house. He was really excited and had packed a bag and everything, but at the last minute, he decided that it would be a better idea to come home.

In This House...

All my roomies are sick too. Now I'm beginning to wonder whether it was the bike riding or not. But they are all in varying states of disease. The funny thing is that Frank still wanted to desparately go into the hottub tonight even tho it would be a primordial soup of germs. Otherwise I bought some NyQuil too. The liquic stuff that'll hopefully put me out really fast really soon. Sleep - what sweet bliss. :)

Friday, February 4, 2005

good luck

with your party! woo hoo!

Still Sick.

oye. feeling really crappy. tho i've gone to the store forsoup and tissues. This is the worst i've been in recent memory...

Can you hear me?

OK, can everyone hear this audiofile?
this is an audio post - click to play

Exercise This Morning

Well, my blood pressure went down yesterday, 138/85. Not too good but not too bad either. So, I exercised again this morning at 5:30 AM for 45 minutes on a walking machine. I saw a lady worked her butts out, incredible. I don't like those people also. Exercise freaks. :(

Donald, how do you feel? More chicken soup!

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Piano blues

So I'm getting a little concerned about the piano lessons. They are going pretty well and I like my teacher. Demanding and assertive, but also encouraging so I don't feel too lame. But all of a sudden there is so much to remember. Pedaling at the right time, phrasing of the notes, keeping everything in correct rythmn, I'm even trying to do "voicing" which is when the right hand plays 3 notes - one with the thumb, one with the middle finger and one with the pinky - to play the note that is the melody louder than the other two notes. Arggg! Who can remember to do all that?

Cooking overload...

So it's 11 o'clock at night. The cheesecake is done. The crusts for 2 apple pies are in the fridge. The only thing I can say is that one never fully realizes how much fat/butter/sugar there is in these things unless you really make them by hand.

Sp we are also featuring drinks at our party. Cosmopolitans (NY), margaritas (Texas) and gao-liang liquor (Taiwan).

Vince is still awake. He's crashing every day at 3 or 4 pm and sleeping well past 5 pm. I'm not sure how to remedy the situation.

Library time...

Today we went to the East Fishkill library for our weekly exchange of books and CDs. It's pretty hilarious. Sometimes I'm grateful that we don't have a big house because then I would have to look in 2-3 times more space for lost library books. Today we were there just in time to go to the 11 am storytime, which Vince loved. I finally got to see in person the sitting down in a group that he learned in nursery school. I used to take him to these things a year ago and he didn't want to sit down and he would scream at the top of his lungs if anybody sang songs.

I finally had to put the child gate up in our house. We have a staircase in our apt and today was the first day that Edda is really capable of crawling a distance when I'm out of the room blogging or going to the bathroom or some other nonsense like that.

SIck Again...

Blah. I'm sick again. This sucks. It's probably from all the riding recently. I blame it on the fat issue. Sorta amazing how you immune system goes south if it really is due to that. I can see why pro racers get sick all the time. Well, I'll just try to eat well and take care of myself. not much more you can do about that.

I think it's time to clean up my room at some point also. it's bee messy for way too long really. maybe i'll do that tonight.

So we are hosting a party.

On Saturday we are hosting a party for 15 people in our little apartment to celebrate 2 years in NY with AMD. Most of the people moved from Austin to Taiwan to NY, so we are trying to theme the food to the three locations. Chips and Salsa for appetizer, 3-cup chicken and rice for dinner, and NY cheesecake and apple pie for dessert. There is a lot to do and a lot to shop for. I think we'll make the cheesecake today. 2.5 pounds of cream cheese is coming to room temp on my counter.


So I got my knitting evaluation back. Somehow I was expecting a little bit more feedback.

My evaluation from Ruth.

Vince playing with the camera.

Check in the mail...

We also got a check in the mail! Thank you! Wow, the parents are mailing money left and right. Ha ha!

Fitting Club Downstairs

I started doing the exercise this morning downstairs at 5:30 AM. First, they went thru all the tests and recorded them. For a 63 1/2 old folk like me, it was not bad. The good part of it, it was on company time :). I went thru several walking and weight lifting machines plus doing all the push-ups that I could. I spent about an hour to do that. I will continue to spend that amount of time every weekday to improve my health and reduce my blood pressure. See what will happen later on.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Thanks All!

I got the package today. It's very cool. I haven't gotten a present like that in a long time. Thanks! I had ordered something from Amazon and I thought that was what was sitting on my counter, but no! Presents! Yum... Incidentally I didn't know which one was the pink frosted one. There's only a yellow frosted one as far as i can tell...

Also, thanks mom. I got the check for the blanket in the mail!

The Package Has Landed Posted by Hello

Blogger is punting.

Sometimes blogger gets really, really flaky. I've been trying to edit some old posts and it takes forever for the site to reload.

Reading Wishcraft.

I read teh first chapter of Wishcraft. It makes sense to me. You do what you liked to do as a kid. Except the only problem is that I can't really remember what I did as a kid except to play. :) Laff. Goodluck Doris, lemme know if it helps you out.

Joined the Fitness Club

Folks, I joined the fitness club downstairs. I have a locker, shower places and a lot of exercise machines. First two months are free. After that, everymonth is $40.00. I think I need to exercise more to control my blood pressure. The best part is they open at 5:30 AM during weekdays. The worst is they don't open during the weekends. They said that will change in April.

Slept through the night!!

Edda slept through the night last night! Could it have been the 4 chicken strips she ate at dinner last night keeping her tummy full to the brim?

I'm thinking of starting to sell stuff on Ebay, but even though I would like the money, I think I'm also pretty lazy. I have thought about it occasionally before, but I always thought the picture stuff was a hassle but Picasa has taken care of that. Then, I thought getting to the post office was a hassle. But the local post office has a self-automated machine and secure package box that is located in the post office box area, so you can get there 24 hours a day and mail your packages. Hmmm...

I'm also reading through Wishcraft and I'm trying to work through some of the silly exercises and figuring out what I want to do in the future. I think it's time to set some personal goals. Blah!

Biked in Across The Golden Gate

It was a great day again to go biking. We went up to the city and biked across the bridge and into Marin. We passed thru Salsalito and went into Tiburon. All told about 40 miles of biking. Not bad. Too bad when we got back to our car, we had found out that it had been towed. Apparenlty we were too stupid to read the signs that said - "4pm to 6pm TOW AWAY ZONE". So we located the tow place and thankfully, it wasn't too far away, so we biked there. We paid our 170 dollar ransom and left. Too bad there was a parking ticket to be paid on top of the towing fee. Yikes! I made my way back home on the Caltrain. It's kinda fun to see what other bikes people were commuting with. There was this on guy with a pretty tricked out cruiser. The tires had tread in a flame pattern. :) I got sorta pissed when the stupid girl yapping on her cell phone, put her stupid 5 dollar bike right on top of mine. All the racks were filled, I'll grant her that. But at least pick a rack that has a cheap looking bike on it! She had no clue of course, and ended up picking the rack that has the most expensive bike in the car. Mine. Grrr.

Vertigo Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Dinner with German friends.

We had dinner with Jeremy's coworkers from AMD-Dresden who are here on a 1-year assignment. The live in the same apartment complex that we do, just a few doors down. Martin and Partrize have two kids, a daughter Clara and a son Johann. They were giving us advice on where we should live in Dresden.

Martin actually grew up in East Germany in Dresden. He lived in a area nicknamed "The Valley of the Clueless" because unlike a lot of East German - Dresden, because of the topography, could not get TV reception from West Germany - so he lost out on learning about American culture via television.

I saw a doctor today

I had a doctor appointment today and no fever. It is getting better now. Doctor complained there are too much paper work and no time for real medical work. I think it is all over in the USA now.

I do not know too much coumpter is really help the production? In engineering area, there are more scheduling people, controllers, and beam counters. We never have those jobs 20 years ago. Overhead is very high everywhere now.

Tot time

Went to "Tot Time" at our apartment complex. There were about 5 other moms there with a bunch of little ones. We played in the tot room and had a snack and then we went to the gym where they pulled out scooters and balls. I sometimes don't like these playgroups because I spend a lot of time just chasing Vince around telling him to share, but this playgroup was really low key, a lot of the moms were friends and the kids pretty much did what they wanted.

Crawling Back to Pittsburg & Crawling Back to Office

Sunday, it was tough and rough. I got Mom's love bug but had to flight back. Boy, what the trip it was! I felt really terrible but what else could I do. When I landed in Pittsburg, it was midnight. By the time, I got to my motel, it was 1:00 AM. When I reached my motel, what a relieve it was. I just crawled back to my bed and slept. Next day (same day?), I went to work at 7:00 AM. I rested a lot in my office yesterday. Today I am better and Mom probably has to see a doctor today. She is in worse shape than I was. What a love bug and crawling back to Pittsburg.

Everyday, I run from the parking lot to the front door of my office, just for exercise. It was helpful a bit for my daily route to exercise. It covers about 100 steps. Today, however, I tripped while doing that. My glasses, orange, banana, bagel and brief case were scattered all over the frozen ground. A nice lady, helped me to pick them up and put them into my brief case. What a crawling back to office :(. I am okay now. No problem and will do that with greater care.

This week and next, I will try to set a record for "paid" overtime. :)

I Need to Gain Weight (Fat)

Got back from a late afternoon ride. It's getting to be pretty warm here so I didn't really bundle up that much. The temperature started to drop, and it got cold. At least I was wise enough to bring my arm and leg warmers but it was still bitterly cold. I'm down to about 170 now and I think I'd want to keep it there. Lately I've just been so sensitive to weather. I get chilly just standing in class today. It's almost scaring me a little. So yeah, maybe I'll have to start eating Jack in the Box before going to bed now. :)